Trends In Colloid And Interface Science Viii - | Libro Steinkopff 11/2013 -

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 - trends in colloid and interface science viii

Trends in Colloid and Interface Science VIII

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 11/2013
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1994


Capillary wave propagation on solutions of surfactants: a new method for kinetic studies.- Interaction between molecules in adsorbed films at the air/water interface.- Position of the neutral surface in charged monolayers.- Complexation of metal ions at the monolayer-water interface.- Morphological structures in monolayers of long chain alcohols.- Preparation and characterization of PEO grafted surfaces by wettability measurements.- Amphiphilic molecules with a structured head on a water surface: a Monte Carlo simulation.- Branched amphiphilic molecules on a water surface: a Monte Carlo simulation.- Static light scattering by aqueous, salt-free solutions of charged polystyrenesulfonate at different molecular weights.- Electro-optic effects of electrostatically interacting rod-like polyelectrolytes.- The surface properties of controlled porosity glasses of various porosity.- Surface and bulk properties of yttrium stabilized ZrO2 powders in dispersions.- One-phase and two-phase regions of colloid stability.- Polymer induced fragmentation of colloiids: Mechanism and kinetics.- Synthesis of cyclohexane magnetic fluids through adsorption of end-functionalized polymers on magnetic particles.- Phase separation induced in cyclohexane magnetic fluids by addition of polymers.- An experimental study of a model colloid-polymer mixture exhibiting colloidal gas, liquid and crystal phases.- Surface charge densities and electrophoretic mobilities of aqueous colloidal suspensions of latex spheres with different ionizable groups.- On polycomponent colloid systems.- Aggregation processes in solutions of basic aluminum chlorides.- Sodium polyacrylate mediated dispersion of calcite.- Phase behavior and properties of micellar solutions of mixed zwitterionic and ionic surfactants.- Mixtures of gelling agarose with nonionic surfactants or block-copolymers: Clouding and diffusion properties.- Novel results on adsorption properties of definite n-alkyl oxypropylene oligomers at the air/water interface.- Raman depolarized and Brillouin scattering studies on nonionic micellar solutions.- Studies of 1-C16-2-C6-PC and 1-C6-2-C16-PC rodlike micelles by small-angle neutron scattering.- Adsorption from mixed surfactant solutions containing dodecanol.- Phase equilibria in dodecyl pyridinium bromide — water surfactant systems.- AOT, influence of impurities on the phase behavior.- Mixed surfactants: Sodium bis(2-ethyl-hexyl)sulphosuccinate- didodecyldimethyl-ammonium bromide- water system.- Surfactant aggregation in organic solvents: physical gels and “living polymers”.- Study of micelle formation in aqueous sodium n-octanoate solutions.- Structure and state of water in reversed aerosol OT micelles: an infrared study.- Monomeric and polymeric bolaamphiphiles based on the succinic and maleic anhydrides.- Aggregation properties of a short chain nonionic amphiphile (C4E1) in water solutions.- The effect of cationic surfactant micelles upon the hydrolysis of p-nitrophenyl esters.- Surfactant effects in crystallization: nucleation and crystal habit of ?-aminobutyric acid.- Viscoelasticity and near-newtonian behaviour of concentrated dispersions by Brownian dynamics simulations.- Surface shear rheological studies of protein adsorption layers.- Dynamic studies of soluble adsorption layers.- Solubility limits of water in systems of aromatic oils and non-ionic surfactants.- Ostwald ripening in O/W miniemulsions formed by the dilution of O/W microemulsions.- Salt effects on interfacial behavior at liquid-liquid interfaces in the water+N-tetradecane+C6E2 system.- Entropic aspects of the viscosity of a polymer-resin monolayer.- Aqueous solution properties of hydrophobically associating copolymers.- Synthesis of hydrophobic enzymes using reverse micelles. Enzymatic study of derivatives in AOT reverse micelles.- Shape fluctuations of microemulsions droplets: Role of surfactant film bending elasticity.- Structural modifications of reverse micelles due to enzyme incorporation studied by SAXS.- Synthesis of small latexes by polymerization of reverse micelles.- Some experimental evidence in favour of connections in elongated surfactant micelles.- Clustering in microemulsions: aggregation of aggregates.- TiO2 microemulsions gels obtained by the sol-gel method using titanium isopropoxide.- Effect of polyethylene glycol of varying chain length on cyclohexane-pentanolsodium dodecylsulfate water-in-oil microemulsions.- Conductivity of ternary microemulsions The pressure-percolation effect.- Lipase localization in W/O microemulsions studied by fluorescence energy transfer.- Molecular interactions and the targeting of vesicles to biosurfaces.- Heat-induced denaturation and aggregation of ?-lactoglobulin.- Spontaneous vesiculation: mixed lecithin-bile salt solutions as a biologically relevant model system.- Electrostatic interactions in adsorbed ?-casein layers.- Study of the interactions between nanoparticles and intestinal mucosa.- Dynamic surface properties of milk proteins.- Dynamic properties of lecithin reverse micelles: an investigation of the sol-gel transition.- Stressing phospholipid membranes using mechanical effects of light.- Vesicle — lamellar transition events in DDAB-water solution.- The phase behavior of an ether lipid monolayer compared with an ester lipid monolayer.- Sodium salts of bile acids in aqueous micellar solutions.- Effect of valinomycin on P.E.T. partners in L-B mimetic membranes.- SANS studies of the interaction of SDS micelles with gelatin, and the effect of added salt.


Trends in Colloid and Interface Science VIII contains the proceedings of the VIIth Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society (ECIS), held at the University of Bristol, England, September 1993.
The volume presents such topics as
- Applications of the Principles of Colloid Science
- Suspensions
- Surfactants
- Emulsions and Rheology
- Microemulsions and Bio-Colloids.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Progress in Colloid and Polymer Science
Dimensioni: 279 x 210 mm Ø 839 gr
Formato: Brossura
Illustration Notes:124 Illustrations, black and white
Pagine Arabe: 324
Pagine Romane: x

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