Transmission Grid Security - Haarla Liisa; Koskinen Mikko; Hirvonen Ritva; Labeau Pierre-Etienne | Libro Springer 02/2011 -

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haarla liisa; koskinen mikko; hirvonen ritva; labeau pierre-etienne - transmission grid security

Transmission Grid Security A PSA Approach

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 02/2011
Edizione: 2011



Basic Concepts of Power System Reliability

Basic Concepts of Reliability Theory

Power System Faults and Component Failures

Scope of the Security Analysis

Substation Model with PSA

Power System Simulations

Combination of Substation Model and Simulation Results

Results of the PSA Analysis

Legal and Regulatory Framework for Security

Analysis and Conclusions


In response to the growing importance of power system security and reliability, Transmission Grid Security proposes a systematic and probabilistic approach for transmission grid security analysis. The analysis presented uses probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) and takes into account the power system dynamics after severe faults. In the method shown in this book the power system states (stable, not stable, system breakdown, etc.) are connected with the substation reliability model. In this way it is possible to:

  • estimate the system-wide consequences of grid faults;
  • identify a chain of events that might lead to blackout; and
  • rank the importance of different substation components at the system level.

Transmission Grid Security also presents the main features and basic mathematics of PSA. It provides the reader with up-to-date knowledge of the regulatory issues affecting the security of transmission grids in Europe.

Transmission Grid Security gives a practical method for the security analysis of transmission grids, making it a valuable text for engineers and system operators, as well as postgraduate students. It includes basic information and detailed modules for creating a reliability model that takes into account all the basic operations and components needed after grid faults.


Liisa Haarla (formerly Pottonen) worked on transmission system planning in Finland between the years 1985 and 2002. This work included grid planning, grid operation planning, different grid simulations and power system protection planning. This experience and understanding of the power system operations and dynamic performance enabled her to prepare research and make a doctoral thesis about power system security. In her thesis she presents a probabilistic method for estimating grid security after line faults. She is now professor of power transmission systems in Aalto University School of Science and Technology. Mikko Koskinen received an MSc in Electrical Engineering in 1985 and has extensive experience of power transmission grids. Since 1986 he has worked on numerous studies ranging from single network simulation tasks to grid master plans and development of the grid code. He is currently working as a senior specialist with the Finnish Transmission System Operator Fingrid.    Pierre-Etienne Labeau is working on the development of an integrated PSA methodology, combining dynamic simulations and discrete system state changes. Though his first field of application is in nuclear engineering, in recent years he has been involved in several Belgian projects on the maintenance and security of electrical grids. He is currently lecturer of reliability engineering and nuclear engineering in the Free University of Brussels. Ritva Hirvonen (Dr. Eng) has been working on power system issues from the beginning of 1980s. Her work has included power system planning and operation, as well as generation and grid interaction tasks. She has worked on these issues in industry, university and a research institute. In recent years, she has been working on European regulatory issues dealing with transmission and wholesale markets, and was recently head of unit in Finnish energy regulator, the Energy Market Authority. She is currently working as a development manager with the Finnish Transmission System Operator Fingrid.

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