Theory And Design Of Digital Communication Systems - Ha Tri T. | Libro Cambridge University Press 10/2010 -

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ha tri t. - theory and design of digital communication systems

Theory and Design of Digital Communication Systems

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 10/2010

Note Editore

Providing the underlying principles of digital communication and the design techniques of real-world systems, this textbook prepares senior undergraduate and graduate students for the engineering practices required in industry. Covering the core concepts, including modulation, demodulation, equalization, and channel coding, it provides step-by-step mathematical derivations to aid understanding of background material. In addition to describing the basic theory, the principles of system and subsystem design are introduced, enabling students to visualize the intricate connections between subsystems and understand how each aspect of the design supports the overall goal of achieving reliable communications. Throughout the book, theories are linked to practical applications with over 250 real-world examples, whilst 370 varied homework problems in three levels of difficulty enhance and extend the text material. With this textbook, students can understand how digital communication systems operate in the real world, learn how to design subsystems, and evaluate end-to-end performance with ease and confidence.


1. Introduction; 2. Deterministic signal analysis; 3. Random signal analysis; 4. Information theory and channel coding; 5. Communication link analysis; 6. Modulation; 7. Demodulation; 8. Spread spectrum; 9. Intersymbol interference and equalization; 10. Fading channels.


Connecting theory with real-world applications, this textbook is suitable for two digital communication courses at the senior undergraduate and graduate levels. It provides step-by-step derivation of complex analysis, over 250 practical examples, 370 varied homework problems, and extensive coverage of the latest technologies and standards.


Tri T. Ha is a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), Monterey, California, a position he has held since 1989. Prior to joining NPS he worked at Fairchild Industries and GTE, and he was an Associate Professor at Virginia Tech for four years. He is an IEEE Fellow who has written two previous textbooks, and his current research interests are in wireless communications and cyber warfare.

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Illustration Notes:314 b/w illus. 47 tables 370 exercises
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