The Quantum Matrix - Kurizki Gershon; Gordon Goren | Libro Oxford University Press 04/2020 -

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kurizki gershon; gordon goren - the quantum matrix

The Quantum Matrix Henry Bar's Perilous Struggle for Quantum Coherence


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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 04/2020

Note Editore

In this book, Henry Bar, physicist and the first quantum superhero, guides the reader through the amazing quantum world. His hair-raising adventures in his perilous struggle for quantum coherence are graphically depicted by comics and thoroughly explained to the lay reader. Behind each adventure lies a key concept in quantum physics. These concepts range from the basic quantum coherence and entanglement through tunnelling and the recently discovered quantum decoherence control, to the principles of the emerging technologies of quantum communication and computing. The explanations of the concepts are accessible, but nonetheless rigorous and detailed. They are followed by an account of the broader context of these concepts, their historic perspective, current status and forthcoming developments. Finally, thought-provoking philosophical and cultural implications of these concepts are discussed. The mathematical appendices of all chapters cover in a straightforward manner the core aspects of quantum physics at the level of a university introductory course. The Quantum Matrix presents an entertaining, popular, yet comprehensive picture of quantum physics . It can be read as a light-hearted illustrated tale, a philosophical treatise, or a textbook. Either way, the book lets the reader delve deeply into the wondrous quantum world from diverse perspectives and obtain glimpses into the quantum technologies that are about to reshape our lives. This book offers the reader an enjoyable and rewarding voyage through the quantum world.


1 - What is Quantumness?
2 - What is a Quantum Superposition?
3 - What is Quantum Interference?
4 - What are Quantum Measurements?
5 - What is Quantum Uncertainty?
6 - What is Time-Energy Uncertainty?
7 - What is Quantum Entanglement?
8 - Entanglement, Decoherence and Which-Path Information.
9 - What is the Environment of Quantum Systems?
10 - Can Quantum Measurements Prevent Change?
11 - Can Quantum Measurements Control Temperature?
12 - Can Dephasing be Controlled?
13 - What is Quantum Tunneling?
14 - What is Quantum Teleportation?
15 - The Dawn of Quantum Information


Gershon Kurizki is Professor and the G. W. Dunne Chair in Quantum Optics at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. He won the W.E. Lamb Medal in Laser Science and Quantum Optics (USA) in 2008 and the Humboldt-Meitner Award (Germany) in 2009 for his discovery of the anti-Zeno effect and his pioneering contributions to the theory of quantum measurements and decoherence control in open quantum systems. His research encompasses quantum optics, quantum thermodynamics, laser physics, quantum measurement and information theory. A Fellow of the Optical Society of America, the American Physical Society and the UK Institute of Physics, he has coauthored more than 300 scientific publications. He writes philosophical essays and poetry, often published in literary periodicals. Goren Gordon is Head of the Curiosity Lab, Department of Industrial Engineering at Tel Aviv University, Israel. He holds six academic degrees: a BA, MSc and PhD in Quantum Physics, a BMSc, MBA and another PhD in Neurobiology. He did his postdoctoral studies in Robotics at MIT. Gordon develops models and assessment tools for curiosity as well as curious social robots that autonomously learn about their environment. His educational activities include the development of computer games that teach quantum physics. He gives popular lectures on quantum physics, the brain and inter-disciplinary thinking. Etzion Goel works as a professional illustrator for TV, web and printed media and as a teacher of digital and classical illustration. He graduated with a B.D in illustration from the Shenkar College of Engineering Design & Art, Israel, 2005, and subsequently studied classical art techniques in the Accademia del Giglio, in Florence, Italy.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Dimensioni: 234 x 156 mm
Formato: Copertina rigida
Illustration Notes:96 color and 6 grayscale line figures; 7 color and 6 grayscale halftones
Pagine Arabe: 304

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