The Future Of Beef Production In The European Community - Bowman J.C. (Curatore); Susmel P. (Curatore) | Libro Springer 01/2012 -

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bowman j.c. (curatore); susmel p. (curatore) - the future of beef production in the european community

The Future of Beef Production in the European Community A Seminar in the EEC Programme of Coordination of Research on Beef Production and Land Use, organised by M. Bonsembiante and P. Susmel. With J.C. Bowman as conference chairman, at Abano Terme, Italy, November 13–17, 1978


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 01/2012
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1979


First Plenary Session — Introduction.- Opening remarks.- The present situation and short-term outlook of the beef and veal market in the European Economic Community.- Second Plenary Session — Land Use.- Land use/beef production relations in the EEC with special reference to land capability.- Factors determining the choice of beef production systems; implications for land use.- Summary of discussion on second plenary session.- Third Plenary Session — Consumption and Marketing.- Meat quality and the consumer.- Technical developments in wholesaling and retailing to meet consumer demands.- Long-term trends of beef consumption and conclusions regarding beef production.- Long-term changes in the structure of markets both live and dead, and the factors which can be seen to affect wholesale, retail and consumer interactions.- Summary of discussion on third plenary session.- Fourth Plenary Session — Genetics and Reproduction.- Cattle populations in relation to their ecological environment.- Reproductive patterns and problems in cattle in the ECC.- Possibilities for the improvement of reproductive efficiency in cattle.- Summary of discussion on fourth plenary session.- Fifth Plenary Session — Pathology.- Health management.- Health hazards in moving animals between countries.- Summary of discussion on fifth plenary session.- Sixth Plenary Session — Nutrition and Management.- Beef nutrition in relation to type of feed and of animal.- Alternative feeds for beef production and costs of resources.- Summary of discussion on sixth plenary session.- Interdisciplinary Discussion Groups on Selected Topics.- First Interdisciplinary Group Discussion — Specialisation and Structural Changes in Beef Cattle Production.- Feedlot development in Italy.- Increasing introduction of dairy types (Holstein, Brown Swiss).- Expansion of the area of the maize crop.- Developments in the production of calves from the suckler herd.- Selection for extreme types of cattle — dairy and beef.- Report of first interdisciplinary group discussion.- Second Interdisciplinary Group Discussion — Land Use for Ruminants.- The utilisation of marginal land in the Mediterranean basin.- Land use for ruminants — Alpine areas.- Land use for ruminants — northern hill areas.- Land use for ruminants.- Matching the animal and the feed.- A land use policy for the less favoured regions of the European Economic Community.- Report of second interdisciplinary group discussion.- Third Interdisciplinary Group Discussion — Economic and Organisational Aspects of Production, Processing and Marketing.- Grading for the consumer.- The retailer-consumer interaction.- Retailing systems for meat including disposal through institutional and catering outlets.- Can processing bring about lower retail beef prices?.- What determines further evolution of beef production at farm level?.- New food proteins.- Beef carcase classification.- Vertical price (in)formation and market transparency.- Intra and extra EEC trade and the influence of regulations.- Public health aspects in relation to beef production.- Report of third interdisciplinary group discussion.- Final Plenary Session — Conclusion.- Closing remarks.- Summary of conclusions and recommendations from the interdisciplinary group discussions.- Poster Presentations.- Results of a confinement trial with once bred German Simmental heifers.- Results of a confinement trial with once bred Italian Brown Swiss Heifers.- How chopping improves grass silage intake by sheep and heifers.- Some aspects of genetic improvement of beef cattle in Spain.- Forecasting for the meat sector in the short run.- More food for mankind by plant and animal husbandry.- Comparative retail value of beef carcases.- Economic aspects of sterility.- Hot boning.- Recommended method for assessment of tenderness.- Recommended procedures for use in the measurement of meat colour.- Aspects of buying and selling beef in Holland.- Sequential order of decisions in land use.- Calving performance and size in German Fleckvieh cattle.- Feedlot and slaughter performance of store calves of different breeds.- List of participants and contributors.


This publication contains the proceedings of a seminar held in Abano Terme, Italy on November 13 - 17, 1978, under the auspices of the Commission of the European Communities, as part of the EEC programme of co-ordination of research on improvement of beef production. The programme was drawn up by a working group of specialists in beef production with the following composition: Dr. J. Thomas Belgium Denmark Prof. A. Neimann-S0rensen Dr. B. Vissac France Dr. J. R. Sreenan Ireland Prof. M. Bonsembiante Italy Dr. P. Susmel Italy Ir. H. De Boer The Netherlands Prof. J. C. Bowman UK Prof. W. F. Raymond UK Mr. I. L. Mason FAD Dr. J. C. Tayler Temporary appointment in CEC Dr. P. L'Hermite CEC The working group held one full meeting in Brussels in February 1978. The rest of the planning for the meeting was done by small group meetings and by correspondence. There were several interesting features to the seminar which contributed to its success. First, it was interdisciplinary and enabled new contacts to be developed between those concerned with beef technology and those concerned with land use. Second. different types of activity - plenary lectures. small group discussions. poster displays. technical visits and preparation of written conclusions agreed by the meeting - were included in the programme. Third, specific recommendations for future research priorities were established during the seminar.

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Collana: Current Topics in Veterinary Medicine
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