The Four Faces Of Nuclear Terrorism - Ferguson Charles D.; Potter William C. | Libro Routledge 06/2005 -

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ferguson charles d.; potter william c. - the four faces of nuclear terrorism

The Four Faces of Nuclear Terrorism


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 06/2005
Edizione: 1° edizione


"The Four Faces of Nuclear Terrorism, "a new book from the Center for Nonproliferation Studies, assesses the motivations and capabilities of terrorist organizations to acquire and use nuclear weapons, to fabricate and detonate crude nuclear explosives, to strike nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities, and to build and employ radiological weapons or "dirty bombs." The authors maintain that there is a greater likelihood today than at any time in the past three decades that nuclear weapons will actually be used.
The authors recommend immediate steps to prevent the most catastrophic forms of nuclear terrorism and to reduce the consequences of the most likely nuclear terror attacks including: securing and reducing tactical nuclear weapons in Russia; securing, consolidating, and eliminating highly enriched uranium globally; and providing for secure storage and disposal of radioactive materials used in medicine, scientific research, and industry. The authors also stress the need to educate the public on the real risks of radiation exposure and radioactive contamination to help psychologically immunize citizens against fear of radiological attacks, which they conclude are all but inevitable in the coming years.


1. The Growing Threat
2. The Nuclear Terrorists:
Who, Why, and How Capable
3. Seizing the Bomb:
Theft, Diversion, and Instability
4. Making the Bomb:
Loose Materials and Know-How
5. Releasing Radiation:
Power Plants and Other Facilities
6. Dispersing Radiation:
The Dirty Bomb and Other Devices
7. Meeting the Challenge:
A Plan for Urgent Action
Against Nuclear Terrorism
Selected Bibliography


William C. Potter is the Director of the Center for Nonproliferation Studies. Charles D. Ferguson is Science and Technology Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (Washington, DC). Amy Sands, Leonard S. Spector, and Fred Wehling are all affiliated with The Center for Nonproliferation Studies. The Center for Nonproliferation Studies Monterey Institute of International Studies 460 Pierce Street Monterey, CA 93940William Potter is considered one of the leading authorities on nuclear terrorism.Ideal for readers interested in terrorism, security studies, and nuclear proliferation.

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