The Complexities Of Morphology - Arkadiev Peter (Curatore); Gardani Francesco (Curatore) | Libro Oxford University Press 09/2020 -

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arkadiev peter (curatore); gardani francesco (curatore) - the complexities of morphology

The Complexities of Morphology


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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 09/2020

Note Editore

This volume explores the multiple aspects of morphological complexity, investigating primarily whether certain aspects of morphology can be considered more complex than others, and how that complexity can be measured. The book opens with a detailed introduction from the editors that critically assesses the foundational assumptions that inform contemporary approaches to morphological complexity. In the chapters that follow, the volume's expert contributors approach the topic from typological, acquisitional, sociolinguistic, and diachronic perspectives; the concluding chapter offers an overview of these various approaches, with a focus on the minimum description length principle. The analyses are based on rich empirical data from both well-known languages such as Russian and lesser-studied languages from Africa, Australia, and the Americas, as well as experimental data from artificial language learning.


1 - Introduction: Complexities in morphology
2 - Irregularity, paradigmatic layers, and the complexity of inflection class systems: A study of Russian nouns
3 - Demorphologization and deepening complexity in Murrinhpatha
4 - Overabundance resulting from language contact: Complex cell-mates in Gurindji Kriol
5 - Derivation and the morphological complexity of three French-based creoles
6 - Simplification and complexification in Wolof noun morphology and morphosyntax
7 - Canonical complexity
8 - The complexity of grammatical gender and language ecology
9 - Morphological complexity, autonomy, and areality in western Amazonia
10 - Radical analyticity as a diagnostic of adult acquisition
11 - Different trajectories of morphological overspecification and irregularity under imperfect language learning
12 - Where is morphological complexity?
13 - Morphological complexity and the minimum description length approach


Peter Arkadiev is Senior Researcher at the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Assistant Professor at the Russian State University for the Humanities. His research interests include language typology and areal linguistics, morphology, case and alignment systems, tense and aspect, and Baltic and Northwest Caucasian languages. He is the co-editor of Contemporary Approaches to Baltic Linguistics (with Axel Holvoet and Björn Wiemer) and Borrowed Morphology (with Francesco Gardani and Nino Amiridze), both published by De Gruyter in 2015 Francesco Gardani is Professor of Romance Linguistics at the University of Zürich. He is co-Editor-in-Chief of The Oxford Encyclopedia of Romance Linguistics.

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