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major richard henry (curatore) - the canarian, or, book of the conquest and conversion of the canarians in the year 1402, by messire jean de bethencourt, kt.

The Canarian, or, Book of the Conquest and Conversion of the Canarians in the Year 1402, by Messire Jean de Bethencourt, Kt. Lord of the Manors of Bethencourt, Reville, Gourret, and Grainville de Teinturière, Baron of St. Martin le Gaillard, Councillor and Chamberlain in Ordinary to Charles V and Charles VI, composed by Pierre Bontier, Monk, and Jean le Verrier, Priest

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 07/2010
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

Translated and Edited, with the fifteenth-century French text. Includes title used by Galien de Bethencourt in his manuscript of 1625: Le Canarien; ou, Livre de la conqueste et conversion faicte des Canariens à la foy et religion catholique apostolique et romaine en l'an 1402: par Messire Jehan de Bethencourt ... Composé par Pierre Bontier ... et Jean Le Verrier. Based upon the Bergeron edition collated, by M. d'Avezac, with an early manuscript in the possession of Madame de Mont Ruffet. French text at foot of page.The supplementary material consists of the 1870 and 1871 annual reports. This is a new print-on-demand hardback edition of the volume first published in 1872.


Introduction; 1. How Monseigneur de Bethencourt set out from Grainville; 2. How Bethencourt and his army arrived at Corunna; 3. How Monsieur de Bethencourt was accused by the Genoese, Placentian, and English merchants; 4. How they left Spain, and arrived at the island of Lancerote; 5. How Monsieur Bethencourt left the island of Lancerote; 6. How the mariners refused Gadifer admission on board of his own ship; 7. How Monsieur de Bethencourt went away to Spain and left Messire Gadifer in charge of the islands; 8. How Berthin de Berneval began his malicious doings against Gadifer; 9. How Gadifer, who had confidence in Berthin, sent him to speak to the captain of a ship; 10. How Berthin deceived his own confederates; 11. How Gadifer went to the island of Lobos; 12. How the traitor Berthin induced the king of the island of Lancerote and his people to come to him; 13. How that after Berthin had captured the king and his people, he took them to the ship Tajamar; 14. How the king escaped; 15. How Berthin's companions took the boat which Gadifer had sent for provisions; 16. How Berthin sent the boat of the Tajamar to fetch Gadifer's provisions; 17. How Berthin delivered up the women of the castle to the Spaniards, who violated them; 18. How Berthin caused the two boats to be laden with provisions; 19. How Francisco Calvo sent in search of Gadifer in the island of Lobos; 20. How Gadifer returned in the little cockboat to the island of Lancerote; 21. How the two chaplains, Brother Pierre Bontier and Messire Jean le Verrier, went to the ship Tajamar; 22. How Berthin left his comrades on shore and went off with his booty; 23. How the followers of Berthin made their way straight to the land of the Saracen; 24. How Gadifer's ship was lost; 25. How the ship Tajamar arrived at the port of Cadiz; 26. How M. de Bethencourt did homage to the king of Spain; 27. How Enguerrand de la Boissiere sold the boat belonging to the lost ship; 28. The names of those who were treacherous to Gadifer; 29. How the natives of Lancerote became alienated from the followers of Bethencourt after the treachery of Berthin; 30. How Asche proposed to betray the king; 31. How Asche betrayed his master in the hope of entrapping Gadifer; 32. How Asche stipulated with Gadifer that he should be made king; 33. How the king escaped from Gadifer's custody, and how he had Asche put to death; 34. How Gadifer proposed to kill all the fighting men in the island of Lancerote; 35. How M. de Bethencourt's vessel arrived with vouchers; 36. How Gadifer left Lancerote in the barge to inspect all the other islands; 37. How Gadifer landed on the island of Erbanie; 38. How they came upon their enemies; 39. How those whom they encountered in the fruitful country attacked the Castilians; 40. How Gadifer passed over into the Great Canary; 41. How the company left the Great Canary and came to Gomera; 42. How Gadifer and his company left Gomera and came to Ferro; 43. How they passed over into Palma; 44. How Gadifer visited all the other islands; 45. How M. de Bethencourt arrived at Rubicon in the island of Lancerote; 46. How the king of Lancerote besought M. de Bethencourt that he might be baptised; 47. Of the introduction to the faith which M. de Bethencourt gave to the newly baptised Canarians; 48. In like of manner of Noah's ark, for the introduction of the natives of the island to the faith; 49. Continuation of the instruction in the faith; 50. Of the same matter for the instruction of the Canarians; 51. How we must believe the ten commandments of the law; 52. How we must believe in the holy sacrament of the altar; 53. Of the excellence of the islands; 54. How M. de Bethencourt rode over the country; 55. How M. de Bethencourt took measures for learning the ports and passages of the land of the Saracens; 56. How a mendicant friar explains the things which he had seen; 57. Continuation


Pierre Bontier (Author) , Jean Le Verrier (Author) , Richard Henry Major (Translated by)

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Hakluyt Society, First Series
Dimensioni: 9.25 x 6.25 in Ø 1.00 lb
Formato: Copertina rigida
Illustration Notes:Includes 3 b&w illustrations and 1 map
Pagine Arabe: 312

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