System Modelling And Optimization - Kall Peter (Curatore) | Libro Springer 07/1992 -

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kall peter (curatore) - system modelling and optimization

System Modelling and Optimization Proceedings of the 15th IFIP Conference, Zurich, Switzerland, September 2–6, 1991

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 07/1992
Edizione: 1992


On stability and newton-type methods for lipschitzian equations with applications to optimization problems.- Optimality conditions for bilevel programming problems.- A transformation for solving a discrete-time singular LQ problem.- Fast solution of general nonlinear fixed point problems.- Packing circles in a square: A review and new results.- Duality results for convex vector optimization problems with linear restrictions.- A generalized nonconvex duality with zero gap and applications.- Searching for segments with largest relative overlap.- Computing the union of 3-colored triangles.- Partitioning of complex scenes of geometric objects.- Dynamic voronoi diagrams in motion planning.- Application of the delaunay triangulation to geometric intersection problems.- Development and implementation of the national computer mapping system (the Japanese road administration information system).- Methodological aspects of ring network design.- On number problems for the open shop problem.- PC-oriented algorithms for the knapsack problem.- Continuous modelling of discrete optimization problems.- An algorithm for the general resource constrained scheduling problem by using of cutting planes.- Discrete optimization with bilinear objective function and linear constraints.- A set covering formulation of the matrix equipartition problem.- A dual method for optimal routing in packet-switched networks.- A new lower bound for the makespan of a single machine scheduling problem.- An extension of Lemke’s method for the solution of a generalized Linear Complementarity Problem.- Decomposition methods using compound proposals for large-scale optimization.- The interior point method for LP on parallel computers.- A projective variant of the approximate center method for the dual linear programming problem.- Numeric-stability by all-integer simplexiterations.- The branch and bound method with cuts in En+1 for solving concave programing problem.- On a class of generalized gradient methods for solving locally lipschitz feasibility problems.- The space transformation technique in mathematical programming.- Numerical implementation and computational results of nonlinear network optimization with linear side constraints.- Numerical implementation of nonlinear multicommodity network flows with linear side constraints through price-directive decomposition.- Pontryagin’s maximum principle for multiple integrals.- Second order necessary and sufficient conditions of pontryagin minimum for singular regimes.- Optimal control of waves generators in a canal.- Controllability of infinite dimensional dynamical systems.- A nondifferentiable approach to the solution of optimum design problems with variational inequalities.- Nondifferentiable design optimization involving the eigenvalues of control system matrices.- Dynamical regularizibility of inverse problems for control systems.- Perturbation techniques for viability and control.- On dynamical reconstructuon in nonlinear parabolic systems.- Shape optimization of contact problems using mixed variational formulation.- Maximum principles for multidimensional relaxed control problems.- Convex compactifications in optimal control theory.- Morse index and sufficient optimality conditions for bang-bang pontryagin extremals.- Suboptimal stabilization of a range of nonlinear systems.- The gradient method for solving optimal control problems with phase constraints.- Modelling and controllability of networks of thin beams.- Optimal shape design for navier-strokes flow.- Choosing L q controls to deal with pointwise state constraints.- On boundary control of unknown linear stochastic distributed parameter systems.- Riccati equations in stochastic boundary control theory.- Optimal control for stabilization of nonlinear systems.- Algebraic riccati equations with unbounded input ? solution operator: applications to boundary control for wave and plate problems.- Bounding the expected approximation error in stochastic linear programming with complete fixed recourse.- Stochastic optimization — Efficient algorithms to solve complex problems.- On interval estimates for optimal value of stochastic programs.- On the value of perfect information and approximate solutions in convex stochastic two-stage optimization.- Integral representation and rezolvent methods for solving of Linear Stochastic programming problems of large dimensions.- A model management system for stochastic linear programming.- A diagonal quadratic approximation method for linear multistage stochastic programming problems.- Relaxations for probabilistically constrained programs with discrete random variables.- Modelling of a biological process.- An econometric analysis of the need for medical care in Austria.- Optimal design as a real time AI problem.- A modelling tool for telecommunications network planning.- Block placement by improved simulated annealing based on genetic algorithm.- Qualitative system identification.- Optimization approach to the modelling of turbine aircraft engines.- On nonlinear model algorithmic controller design.- Optimal control of multi-media environmental integrated production systems.- Modelling of flow networks using information coding: An application to ecological systems.- Decision support algorithm for air quality planning by emission abatement.- Equilibrium in transboundary pollution reduction.- Carbon tax as a dynamic optimization problem.- Using systems analysis to examine relationships between human development and environmental change.- A cooperative solution for the three-agent Southern Bluefin Tuna management problem.- Decomposition technique and coordination of optimal energy production.- Testing the robust?ess of a new decomposition and coordination algorithm with the optimization of the French nuclear units maintenance scheduling.- Production costing simulation with limited fuel resources.- Energy, cost and carbondioxide optimization in regional energy systems with periodic and stochastic demand fluctuations.- Modeling and optimal planning of a gas supply system for a power plant.- Martingales and the theory of capital asset pricing.- Measuring the position risks on capital markets: A mathematical programming approach.- Martingale representation and non-attainable contingent claims.- On diffusion approximation of some term structure models.- routing in flexible assembly systems: workload balancing and minimization of transfer costs.- Tool loading problems in FMS and VLSI circuit layout problems.- A decomposition approach to a scheduling problem with multiple modes.- Quasi-variational inequality approach to multi-item single machine lot scheduling problem.- Different alternatives to formulate the robotics collision problem as an LP model.- Optimal parts selection in flexible manufacturing cell feeding several production lines.- Dynamic scheduling with petri-net modeling and constraint-based schedule editing for flexible manufacturing systems.- Perturbation analysis of discrete event dynamic systems via minimax algebra.- Minimizing the customer mean flow time in simple queue networks: Upper and lower bounds.- An augmented optimization procedure for stochastic optimization and its application to design with advanced materials.- Application of linear decomposition technique in reliability-based structural optimization.- Probability measures of fuzzy events in power systems.


Contents: Optimality and Duality. - Mathematical Programming - Algorithms: -Computational Geometry. - Discrete Optimization. - Linear programming and Complementarity. - Nonlinear Programming. - Optimal Control: - Control Problems. - Distributed Parameter Systems; Stochastic Programming; Applied Modelling and Optimization: Biological and Medical Systems. - Computer-aided Modelling and Design. -Ecology. - Economy and Energy. - Financial Services. - Production and Logistics. - Stochastic Modelling.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences
Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm Ø 1496 gr
Formato: Brossura
Illustration Notes:62 schwarz-weiße Tabellen, Bibliographie
Pagine Arabe: 973
Pagine Romane: xix

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