Symposium On High-Energy Electrons - Zuppinger Adolf (Curatore); Poretti Guelfo G. (Curatore) | Libro Springer 06/2012 -

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zuppinger adolf (curatore); poretti guelfo g. (curatore) - symposium on high-energy electrons

Symposium on High-Energy Electrons Montreux (Switzerland) 7th to 11th September 1964 Proceedings


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 06/2012
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1965


/ Table des matières / Inhaltsverzeichnis.- Allocution d’ouverture.- Allocution présidentielle.- Allocution de bienvenu.- 1.1. Studies of Absorption of High Energy Electron Beams.- 1.1.1. Interaction of Fast Electrons with Matter. Effective density.- 1.1.2. Über den Einfluß der Streuung auf den Dosisverlauf schneller Elektronen.- 1.1.3. Energiespektren schneller Elektronen in verschiedenen Tiefen.- 1.1.4 u. 1.2.7. Distribution of ?-Electrons in a Body Irradiated with High Energy electrons.- 1.2.1. Introduction on the Dosimetry of High Energy Electrons.- 1.2.2. Berechnung der Energiedosis aus Ionisationsmessungen bei Sekundärelektronen-Gleichgewicht.- 1.2.3. Measurement of Polarization Correction Using the Fricke Dosimeter.- 1.2.4. Photographical Dosimetry.- Diskussionsbemerkung zum Vortrag 1.2.4.- 1.2.5. Determination of the Fricke G-Value for 30 MeV Electrons with the Use of a Calorimetric Technique.- Discussion sur 1.2.5 — Dosimétrie Chimique.- 1.2.5. A Lithium Fluoride Thermoluminescent Dosimeter.- 1.2.6. Calorimetric Determination of Absorbed Dose with Electrons.- 1.2.8. Integral Dose in Electron Therapy.- 1.2.9. Dosimeter-Vergleich zwischen verschiedenen Beschleuniger-Stationen.- 1.3.1. Introduction on Depth Dose Curves and Isodose Distribution in Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous Media.- 1.3.2. Continuous or Periodical Control of Field Homogeneity.- Discussion 1.3.2. — A Balancing Chamber for Stabilizing the Homogeneity of the Electron Field between 10 and 35 MeV.- 1.3.3. Determination of the Isodoses in Water of High Energy Electron Beams.- 1.3.4. The Use of Decelerators in Electron Therapy.- 1.3.5. Effect of Collimator-Shape on Electron Depth Dose Curve.- 1.3.6. Effect of Wedge Filters, Moulages and Protection Devices in Radiation Therapy with High Energy Electron Beams.- Discussion 1.3.6. — Scattering Screens for Beam Delimination and Protection of Sensitive Organs.- Discussion 1.3.6. — Effect of Wedge Filters and Protection Devices.- 1.3.7. Depth Dose Data in Inhomogeneous Media.- Discussion 1.3.7. — Treatment Planning in Inhomogeneous Media.- Isodose Measurements in Inhomogeneous Matter.- Depth Dose Measurements in a Radiation Equivalent Manikin.- Discussion 1.3.8. — Automatic Device for the Determination of Isodose Curves.- 1.3.9. Dose Distribution of Betatron Electron Beam by Pendulous Technique.- Discussion 1.1. to 1.4. — Electron Dosimetry Standardization Intercomparisons.- Discussion 1.1. to 1.4. — Discontinuous Electron Dose Distributions.- 1.4.1. L’absorption des électrons dans la matière. Signification biologique.- 1.4.2. Some Biophysical Aspects of Biological Experiments.- 1.4.3. Depth Dose Curves Determined by Ionization, Film Density, Ferrous Sulphate and Survival Rate of Coli Bacteria and Diploid Yeasts Using a 20 MeV Electron Beam.- 1.4.3. Diskussionsbemerkungen zu 1.4.3. — Deutung des Anstieges der RBW mit der Tiefe.- 1.4.4. Physikalische und biologische Tiefendosiskurven schneller Elektronen.- 1.4.5. Neutron Contamination of Electron Beams.- 1.4.6. Über die Zusatzdosis durch Betatron-Neutronen.- 2.1.1. Einleitung zur RBW.- Discussion 2.1.1. — RBE of 20 MeV Photons and Electrons Determined by Survival Rate of E. coli.- 2.1.2. Abhängigkeit der RBE vom Versuchsobjekt und der beobachteten Reaktion.- Diskussionsbemerkung zu 1.4.4. — 2.1.1. — 2.1.2.- 2.1.3. Der Einfluß der Dosis und der Dosisrate auf die relative biologische Wirksamkeit von Elektronen.- 2.1.5. Time-factor. Introduction of the Moderator.- 2.1.6. Zeitfaktor. Abhängigkeit der biologischen Wirkung von der Einzeldosis.- 2.1.7. Dependance of the Biological Effect on Radiation Frequency.- 2.1.8. Beobachtungen nach Bestrahlung mit schnellen Elektronen an experimentellen Tumoren (Elektronenmikroskopie).- 2.1.10. Zur relativen biologischen Wirksamkeit von schnellen Elektronen und Betatron-Röntgenstrahlen.- 2.1.10. Distant Effects of Electron-Irradiation.- Discussion 2.1..- 2.1.11. Summary of Informal Sessions on Physics and Radiobiology.- 2.2. Clinical Radiobiology. Einführung.- 2.2.2. Frühreaktionen bei Elektronentherapie.- Die Haut- und Schleimhautreaktionen.- Skin and Mucous Membrane Reactions.- Discussion — Experiences of Treatment with High Energy Electrons.- 2.2.3. Late Reactions.- 2.2.5. Allgemeine Strahlenreaktion.- 2.2.6. Comparison Study of Irradiation of Tonsillar Epithelioma with 22 MeV Photons or 21 MeV Electrons.- Discussion 2.2.6.- 2.2.6. Clinical Evaluation of RBE.- Die Reaktion des Knorpels am Kaninchenohr nach Einwirkung verschiedener Strahlenarten.- Discussion Discussion — Bone and Cartilage Damages after Radiation with Electron Beams: Jaw, Ribs and Laryngeal Shield.- Late Effects of Beta-Irradiation of the Lungs.- Damage in Nervous Tissue after Radiotherapy with High Energy Electron Beams (One Case).- Diskussion zu 2.2.7. — Spätveränderungen nach Vulvacarcinombestrahlungen.- Discussion 2.2.7. and 2.2.8.- 2.2.8. Abhängigkeit der Strahlenwirkung von der Einzel- und Gesamt-Dosis und von der Energie.- 2.2.9. Histologie und Strahlenempfindlichkeit.- 2.4.1 The Biological Significance of ?-Electrons.- 3.1.1. Introduction to Technique of Treatment Planning in Electron Therapy.- 3.1.2. „One Field Technique”.- 3.1.3. Multiple Field Technique with Electron Beams up to 24 MeV.- 3.1.3. Multiple Field Technique.- Discussion 3.1.3.- 3.1.4. Sandwich and Grid Technique.- Diskussionsbemerkung zu 3.1.2. bis 3.1.4.- Diskussionsbemerkung zu 3.1.4.- 3.1.5. Die Änderung des Bestrahlungsrhythmus.- Discussion 3.1.5.- Diskussionsbemerkung zu 3.1.5.- 3.1.6. Inhomogeneous Treatment Planning.- A propos des épithéliomas cutanés et cutanéo-muqueux étendus traités par le faisceau d’électrons du bétatron.- Discussion Die Elektronentherapie des malignen Melanoms.- Klinisch experimentelle Untersuchungen während der Elektronentherapie des malignen Melanoms.- Diskussionsbemerkung zu Mycosis Fungoides.- 3.2.2. The Treatment of Cancer of the Lip with High Speed Electrons.- Discussion 3.2.2.- 3.2.3. Electron Beam Technique for Intraorbital Tumours.- Discussion 3.2.3.- Eye Metastases: Radiotherapy with Cobalt 60 and High Energy Electron Beams.- 3.2.4. Parotistumoren.- Diskussion zu 3.2.4.- Discussion sur 3.2.4.- 3.2.5. Radiotherapy of Tumours of the Nasopharynx by Means of High Engery Electron Beams.- 3.2.6. Dose Distribution Patterns with Orthogonal Beams of Electrons and Wedge Filters in the Treatment of Tumours of the Maxillary Antrum.- 3.2.6. The Treatment of the Tumours of the Maxillary Sinus, Ethmoid and Hard Palate by Means of High Electron Beams.- 3.2.7. Electronthérapie des cancers de la cavité buccale.- Discussion sur — 3.2.2. — 3.2.7.- 3.2.7. Clinical Observation of Tongue Cancer Treated with High Energy Electrons.- Discussion 3.2.7. — Oral Cavity.- Treatment of the Mesopharynx with the Electron Beam.- Discussion — First Clinical Impressions Regarding the Association of Electron-Therapy and Puncture with Radiogold.- Diskussion zu Discussion — Tumours of the Lateral Wall of the Mesopharynx.- Bestrahlungsergebnisse am 35 MeV-Betatron bei Zungengrundtumoren.- Discussion — Base of Tongue and Vallecula.- 3.2.9. Das Hypopharynxcarcinom.- 3.2.10. Radiotherapy of Laryngeal Tumours by Means of High Energy Electron Beams.- 3.2.10. Ergebnisse der Elektronentherapie von Larynxkarzinomen.- Discussion sur 3.2.10.- 3.2.10. Larynx.- 3.2.11. Zur Elektronentherapie der Struma maligna.- 3.2.13. Die Therapie des Bronchialkarzinoms.- 3.2.14. Experience with Electron Irradiation of Breast Cancer.- 3.2.14. Klinische Gesichtspunkte bei der Elektronenbestrahlung des Mamma-carcinoms.- Discussion 3.2.14. — Mamma.- Discussion 3.2.14. — Radiotherapy of Breast Tumours by Means of High Energy Electron Beams Alone..- 3.2.15. Tumours of the Intestine.- 3.2.16. Two Years Experience with Carcinoma of the


Owing to the tremendously rapid development of the sciences publi­ cations of congresses and meetings are frequently out-of-date by the time they appear in print. We endeavoured to publish the report of the Sym­ posium in Montreux in as short a time as possible. In order to reduce the cost, the manuscripts hat to be confined to few pages at the most and it was absolutely necessary to limit the number of illustrations. For the Symposium in question we invited all those authors of whom we knew they were acquainted with the medicinal application of fast elec­ trons to take part in a discussion covering their particular field of interest. Other lectures were also admitted without exception. Unfortunately on account of various extrinsic reasons the time between the application to take part in the Symposium and the Meeting itself was far too short which fact prevented some well-known scientists from coming to Montreux. In cases where no speaker was to be found for a certain subject Bernese and Milano Institutes (Doc. Dr. med. P. L. CaVA) filled the gap whenever and wherever possible.

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