Sustainable Development And Environmental Management - Clini Corrado (Curatore); Musu Ignazio (Curatore); Gullino Maria Lodovica (Curatore) | Libro Springer 09/2014 -

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clini corrado (curatore); musu ignazio (curatore); gullino maria lodovica (curatore) - sustainable development and environmental management

Sustainable Development and Environmental Management Experiences and Case Studies

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Lingua: Cinese


Pubblicazione: 09/2014
Edizione: 2008


This book stems from a four-year experience of a Training Programme addressing members of several Chinese governmental Institutions which, given the moment of extremely intense and fast development of their country, consider the issues of environment and sustainable growth among the foremost priorities. In particular, they expressed the need and will to develop policy and mana- ment tools that could lead to a strategy of sustainable growth from an economic, social and environmental point of view. The Programme turned out to be a success (it involved, up to June 2007, more than 2000 trainees from almost all the Provinces of China) precisely because the forces that answered those needs are extremely diverse as to include the academia, national and local governments, public institutions, private companies and international agencies. Following this feature, the book’s contributors have been selected among more than 300 professors, researchers, policy makers, and entrepreneurs involved in the Training activities, thus offering different approaches to the key questions of environmental management.


Preface. Acknowledgements. Introduction: The European Way to Sustainable Development: C. Clini. Part I. Sustainable Development Policies. 1. Integrated Environmental Policy in the European Union: I. Musu. 2. The Role of Legal Principles for Environmental Management: M. Montini. 3. Valuation of Sustainable Development Policies: Social Multi-criteria Evaluation: G. Munda. Part II. Water Management. II.1. Water Resource Management and Policy. 4. The Groundwater Challenge: G.M. Zuppi. 5. Water Services and Water Policy in Italy: G. Muraro. II.2. Water Quality Control. 6. Water Quality Control: A. Barbanti. 7. New Approaches to Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plants in Italy: F. Cecchi et al. 8. Integrated Policy Approach to Water Supply Management in Venice: P. Gardin, A. Marchini. Part III. Air Quality Control. 9. Monitoring Air Quality in Urban Areas: I. Allegrini, F. Costabile. 10. Sustainable Mobility: Mitigation of Traffic Originated Pollution: M. Mazzon. Part IV. Waste Management. 11. Integrated Waste Management. Technologies and Environmental Control: L. Morselli et al. 12. Economic Analysis of Waste Management Systems in Europe: A. Massarutto. 13. Hospital Waste Management: I. Pavan et al. Part V. Energy Efficiency and Renewables. V.1. Renewable Resources. 14. Solar Energy: R. Barile. 15. Geothermal Energy: R. Bertani. 16. Renewable Energy from Biomass: Solid Biofuels and Bioenergy Technologies: M. Chiadò Rana, R. Roberto. 17. Wind Energy: L. Pirazzi. 18. Power Electronics in Distributed Power: F. Profumo, J.H.R. Enslin. V.2. Eco-Building. 19. Energy Optimization of a Building-plant System: L. Schibuola. 20. The Sino-Italian Environment & Energy Building (SIEEB): A Model for a New Generation of Sustainable Buildings: F. Butera. V.3. Energy Policy. 21. New Policy Schemes to Promote End-use Energy Efficiency in the European Union: Theory and Practice: M. Pavan. 22. Subsidies and MarketMechanisms in Energy Policy: G. Pireddu. 23. CDM Policy to Foster Sustainable Development?: B. Buchner. Part VI. Sustainable Industrial Development. 24. Industrial Ecology in a Developing Context: M. Chertow. 25. Strategic Environmental Assessment: Integration and Synergy with the EMAS Management Systems on the Territory: G. Chiellino. Part VII. Sustainable Urban Development. 26. General Aspects of Sustainable Urban Development (SUD): A. Costa. 27. A New Perspective for the Future Environmental Protection and Sustainability in Urban Planning: M. Savino. 28. Brownfield Remediation and Reuse: an Opportunity for Urban Sustainable Development: M. Turvani, S. Tonin. Part VIII. Agriculture and Resource Management. 29. Ecological Agriculture: Human and Social Context: F. Caporali. 30. Sustainable Agriculture in the Frame of Sustainable Development: Cooperation between China and Italy: M.L. Gullino, A. Camponogara. 31. Economics and Policy of Biodiversity Loss: S. Dalmazzone. 32. Forestry and Rural Development: Global Trends and Applications to the Sino-Italian Context: G. Scarascia Mugnozza, M.E. Malvolti. Index.

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