Supercritical Carbon Dioxide - Gopalan Aravamudan S.; Wai Chien M.; Jacobs Hollie K. | Libro Oxford University Press 10/2003 -

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gopalan aravamudan s.; wai chien m.; jacobs hollie k. - supercritical carbon dioxide

Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Separations and Processes

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 10/2003


Contents; Preface; Overview; 1 An Introduction to Separations and Processes Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: Chien M. Wai, Aravamudan S. Gopalan, and Hollie K. Jacobs: ; Metals; 2 Extraction of Uranium and Lanthanides from Their Oxides with a High-Pressure Mixture of TBP-HNO[3-H[20-CO[2: Youichi Enokida, Ichiro Yamamoto, and Chien M. Wai: ; 3 Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Actinides and Heavy Metals for Environmental Cleanup: A Process Development Perspective: Yuehe Lin and Neil G. Smart: ; 4 Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Plutonium and Americium from Soil Using *b-Diketone and Tributyl Phosphate Complexants: Robert V. Fox and Bruce Mincher: ; 5 Solubility and Modifications of Metal Chelates in Supercrtical Carbon Dioxide: Bernd W. Wenclawiak, H. Beer, A. Ammann, and A. Wolf: ; 6 Extracting Gold in Supercritical CO[2: Fluorinated Molecular Baskets and Thiourea Ligands for Au: Jeremy D. Glennon, Josephine Treacy, Anne M. O'Keeffe, Mark O'Connell, Conor C. McSweeney, Andrew Walker, and Stephen J. Harris: ; 7 Ligand-Assisted Extraction of Metals from Fly Ash with Supercritical CO[2: A Comparison with Extraction in Aqueous and Organic Solutions: Christof Kersch, Daniela Trambitas, Geert F. Woerlee, and Geert J. Witkamp: ; Organics; 8 Coupled Processing Options for Agricultural Materials Using Supercritical Fluid Carbon Dioxide: Jerry W. King: ; 9 Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Bioactive Components from St. John's Wort ( Hypericum perforatum L.) and Ginko biloba : Mari Mannila, Qingyong Lang, Chien M. Wai, Yanyan Cui, and Catharina Y.W. Ang: ; 10 Hot Water Extraction Followed by Solid-Phase Microextraction of Active Ingredients in Rosemary: An Organic Solvent-Free Analytical Technique: Youxin Gan and Yu Yang: ; 11 Cleanup of Disperse Dye Contaminated Water by Supercritical Carbon-Dioxide Extraction: Jya-Jyun Yu and Kong-Hwa Chiu: ; 12 Approaches to Soil Remediation with Green Procedures: Q. Wu, T. Yuan, and W.D. Marshall: ; Analytical and Modeling Methods; 13 Time-Resolved Laser-Induced Fluorescence Characterization or Uranium Complexes and Processes in ScF CO[2: R. Shane Addleman and Chien Wai: ; 14 Solubilization Study by QCM in Liquid and Supercritical CO[2 under Ultrasonar: Kwangheon Park, Moonsung Koh, Chunghyun Yoon, Hakwon Kim, and Hongdoo Kim: ; 15 Uranyl Extraction by TBP from a Nitric Aqueous Solution to SC-CO[2: Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Phase Demixing and Interfacial Systems: Rachel Schurhammer and Georges Wipff: ; 16 Experimental Measurement and Modeling of the Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium of *b-Diketones with CO[2: Chris Lubbers, Aaron M. Scurto, and Joan F. Brennecke: ; 17 Thermodyanmics of Bayliss-Hillman Reaction in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: Anthony A. Clifford, Paul M. Rose, Katherine Lee, and Christopher M. Rayner: ; Novel Materials; 18 Dissolving Carbohydrates in CO[2: Renewable Materials as CO[2-philes: Poovathinthodiyil Raveendran and Scott L. Wallen: ; 19 Design and Performance of Surfactants for Carbon Dioxide: Julian Eastroe, Audrey Dupont, Alison Paul, David C. Steytler, and Emily Rumsey: ; 20 Nanoparticle Formation in Rapid Expansion of Water-in-Carbon Dioxide Microemulsion into Liquid Solvent: Mohammed J. Meziani, Pankaj Pathak, Lawrence F. Allard, and Ya-Ping Sun: ; 21 Fine Particle Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Using Dense Carbon Dioxide Mixed with Acqueous or Alcholic Solutions: Edward T.S. Huang, Hung-yi Chang, C.D. Liang, and R.E. Sievers: ; 22 Nanocrystal Synthesis and Stabilization in Supercritical Solvents: Parag S. Shah, Keith P. Johnston, and Brian A. Korgel: ; 23 Supercritical Melt Miconization Using the Particles from Gas-Saturated Solution Process: ; 24 Synthesis of Nanostructured Sorbent Materials Using Supercritical Fluids: Thomas S. Zemanian, Glen E. Fryxell, Oleksey Ustyugov, Jerome C. Birnbaum, and Yuehe Lin: ; 25 Synthesis of Structured Polymeric Materials Using Compressed Fluid Solvents: A.I. Cooper, R. Butler, C.M. Davies. A.K. Hebb, K. Senoo, and C.D. Wood: ; Reactions in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide; 26 Catalytic Hydrogenation of Olefins in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Using Rhodium Catalysts Supported on Fluroacrylate Copolymers: Roberto Flores, Zulema K. Lopez-Castillo, Aydin Akgerman, Ibrahim Kani, and John P. Fackler, Jr.: ; 27 Hydrogenation Reactions in Supercritical CO[2 Catalyzed by Metal Nanoparticles in a Water-in-Carbon Dioxide Microemulsions: Xing Dong and Can Erkey: ; Indexes; Author Index; Subject Index


This book covers a broad range of topics involving supercritical carbon dioxide from theoretical studies to applications in separations, materials science and reactivity and catalysis.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: ACS Symposium Series
Dimensioni: 236 x 27.0 x 158 mm Ø 718 gr
Formato: Copertina rigida
Illustration Notes:183 line illus & halftones
Pagine Arabe: 496

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