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hinken johann h. - superconductor electronics

Superconductor Electronics Fundamentals and Microwave Applications

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 12/2011
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1989


1. Fundamentals of Superconductivity.- 1.1 Basic Phenomena.- 1.2 London Equations.- 1.3 Cooper Pairs and the Energy Band Model.- 1.4 Current Heat Losses in Normal Conductors and Superconductors.- 1.5 Flux Quantisation.- 1.6 Effect of Geometry and Magnetic Field.- 2. SIS Junctions.- 2.1 Current-Voltage Characteristics.- 2.2 Detectors.- 2.3 SIS Mixers.- 2.3.1 Conversion Matrix and Gain of a Mixer.- 2.3.2 Conversion Gain of the SIS Mixer.- 2.3.3 Noise of the SIS Mixer.- 2.3.4 Properties of Actual SIS Mixers.- 3. Josephson Junctions.- 3.1 Physical Fundamentals.- 3.2 Concentrated Josephson Junctions.- 3.2.1 Autonomous Operation.- 3.2.2 Microwave Injection.- 3.3 Distributed Josephson Tunnel Junctions.- 3.4 Superconducting Loops with Josephson Junctions.- 4. Applications of Josephson Junctions in Microwave Engineering.- 4.1 Josephson Voltage Standards.- 4.2 Detectors.- 4.2.1 Broad Band Detectors.- 4.2.2 Spectral Detectors.- 4.3 Mixers.- 4.4 Amplifiers.- 4.5 Oscillators.- 4.6 Intrinsic Noise of Cryogenic Receiver Devices.- 5. Materials and Production Methods.- 5.1 Tunnel Junctions and Planar Superconducting Circuits.- 5.1.1 Electrode Materials.- 5.1.2 Tunnel Barriers.- 5.1.3 Patterning.- 5.2 Microbridges.- 5.3 Point Contacts.- 5.4 Oxide Superconductors with High Critical Temperatures.- 6. Low Temperature Technology.- 6.1 Generation of Low Temperatures.- 6.1.1 Joule-Thomson Expansion.- 6.1.2 Expansion Machines.- 6.1.3 Stirling Method.- 6.1.4 Gifford-McMahon Method.- 6.2 Cooling in Liquid Bath Cryostats.- 6.3 Temperature Measurement Techniques.- 6.4 Materials.- 6.5 Cooling Systems for Microwave Receivers.- List of Principal Symbols.- Literature.


Recent research on superconductors with high critical temperature has led to results that were not available when the original German edition was prepared but could be included in the present English edition. This concerns materials based on bismuth and thallium, as well as measurements of low microwave loss. The author would like to thank Mr. A. H. Armstrong for translating the book from German to English in a very dedicated and competent manner. Thanks are also due once again to Springer-Verlag for their generous support and cordial cooperation. Bad Salzdetfurth September 1989 Johann H. Rinken Preface to the German Edition The development of materials which lose their electrical resistance when cooled, even before reaching the boiling point of liquid nitrogen, has considerably in­ creased the interest in superconductor technology, and with it superconductor electronics. This development had not been foreseen when work on the present book started, just over a year ago. Nevertheless, recent results of research on materials with high critical temperature are included to the extent that they seem to be confirmed and to be of interest to superconductor electronics. The present book deals with the physical and technological foundations of superconductor electronics so far as they must be known in order to under­ stand the principal modes of operation of superconductor electronics components.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Graduate Texts in Contemporary Physics
Dimensioni: 242 x 170 mm Ø 306 gr
Formato: Brossura
Pagine Arabe: 158
Pagine Romane: x
Traduttore: Armstrong, Arthur H.

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