Studies On The Structure Of Time - Buccheri R. (Curatore); Di Gesù Vito (Curatore); Saniga Metod (Curatore) | Libro Springer 02/2014 -

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buccheri r. (curatore); di gesù vito (curatore); saniga metod (curatore) - studies on the structure of time

Studies on the structure of time From Physics to Psycho(patho)logy

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 02/2014
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2000


Every human being is aware of the flow of time. This fact is embodied in the existence of such notions as the past and the future, the two domains being separated from each other by the single moment of the present. While the past is regarded as fixed and definite, the future is viewed as unknown, uncertain, and undetermined. The only perceivable moment is the present, the `now' - the ever-changing point moving from the past into the future.
Physics tells us a different story: not only are the vast majority of physical laws time-reversible, but the concept of the `now' itself has no place at all in physics. In other words, the equations of physics do not distinguish between the past and the future and seem to be completely oblivious to the very idea of the present.
This book discusses the biological and psychological aspects of perception of time, and the problems related to the determination of location arising from quantum physics, together with comments and opinions from philosophers and physicists.


Introduction. Studies on the structure of time. An interdisciplinary approach looking at new scientific investigation methodologies; R. Buccheri. 1: Biological and Psychological Aspects of Time. Psychological Time. Memory, Attention, and Consciousness; R.A. Block, D. Zakay. The mental clock model. Studies on the estimation of time; M. Cardaci. The perception of time; W. Hanke. Subjective Time Versus Proper (Clock) Time; R.P. Gruber, et al. Life Experience and the psychological suffering: psychiatric patients' perception; M.A. Pereira, et al. Time in biological systems; J.D.H. Smith. Temporal Aspects of Neuronal Binding; A. Pereira Jr., A. Rocha. Do it with rhythm. How internal clocks can simplify life for artificial and biological organisms; D. Marocco, et al. 2: Quantum Physics and arrow of time. Pregeometry and the Trans-Temporal Object; M. Stuckey. Quantum correlations, large scale structure of the universe and temporal non-locality; S. Roy, M. Kafatos. Algebraic Geometry: a Tool for Resolving the Enigma of Time? M. Saniga. Discrete spacetime: classical causality, prediction, retrodiction and the mathematical arrow of time; G. Jaroszkiewicz. Scaling in cosmology and the arrow of time; M. Kafatos, et al. The Arrow of Time. First direct observation of Time-Reversal Non-Invariance; D. Zavrtanik. 3: Real or illusive time? The Parameters of Temporal Correspondence in a Continuous State Conscious Universe; R.L. Amoroso. Bergsonian Time and System Maturation; J.D. Becker, I. Antoniou. Time, Chaos & Entropy; Z. Jacobson. How was Time before time?; M. Alfano. Three philosophical points about time; G. Rigamonti. Author/Name index. Subject index. Appendix.

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