Stephens' C# Programming With Visual Studio 2010 24–Hour Trainer - Stephens Rod | Libro + Dvd John Wiley & Sons 05/2010 -

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stephens rod - stephens' c# programming with visual studio 2010 24–hour trainer

Stephens' C# Programming with Visual Studio 2010 24–Hour Trainer 24-Hour Trainer. Video Lessons on DVD

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 05/2010


Introduction. section I The Visual Studio IDE and Controls. Chapter 1 Getting Started with the Visual Studio IDE. Chapter 2 Creating Controls. Chapter 3 Making Controls Arrange Themselves. Chapter 4 Handling Events. Chapter 5 Making Menus. Chapter 6 Making Tool Strips and Status Strips. Chapter 7 Using RichTextBoxes. Chapter 8 Using Standard Dialogs. Chapter 9 Creating and Displaying New Forms. Chapter 10 Building Custom Dialogs. Section II Variables and Calculations. Chapter 11 Using Variables and Performing Calculations. Chapter 12 Debugging Code. Chapter 13 Understanding Scope. Chapter 14 Working with Strings. Chapter 15 Working with Dates and Times. Chapter 16 Using Arrays and Collections. Chapter 17 Using Enumerations and Structures. Section III Program Statements. Chapter 18 Making Choices. Chapter 19 Repeating Program Steps. Chapter 20 Reusing Code with Methods. Chapter 21 Handling Errors. Chapter 22 Preventing Bugs. Section IV Classes. Chapter 23 Defining Classes. Chapter 24 Initializing Objects. Chapter 25 Fine-Tuning Classes. Chapter 26 Overloading Operators. Chapter 27 Using Interfaces. Chapter 28 Making Generic Classes. Section V System Interactions. Chapter 29 Reading and Writing Files. Chapter 30 Using File System Classes. Chapter 31 Printing. Chapter 32 Using the Clipboard. Chapter 33 Providing Drag and Drop. Section VI Specialized Topics. Chapter 34 Localizing Programs. Chapter 35 Programming Databases, Part 1. Chapter 36 Programming Databases, Part 2. Chapter 37 LINQ to Objects. Chapter 38 LINQ to SQL. Chapter 39 Drawing with GDI+. Chapter 40 Making WPF Applications. Chapter 41 Printing with WPF. Appendix A Glossary. Appendix B Control Summary. Appendix C Whats on the DVD? Index.


A unique book-and-DVD package from preeminent programming instructor Rod Stephens

Visual C# has become a leading programming language, resulting in greater career opportunities for Visual C# programmers. This Wrox guide literally shows novice programmers how to program in C# with Microsoft Visual Studio, using both written and visual instruction.

Easy-to-follow lessons reinforced with step-by-step instructions, screencasts, and supplemental exercises make it easy to master Visual C# programming regardless of your learning style. Each lesson begins with a discussion of a concept or technique and proceeds through step-by-step directions for using the technique Visual C# has surpassed Visual Basic as the most popular programming language
* This book-and-DVD package provides an introduction to Visual C# programming, with screencasts on the DVD to support each lesson in the book
* Each lesson includes a "Try It" section with exercises for developing a programming solution, goals for the exercise, and pointers about handling more complex issues
* DVD shows how the author works through each lesson in the book

Stephens 24-Hour Trainer: C# Programming with Visual Studio 2010 teaches Visual C# in the clear, compelling style for which Rod Stephens is famous.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Wrox - Programmer to Programmer
Dimensioni: 235 x 27.36 x 189 mm Ø 966 gr
Formato: Brossura
Pagine Arabe: 552

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