Southeast Asia: A Ten Nation Regior - Dutt Ashok K. (Curatore) | Libro Springer 09/2011 -

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dutt ashok k. (curatore) - southeast asia: a ten nation regior

Southeast Asia: A Ten Nation Regior A Ten Nation Regior

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 09/2011
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1996


This book introduces the ten nation region of Southeast Asia: The main themes of the book are diversity, differential development and changing socio-economic and political setting affecting these characteristics in the 1990s. The nations of Southeast Asia have different languages, three dominant religions - Buddhism, Islam and Christianity, varied levels of economic development that range from bare agricultural subsistence to highly urbanized and highly developed. The historically based core areas of these countries have evolved on their own. Moreover, the effects of Indian, Chinese, Islamic, and Western cultures have been experienced differently in different nations at different times in their histories. This book is intended to be understood by all those who want an initial introduction to Southeast Asia. As many aspects of the book are the result of an in-depth research, carried out by the contributing authors, it is also a valuable reference. The contributing authors have portrayed the basic spatial aspects of the region as well as their relevance in the 1990s based in novel ways and through original interpretations. All fIrst and some second authors of chapters are professors. All but one have Ph. Os. Most contributing authors are geographers but with different sub-specialties: P. P.


Preface. An Introductory Framework: Southeast Asia; A.K. Dutt. 1. The Changing Political Geography of Southeast Asia; P.P. Karan, W.A. Bladen. 2. The Physical Environment; A.G. Noble. 3. Cultural Heritage of a Diverse Region; D.R. Sardesai. 4. The Agro-Economic Setting; A. Hussey. 5. Urbanization in Southeast Asia; A.K. Dutt, Naghun Song. 6. National Economic Planning Since the 1980s; A.K. Dutt, A. Mukhopadhyay, A.G. Humphreys. 7. Indonesia: Insular Contrasts of the Java Core with Outer Islands; J.L. Cobban. 8. Myanmar: Promise Unfulfilled; R.E. Huke. 9. The Physical Setting of Indochina & Core Areas of Vietnam; A.K. Dutt. 10. Cambodia and Evolution of Core Areas; A.K. Dutt. 11. Laos and Core Areas in the Upper Mekong Valley; A.K. Dutt. 12. Thailand: Geographical Analysis; A.K. Dutt, A. Mukhopadhyay. 13. Philippines; A. Cutshall, A. Parai. 14. Malaysia: Managing the Environment in a Rapidly Developing Society; M. Moss. 15. Singapore: A Multi-Ethnic City-State; A.K. Dutt, A. Parai. 16. Brunei: A Country with Surplus Balance of Payments; A.K. Dutt. 17. Perspectives on Southeast Asia; A.K. Dutt.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: GeoJournal Library
Dimensioni: 240 x 160 mm Ø 569 gr
Formato: Brossura
Pagine Arabe: 334
Pagine Romane: xviii

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