Soils Under Stress - Dmytruk Yuriy (Curatore); Dent David (Curatore) | Libro Springer 06/2021 -

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dmytruk yuriy (curatore); dent david (curatore) - soils under stress

Soils Under Stress More Work for Soil Science in Ukraine


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 06/2021
Edizione: 1st ed. 2021


Dokuchaev carried out most of his research in Ukraine. His student and friend, Volodymyr Vernadsky, went on to create trans-disciplinary environmental sciences and the concept of Earth as a living organism, famously taken up by James Lovelock. That spring of ideas still flows and the researches captured in this volume are relevant to present-day problems, and not only in Ukraine.

Soils have always been under stress but, in the Anthropocene, mankind is in the driving seat. As a sequel to Soil Science Working for a Living: Applications of soil science to present-day problems, we consider issues of policy as well as soil genesis, attributes and functions in various environments, natural and man-made. We consider human impacts on the soil cover through its use and misuse, highlight methods of research and assessment of soil quality, and the threats of soil degradation. The distinguished contributors also describe and propose various options for evaluation and remediation of degraded soils, drawing on the latest methods of modelling and cartography as well as long-term field experiments and long experience.

The book will be invaluable to researchers and practitioners in soil science including graduate and post-graduate education, academics and professionals.


Part I Policy issues

1      Conceptualising sustainable management of soil organic carbon

        Anatolii Kucher, Lesia Kucher and Antonina Broyaka

 2      Status and problems of normative monetary valuation of land in Ukraine

         Igor Iatsuk, Yuriy Dmytruk, Vasyl Cherlinka and David Dent

 3…. An investable proposal

David Dent, Boris Boincean and Zhanguo Bai


Part II Pedology and soil survey

4      Creating digital elevation models using budget unmanned aerial vehicles

        Andriy Achasov, Arkadiy Siedov, Alla Achasova, Ganna Titenko and Oleg Seliverstov

 5      Determination of eroded Chernozem on the Right-Bank Steppe of Ukraine using

        the Soil Line

        Sergiy Chornyy, Dmitriy Abramov and Daria Sadova

 6      Identification of the structure of soil cover by magnetic susceptibility

        Mykola Miroshnychenko, Olexander Kruglov, Pavel Nazarok and Stanislav Kovalenko

 7      Specificity of processes in hydromorphic soils

        Roman Truskavetskiy, Victoriya Zubkovskaya, Iryna Khyzhniak and Natalya Palamar

 8      Anthropogenic and genetic conditions for phosphate mobility in individual

        structural fractions of Podzolized chernozem

        Tetiana Tsvyk

 9      Robinia pseudoacacia and Quercus robur plantings change the physical properties

        of Calcic chernozem

         Vadym Gorban

 10      Transformation of physical indicators of soil fertility in Typical chernozem of the

        Eastern Forest-steppe of Ukraine

        Yuirii Dehtiar’ov, Dmytro Havva, Natalia Kovalzhy and Sergiy Rieznik

 11       Zoogenic structural aggregation in steppe and forest soils

           Volodymyr Yakovenko and Olexandr Zhukov            


Part III Regional assessments

 12       Spatial assessment and forecasting sustainability and status of drained and

           technogenically degraded peatlands in Western Polissia

           Andrii Bortn?k, Volodymyr Gavryliuk and Tetyana Bortn?k

 13       Agro-ecological assessment of the farmlands of the Hologoro-Kremenetskiy


           Oksana Haskevych, Volodymyr Snitunskyy, Petro Hnativ, Natalia Lahush, Volodymyr

           Haskevych and Viktor Ivaniuk

 14      Comparative evaluation of the sandy soils of pine forests in Ukraine

          Svitlana Raspopina, Vasylii Degtyarjov and Olena Chekar


Part IV   Better management

 15       Better management of soil fertility in the Southern Steppe Zone of Ukraine

           Valentyna Gamajunova, Antonina Panfilova, Oleh Kovalenko, Liubov Khonenko,

           Tetiana Baklanova and Olena Sydiakina 

16       The effect of anhydrous ammonia on Chernozem quality and crop yields

           Mykola Miroshnychenko, Alina Revtie-Uvarova, Yevheniia Hladkikh and Yuliia


 17       Influence of reduced tillage and organo-mineral fertilization on soil organic

           carbon and available nutrients in Typical Chernozem

           Yevhen Skrylnyk, Voiktoriia Hetmanenko, ?nzhela Kutova, Kateryna ?rtemieva and

            Yurii Tovstyi

 18       Phyto-amelioration of Podzolized chernozem

           Yurii Tsapko, Yana Vodiak, Alona Kholodna, Viacheslav Kalinichenko and Albina


 19       Salt regime of soils under drip irrigation

           Sviatoslav Baliuk, Maryna Zakharova, Ludmila Vorotyntseva, ?lexander Nosonenko

           and Yuri Afanasyev

 20      Advances in nutrition of sunflower on the Southern Steppe of Ukraine

         Oleg Kovalenko, Valentyna Gamajunova, Ruslan Neroda, Irina Smirnova and Lyubov Khonenko


Part V     Restoration of technogenically degraded soils

21       Innovative methods to remediate polluted soils

           Valentina Samokhvalova

 22      Soil transformation on restored drill pads of oil-gas fields in Eastern Ukraine

          Olena Drozd, Dmytro Diadin, Oksana Naidonova and Tetyana Klochko

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Illustration Notes:27 Illustrations, black and white
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