Soil Processes And Water Quality - Stewart Bobby A. | Libro Crc Press 08/1994 -

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stewart bobby a. - soil processes and water quality

Soil Processes and Water Quality

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Lingua: Inglese

CRC Press

Pubblicazione: 08/1994
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

Agrochemicals and agricultural practices have a tremendous impact on environmental quality, particularly their role in water quality degradation. Soil Processes and Water Quality examines principles and practices that minimize the risks of water pollution while enhancing agricultural intensification and productivity. It focuses on how agricultural practices-such as tillage methods, use of fertilizers and manures, cropping systems, and the use of agrochemicals and pest control measures-impact soil processes and affect water quality. Extensive coverage of such topics as water contamination by runoff, leaching, macropore flow, and sediments is also included.Rapid increases in the use of agrochemicals make Soil Processes and Water Quality an indispensable reference for soil scientists, water quality professionals, researchers, environmental chemists, agrochemicals professionals, government agency employees, academic instructors, agronomists, and students.


Soil Processes and Water Quality (R. Lal and B.A. Stewart). The Management of Soil Phosphorous Availability and its Impact on Surface Water Quality (A. Sharpley and A. Halvorson). Impact of Nitrogen Fertilization of Pastures and Turfgrasses on Water Quality (R.M.C. Muchovej and J.E. Rechcigl). Impact of Soil N Management on the Quality of Surface and Subsurface Water (L.B. Owens). Animal and Municipal Organic Wastes and Water Quality (H. Kirchmann). Soil and Water Contamination by Heavy Metals (B.R. Singh and E. Steinnes). Water Quality Effects of Tropical Deforestation and Farming System on Agricultural Watersheds in Western Nigeria (R. Lal). Macropore Hydraulics: Taking a Sledgehammer to Classical Theory (E.L. McCoy, C.W. Boast, R.C. Stehouwer, and E.J. Kladivko). Water Quality Models for Developing Soil Management Practices (J.R. Williams, J.G. Arnold, C.A. Jones, V.W. Benson, and R.H. Griggs). Research Priorities for Soil Processes and Water Quality in the 21st Century (R. Lal and B.A. Stewart). Index.


Agrochemicals and agricultural practices have a tremendous impact on environmental quality, and particularly on the quality of water. This book examines principles and practices that minimize the risks of water pollution without reducing the efficiency of agricultural procedures. Practices such as the use of fertilizers, agrochemicals and pest control measures are examined for the ways in which they affect water quality. There is also extensive coverage of runoff and sediment pollution. The text emphasizes the importance of wise land use, and illustrates how water quality models can be used to develop soil management practices.

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