Sick Building Syndrome - Abdul-Wahab Sabah A. (Curatore) | Libro Springer 05/2011 -

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abdul-wahab sabah a. (curatore) - sick building syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome in Public Buildings and Workplaces

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 05/2011
Edizione: 2011


Introduction to sick building syndrome.- Research based case studies on sick building syndrome.-Indoor air quality.-Perceived IEQ conditions: Why the actual percentage of dissatisfied persons is higher than standards indicate.- Sick building syndrome from a public health perspective.-Dust and microbial contamination in air-conditioning systems and IAQ assessment for public buildings.- Building biology and examination models for buildings.-The influence of school environment on the development of asthma and allergy.- Biological hazards in library buildings: Microbial ecology of the indoor environment.- Mold in library buildings (biological contamination caused by bacteria, viruses, and molds.- Biological hazards in library buildings: Moulds inside compactus shelving.- Is your library building sick? A case study from the main library of Sultan Qaboos University at Oman.- Environmental sensory design.- Sick building syndrome and confounding.- Poor indoor air quality: Investigation of air pollution in large-scale public buildings and of employees personal exposure level.- Assessment of chemical hazards in sick building syndrome situations: Determination of concentrations and origin of VOCs in indoor air environments by dynamic sampling and TD-GC/MS analysis.- Sick building syndrome-environmental and psychosocial hazards: Experience from Croatia.- Building related illnesses.- Environmental health surveys: Occupant satisfaction survey as a tool to improve IEQ.- Sick building syndrome from an architectural perspective.- Sick building syndrome from a psychological perspective: The role of demographic and psychosocial factors in predicting SBS symptoms in workplaces.- Epidemiologic investigation methods for sick building syndrome in public buildings.- Sick building syndrome from a medical perspective: Noninvasive health assessment methods in sick building syndrome.- Solving indoor environmental problems: What can be found out using individual studies.- Building design, maintenance and sick building syndrome risk control measures.


This volume throws light on the Sick Building Syndrome in Libraries and other public buildings, and the extent to which it is influenced by the internal environment of libraries. One of the signs of this disease is that the person suffers from a set of symptoms closely related to his/her presence in the building, without the identification of any clear causes, and his/her relief of these symptoms when he/she are out of the building. Hence, the book sheds on the extent to which the interior environment impacts upon the health of the people, and the extent to which this is reflected in their performance. The book can be used for teaching, research, and professional reference. It concludes with the recommendation that is essential to observe environmental dimensions when designing library and public buildings, taking into consideration the expected impact of SBS in library and public buildings on people. The significance of the book derives from the fact that it is the first of its kind to examine the issue of the interior environment and SBS of library and public building worldwide.

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