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sen suddhaseel - shakespeare in the world

Shakespeare in the World Cross-Cultural Adaptation in Europe and Colonial India, 1850-1900

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 10/2020
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

Shakespeare in the World traces the reception histories and adaptations of Shakespeare in the nineteenth century, when his works became well-known to non-Anglophone communities in both Europe and colonial India. Sen provides thorough and searching examinations of nineteenth-century theatrical, operatic, novelistic, and prose adaptations that are still read and performed, in order to argue that, crucial to the transmission and appeal of Shakespeare’s plays were the adaptations they generated in a wide range of media. These adaptations, in turn, made the absorption of the plays into different "national" cultural traditions possible, contributing to the development of "nationalist cosmopolitanisms" in the receiving cultures. Sen challenges the customary reading of Shakespeare reception in terms of "hegemony" and "mimicry," showing instead important parallels in the practices of Shakespeare adaptation in Europe and colonial India. Shakespeare in the World strikes a fine balance between the Bard’s iconicity and his colonial and post-colonial afterlives, and is an important contribution to Shakespeare studies.


List of Musical Examples Acknowledgements Preliminary Notes Introduction Shakespeare’s Reception in Non-Anglophone Cultures: Analytical Paradigms Theorising Shakespeare Reception Relationally Shakespeare and “Nationalist Cosmopolitanism” Adaptation Theory and Cross-Cultural Receptions of Shakespeare The Case Studies: Patterns and Interconnections PART 1 1 Shakespeare Reception in France: Ambroise Thomas’s Hamlet and Its Intertexts Introduction Shakespeare’s Hamlet: Texts and Performances up to the Nineteenth Century Hamlet in France: From Ducis to Dumas and Meurice Thomas’s Hamlet as Opera Lyrique The Operatic Ophélie The Afterlife of Thomas’s Hamlet 2 Nationalism and Aesthetic Self-Fashioning: Giuseppe Verdi’s Otello Introduction Jealousy and Vengeance in Othello and Otello (i): Racial Discourses Jealousy and Vengeance in Othello and Otello (ii): Religious Discourses Jealousy and Vengeance in Othello and Otello (iii): The Pressures of Patriarchy Verdi’s Musical Choices and the Subversion of Racial Stereotypes regarding Jealousy Conclusion PART 2 3 Challenging the Civilising Mission: Responses to The Tempest by Bankimchandra Chatterjee and Rabindranath Tagore Introduction Bankim and Bengali Literature After 1857 Bankim’s Life and Literary Career Kapalakun?ala: Plot and Intertexts The Tempest, Kapalakun?ala, and Women in Nineteenth-Century Bengal (i): A Historical Perspective The Tempest, Kapalakun?ala, and Women in Nineteenth-Century Bengal (ii): A Symbolic Perspective Bankim, Tagore, and the Reception History of The Tempest 4 Two Contrasting Cases of Transculturation of Shakespeare From Nineteenth-Century Bengal: Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar’s Bhrantivilas and Girishchandra Ghosh’s Macbeth Introduction Part I: Vidyasagar’s Bhrantivilas Life and Times of Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar Rereading The Comedy of Errors: Bhrantivilas and Its Intertexts Bhrantivilas and Feminist Readings of Errors Part II: Girishchandra Ghosh’s Macbeth The Life and Career of Girishchandra Ghosh Girishchandra Ghosh’s Macbeth: A Case of Colonial Mimicry? Conclusion Contents Conclusion Adaptation Studies: Synchronic and Diachronic Approaches Nationalist Cosmopolitanism and Post-Colonial Mimicry Cross-Cultural Shakespeare and New Analytical Frameworks Appendix 1 “Imitation” Appendix 2 “Sakuntala, Miranda, and Desdemona” References Index


Suddhaseel Sen is Assistant Professor of English in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT Bombay. He has a PhD in English (Collaborative Programme in South Asian Studies) from the University of Toronto and a second PhD in Musicology from Stanford University. Sen has been a Research Fellow for the Balzan Research Project, Towards a Global History of Music, directed by Reinhard Strohm. His publications include essays on Shakespeare adaptations; cross-cultural exchanges between Indian and British musicians; Richard Wagner and German Orientalism; nineteenth-century Bengali literature and culture; and films by Satyajit Ray and Vishal Bhardwaj, among others.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Routledge Studies in Shakespeare
Dimensioni: 9 x 6 in Ø 1.42 lb
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Pagine Arabe: 248
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