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staudach alf - sectional fetal anatomy in ultrasound

Sectional Fetal Anatomy in Ultrasound

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 01/2012
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1987


Alfons Staudach has been a long-time member of the Anatomic Institute of Karl Franzens University in Graz, where he has devoted particular atten­ tion to the deeper understanding, appreciation and visualizion of gross ana­ tomic details. In this work the author has achieved correspondence between sonograms and anatomic sections with a consistency and persuasiveness unequaled in all the previous literature on diagnostic ultrasound. The various planes of section andtheir characteristic features, and indeed the entire format of the text, are designed to provide even the less experienced sonographer with a valuable basis for conducting his examinations. The more experienced reader will find essential information on topographic relations and organ development that is not available in any other work dealing with fetal ana­ to~y. I am certain that my high estimation of this volume will prove justified, and that it will provice its readers with a useful and stimulating resource. Univ. -Prof. Dr. Walter Thiel (Chairman of the Anatomic Institute of the University of Graz) Foreword Anyone setting this book down after an initial perusal must wonder why such a reference was not available ten years ago. The meticulous and fas­ cinating juxtaposition of gross anatomic sections with sonograms, together with explanatory drawings and many practical guidelines, should enable even the novice accurately to identify details and interpret sonographic findings with precision.


1 Introduction.- 2 Basic Principles.- 2.1 Frozen Section Technique; Photographic Documentation.- 2.2 Ultrasound Examinations.- 2.2.1 Materials and Methods.- 2.2.2 Results.- 2.2.3 Discussion.- 3 Examination Procedure.- 3.1 Introduction.- 3.2 Orientation and Examination Setup.- 3.3 General Survey.- 3.4 Evaluation of Amniotic Fluid Volume.- 3.5 Fetal Presentation and Position.- 3.6 Fetal Body Surface.- 3.7 Examination of Sectional Anatomy.- 3.8 Errors.- 4 The Head.- 4.1 Introduction.- 4.2 Cranial Bones, Fontanelles, Sutures.- 4.3 Fetal Brain Anatomy.- 4.3.1 Transverse Sections.- 4.3.2 Sagittal Sections.- 4.3.3 Frontal Sections.- 4.4 Face.- 4.4.1 Sagittal Profile Scan.- 4.4.2 Frontal View.- 4.4.3 Orbits.- 4.4.4 Eyes.- 4.4.5 Jaw and Tongue.- 4.4.6 Ear and Neck.- 5 Spine and Spinal Cord.- 5.1 Sagittal Sections.- 5.2 Frontal Sections.- 5.3 Transverse Sections.- 6 Neck.- 7 Thorax (Heart, Lung, Great Vessels).- 7.1 “Four-Chamber View”-Plane of Section.- 7.2 Orientation in the Four-Chamber View.- 7.3 Four-Chamber View–Vessels and Details.- 7.4 Four Chamber View–Biometry.- 7.5 Orientation in Other Planes.- 7.6 Malformations.- 8 Abdomen.- 8.1 Sagittal Sections.- 8.1.1 Plane 1.- 8.1.2 Plane 2.- 8.1.3 Plane 3.- 8.2 Venous Vessels.- 8.3 Reference Plane for Trunk Biometry.- 8.4 Other Intra-Abdominal Structures.- 9 Genitourinary Tract.- 9.1 Kidney.- 9.1.1 Frontal Sections.- 9.1.2 Transverse Sections.- 9.1.3 Sagittal Sections.- 9.1.4 Biometry.- 9.2 Adrenal Gland.- 9.3 Bladder.- 9.4 Genitalia.- 10 Sekeleton.- 10.1 Sternum.- 10.2 Ribs.- 10.3 Clavicle.- 10.4 Scapula.- 10.5 Pelvis.- 10.6 Extremities.- 10.6.1 Technique.- 10.6.2 Biometry.- 10.6.3 Upper Extremity.- 10.6.4 Lower Extremity.- References.

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Dimensioni: 280 x 210 mm Ø 532 gr
Formato: Brossura
Illustration Notes:X, 198 p. 166 illus.
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Traduttore: Telger, Terry

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