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espedal gry (curatore); jelstad løvaas beate (curatore); sirris stephen (curatore); wæraas arild (curatore) - researching values

Researching Values Methodological Approaches for Understanding Values Work in Organisations and Leadership

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 02/2022
Edizione: 1st ed. 2022


This open access book presents new approaches for researching values as they are performed or materialized. Values have been an important topic in academic literature for a long time; they are at the core of institutional theories and are often connected to ideals in organisations or ways of valuing. The various values-constructs are typically highlighted to underpin discussions of identity, ethos, and the purposive institutional work of leaders and employees. However, there is a need for more research on how values link and sustain actions and institutions.

Contributors in this volume map and discuss useful methodological ways in which values and values work can be investigated and how research on values has been and can be applied. The chapters present different methods for collecting data, including interviews, observation and shadowing, as well as various methods for analyzing data, such as thematic, discourse and narrative analysis. Chapters also consider the role of the researcher and participant validation as a procedure to enhance the trustworthiness of the study. Finally, the book presents various empirical projects and issues related to and exemplifying values research.

This book is a  valuable guide for researchers and students who are looking for a practical understanding of how to research values and values work in organisations. The volume is a follow-up of the open access book, Understanding Values Work: Institutional Perspectives in Organisations and Leadership published by Palgrave Macmillan.


1 Researching values in leadership and organisation. Introduction

Part I: Methodological approaches to researching values

2 Values at work: Mapping the field through the lens of methodological approaches

3 Definitions as Initial and Final Point of Values Research? Searching for Mysteries in Research Projects about Values in Organisational and Leadership Studies

4 Intentionality and agency in values work research

5 Extending knowledge, improving practice, and refining values – research informed by the concept of phronesis

6 Dilemmas and Craftsmanship Practices: Strategies for Empirically Uncovering Values and Value Conflicts

Part II: Methods for collecting and analysing data

7 Research interview to investigate and co-create values

8 Observation and Shadowing: Two Methods to Research Values and Values Work in Organisations and Leadership

9 Thematic analysis: Making values emerge from texts

10 Identifying values through discourse analysis

11 A narrative approach to exploring values in organisations

12 Researchers’ role reflexivity when studying values work

13 Participant validation—A strategy to strengthen the trustworthiness of your study and address ethical concerns

Part III: Researching values through practical cases

14 The ‘telos’ as a lens that illuminates values in practice

15 Applying a qualitative case study approach to study values in public–private partnerships

16 Values-Based Participatory Action Research in Development Ethics


Gry Espedal is Associate Professor at the master’s program in values-based leadership at VID Specialized University, Norway.

Beate Jelstad Løvaas is Associate Professor at the master´s program in values-based leadership at VID Specialized University, Norway.

Stephen Sirris is Professor of organisation and leadership at VID Specialized University, Norway.

Arild Wæraas is Professor of organisation and leadership at VID Specialized University, Norway.

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