Remote Sensing By Fourier Transform Spectrometry - Beer Reinhard | Libro Wiley–Blackwell 07/1992 -

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beer reinhard - remote sensing by fourier transform spectrometry

Remote Sensing by Fourier Transform Spectrometry

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 07/1992


While there have been many books dealing with the instrumental and mathematical processing aspects of Fourier Transform Spectroscopy there remains a need for a text which examines the technique as a remote-sensing tool. Remote Sensing by Fourier Transform Spectrometry fills that gap to offer students and professionals in a variety of fields a comprehensive reference on the application of FTS to their research needs. Remote Sensing by Fourier Transform Spectrometry serves as an introduction to the specification, design, and implementation of Fourier Transform Spectrometers (FTS), especially those intended for atmospheric or astronomical remote sensing. Beginning with an overview of the phenomenon of two beam interference, the book introduces the reader to some of the terminology and units characteristic of this specialty. The book goes on to investigate the performance of the Michelson Interferometer as a Fourier Transform Spectrometer. A solid introduction to the chemistry and physics of remote sensing, including a simplified development of the theory of radiative transfer, is also provided. A detailed section of real Fourier Transform Spectrometers begins with a discussion of the estimation of signal-to-noise ratio using radiometric models, including the impact of pointing jitter or signal fluctuation on an FTS-generated spectrum. An analysis of the theory and practice of interferogram sampling is followed by a section on how certain modifications to the simple Michelson Interferometer can provide optical configurations more suited to the stresses of remote sensing. The final portion of this section describes potential problem areas in the implementation of an FTS, such as phaseerrors, channeling, and linearity. Remote Sensing by Fourier Transform Spectrometry then offers the reader case studies of five very different remote-sensing FTS systems (including one example from infrared astronomy), followed by a chapter on the diverse environments in which re

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Chemical Analysis: A Series of Monographs on Analytical Chemistry and Its Applications
Dimensioni: 237 x 16.96 x 163 mm Ø 416 gr
Formato: Copertina rigida
Pagine Arabe: 156

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