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abrantes fatima (curatore); mix alan (curatore) - reconstructing ocean history

Reconstructing Ocean History A Window into the Future


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 11/2012
Edizione: 1999


This volume is one outcome of the 6th International Conference on Paleoceano­ graphy (ICP VI). The conference was held August 23-28, 1998 in Lisbon, Portugal. The meeting followed the traditional format of a small number of invited oral presentations complemented by a large number ofcontributed posters. Over 550 participants attended, representing thirty countries and nearly 450 posters were presented. The invited speakers addressed the main themes of the 5oral sessions. The session topics were: Polar-Tropical and Interhemisphere Linkages; Does the Ocean Cause, or Respond to, Abrupt Climatic Changes?; Biotic Responses to Major Paleoceanographic Changes; Past Warm Climates; and Innovations In Monitoring Ocean History. This is the first time in ICP history that the Conference Proceedings are published. The aim of the organisers with the publication of this book is two-fold: to provide a useful review of the field and to document the ideas/controversies raised during the con­ ference that may stimulate future work. The book reflects the initial intentions of the conference, but it is not a conven­ tional conference proceedings, given that the papers have been reviewed by formal exter­ nal referees. Each of the conference topics is introduced by a review article designed to summarize the state of the art in each theme followed by articles prepared by the invited speakers. As with most conference proceedings, each theme is covered heterogenously. Some topics have all the expected contributions, others are less well covered.


Preface. Polar-Tropical and Interhemisphere Linkages: 1. Polar-Tropical and Interhemisphere Linkages: An Introduction; R Zahn. 2. The Overturning circulation of the glacial Atlantic: A view from the top; J. Lynch-Stieglitz, et al. 3. Atlantic alkenone sea surface temperature records: Low versus mid latitudes and differences between hemispheres; R.R. Schneider, P.J. Mueller. 4. Long/short term variations of monsoon climate and its tele-connection to global change: High resolution grain size records of siliclastic sediments from the South China Sea; L. Wang, M. Sarnthein. Does the Ocean Cause, or Respond to, Abrupt Climatic Changes: 5. Abrupt climatic changes - causes and consequences: An Introduction; L. Labeyrie, M. Elliot. 6. Glacial and interglacial hydrological changes in the North Atlantic Ocean; E. Cortijo, et al. 7. Age screening of deep-sea corals and the record of deep north Atlantic circulation changes at 15.4 ka; J.F. Adkins, E. Boyle. 8. Phase lag of Antarctic and Greenland temperature in the last glacial and link between CO2 variations and Heinrich events; T. Blunier, et al. 9. Rapid transitions of the thermohaline ocean circulation: A modelling perspective; S. Rahmstorf. 10. On the reconstruction of past levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide; W. Berger. Biotic Responses to Major Paleoceanographic Changes: 11. An introduction to `biotic responses to major paleoceanographic changes'; E. Thomas. 12. Hydrographic and tectonic control of plankton distribution and evolution; R.D. Norris. 13. Benthic foraminiferal response to major paleoceanographic changes; S. Nees, U. Struck. 14. Using planktonic foraminifera as monitors of the tropical surface ocean; A.C. Ravelo, D. Andreasen. 15. Primary production response to orbitally induced variations of the southern oscillation in the equatorial Indian Ocean; L. Beaufort, et al. Past Warm Climates: 16. Polar stratospheric cloud forcing in a greenhouse world: A climate modelling sensitivity study; L.C. Sloan, et al. 17. Variability of extreme paleogene-cretaceous climates; Evidence from Blake Nose (ODP LEG 171B); D. Kroon, et al. Innovations in Monitoring Ocean History: 18. Innovations in monitoring ocean history: An introduction to paleoceanographic proxies; D. Lea. 19. Deconvolving glacial ocean carbonate chemistry from the planktonic foraminifera carbon isotope record; H.J. Spero, et al. 20. Non-invasive sediment monitoring methods; Current and future tools for high-resolution climate studies; J.D. Ortiz, R.F. Rack. 21. Controls on the carbon isotopic composition of phytoplankton: Paleoceanographic perspectives; B.N. Kopp, et al. 22. Past and present coastal upwelling along the western Americas; A. van Geen, R. Takesue. 23. Magnetic signature of rapid climatic variations in north Atlantic sediments; C. Kissel, et al. Index.

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