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beck l.w. (curatore) - proceedings of the third international kant congress

Proceedings of the Third International Kant Congress Held at the University of Rochester, March 30–April 4, 1970

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 12/1971
Edizione: 1972


I Papers Presented at Plenary Sessions.- Die Kantliteratur 1965–1969.- Anhang / Kant-Bibliographie 1965–1969.- The ‘Analogies’ and After.- Good Conscience, False Consciousness, Judging Reason.- From Kant to Peirce: The Semiotical Transformation of Transcendental Logic.- The Naturalistic Fallacy in Kant.- Kant und das Problem einer wissenschaftlichen Philosophie.- Kant and Anglo-Saxon Criticism.- The Conception of Lawlikeness in Kant’s Philosophy of Science.- Absolute Space and Absolute Motion in Kant’s Critical Philosophy.- On Buchdahl’s and Palter’s Papers.- II Papers Presented at Concurrent Sessions.- Transcendental Affinity — Kant’s Answer to Hume.- Concepts, Objects and the Analytic in Kant.- The Aim of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason.- Action and Reason; Aristotle vs. Kant.- The Copernican Revolution in Hume and Kant.- La ‘Position’ structurale d’existence.- Non-Pure Synthetic A Priori Judgments in the Critique of Pure Reason.- Kants ‘Ich-denke’ und Nietzsches ‘Wille zur Macht’.- Kant’s Regulative Ideas and the ‘Objectivity’ of Reason.- Nietzsche’s Use and Abuse of Kant’s Philosophy.- Kant on Duties to, and Duties Regarding, Oneself or Others.- From Plato to Kant: The Problem of Truth.- B 132 Revisited.- Über das Moment der Allgemeingültigkeit des ästhetischen Urteils in Kants Kritik der Uteilskraft.- The Kingdom of Ends.- The Problem of Truth in the Critique of Pure Reason.- Kant’s Theorie des Praktischen.- Maimon’s Criticism of Reinhold’s ‘Satz des Bewusstseins’.- Kant’s Attitude toward Human Perfection as a Moral Determinant.- Nietzsches Kantkritik und ihre Voraussetzungen.- Extensional and Intensional Interpretation of Synthetic Propositions A Priori.- Kant and Racism.- Kant’s Theory of the Structure of Empirical Scientific Inquiry and Two Implied Postulates Regarding Things in Themselves.- Sprachphilosophische Erwägungen zur Funktion von Signum und Symbolum in Kants kritischer Philosophie.- The Problem of an Ultimate Determining Ground in Kant’s Theory of the Will.- The Meaning of ‘Space’ in Kant.- Kant’s ‘Deduction’ in the Grundlegung.- On Kant, Frege, Analyticity, and the Theory of Reference.- The Unknowability of Things in Themselves.- Die Probleme der Deduktion des kategorischen Imperativs. (Ein Vorbericht).- Kant’s Theory of Criminal Punishment.- Imagination as the Productive Faculty for ‘Creating Another Nature…’.- Bemerkungen zu Kants Theorie der Erfahrung.- Noumenal Causality.- Kant and Goethe.- The Restrictive and Proliferative Function of Kant’s Regulative Ideas.- Are Transcendental Deductions Impossible?.- On the Development of Kant’s Transcendental Theology.- The Ptolemaic Counter-Revolution.- Kant’s Thesis about Being Anticipated by Suarez?.- Phenomena and Noumena: On the Use and Meaning of the Categories.- Kant’s Conception of the Autonomous Dual Self.- Wie sind Synthetische Urteile a priori Möglich?.- Kantkritik und Kantrenaissance im Neupositivismus.- Die Struktur der transzendentalen Apperzeption.- Early Reactions to the Publication of Leibniz’ Nouveaux Essais (1765).- On the Subjectivity of Objective Space.- Kant as Philosophical Anthropologist.- Elements of Practice in Kant’s Reconstruction of Theory.- The Status of Kant’s Theory of Matter.- On Kant and the Refutation of Subjectivism.- Kant and Hobbes Concerning the Foundations of Political Philosophy.- Kant on False Promises.- III Contributions from the Kant-Archiv, Bonn.- The ‘Allgemeiner Kantindex’. (Abstract).- The Kant Index. An Experiment in Modern Lexicographical Methods. Its Development and Present State.- Applications of Information Theory to the Analysis and Interpretation of Kantian Texts.- The Automatic Construction of a Theme Index.- Considerations on the Production of an Intrinsic Lexicon.- Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason and Trivial Literature. A Comparison of ‘Open Texts’.- On the Examination of Forms of Statement and Argument in Kant’s Language.- On Genitive Sequences in Kant and Their Automatic Recognition.- Results of the Work on Kant’s Index of Persons.- Kant’s Correspondence with Women. A Contribution to a Statistical Evaluation of Kant’s Correspondence. (Abstract).- On the Development of the Term ‘Intuition’ in the Pre-Critical Writings of Kant, and Its Significance for Kant’s Aesthetics, with Particular Reference to the ‘Wortindex zu Kants Gesammelten Schriften’.- Comment on Heidegger’s Interpretation of Kant. (Abstract).- IV Abstracts of Papers Read at Concurrent Sessions.- Index of Names and Subjects.

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Collana: Synthese Historical Library
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