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 - proceedings international symposium on marine positioning

Proceedings International Symposium on Marine Positioning U.S. Geological Survey Reston, VA 22092 October 14–17,1986

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 09/2011
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1987


Keynote Speech.- Session 1. Instrumentation in Marine Environment I.- Sea Beam Mapping Systems.- STARFIX: A New High-Precision Satellite Positioning System.- The Hydrorange Acoustic System for Seismic Streamer Tracking for INSMAP 86.- New Technology and Proven Techniques Combine to Provide Dynamic Precise Positioning.- Session 2. Instrumentation in Marine Environment II.- Lasers and Nearshore Positioning.- Polarimetric Radar for Accurate Navigation.- Japanese Geodetic Satellite for Expansion of Marine Control.- Evaluation of a Large Ship GPS System: Direct Computation and Dynamic Differential.- Optimum Utilization of Positioning Data in SDS III.- Session 3. GPS in Marine Positioning I.- GPS Marine Kinematic Positioning--Accuracy and Reliability.- Demonstration of the Combined Use of GPS Pseudorange and Doppler Measurements for Improved Dynamic Positioning.- Accurate Positioning of Marine Vessels Using GPS.- Evaluation and Correction of Loran-C Positions in Comparison with GPS Data.- GPS-Aided Inertial Positioning in Irregular Ocean Gravity Fields.- Session 4. GPS in Marine Positioning II.- Precise GPS-Aided Marine Positioning Developments and Results.- A Dual-Band Interferometric GPS Marine Navigation System.- Codeless GPS Positioning.- Decimeter GPS Positioning for Surface Element of Sea Floor Geodesy System.- Performance Appraisal of an ARGO Calibration System Using GPS.- Session 5. Marine Mapping and Charting I.- NAVGRAV, A Comprehensive Combined Navigation and Gravimetry Experiment on the North Sea; Objectives and First Experiences.- Mapping Nuclear Craters on Enewetak Atoll, Marshall Islands.- Sea Floor Mapping Using Gloria Digital Techniques.- Horizontal Datum Anomalies on Nautical Charts: A Solution.- Afternoon Banquet.- The Role of GPS in Naval Oceanography.- Session 6: Marine Mapping and Charting II.- The Canadian Hydrographic Service Experiment in Electronic Chart Distribution.- The MAPGEN Cartographic System.- Continental Margin Mapping Project and Cartographic Management Information System for the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone.- Predictive Loran-C Positioning in the Marine Environment Using Area Modeling for Real Time Propagation Corrections.- Session 7: Positioning in Oceanography.- The RAFOS Navigation System.- Integrating Marine Navigational Systems in Post Cruise Processing.- A New Sound Velocity Measurement System.- Evolution of Position-Locating System on Data Buoys.- Seafloor Benchmark Positioning System Experiment Interim Report.- Session 8: Calibration and Intercomparison.- Calibration of a Range to Range Loran Chain with the Use of Global Positioning System.- Current Issues in Expressing Uncertainty of Position in GPS Navigation.- Computing the Heading Effect at M.F. and L.F. Position Fixing.- The Use of Calibrated and Monitored Loran as a Means for Precision Vessel Location.- Accuracy of Multiple Lines of Position for Hydrography.- Session 9: Applications/Requirements.- Monumenting Marine Control.- Navigation for Surveys of Trans-Pacific Fiber-Optic Cables.- Detailed Structural Mapping of an Ocean Rift Using Acoustic-Transponder Positioning: Problems of Net Maintenance (1981–86) and New Experiments Possible with Long-Life Transponders.- High Accuracy Marine Positioning for Dredging Surveys at the Port of Hamburg.- Position Changes in Marine Areas.- Evening Banquet.- Plenary Session.- Closing Session.- The Titanic Operations.- Closing Remarks.- Workshop.- I. Potential, Problems, and Projected Directions in the Oceanographic Applications of Sea Level Measurements from Satellite Altimetry.- II. Precise Marine Positioning for Geodesy/Geophysics.- III. GPS Applications in Oceanography.- IV. Instrumentation.- V. Positioning in Marine Mapping and Charting.- List of Registered Participants.


The International Symposium on Marine Positioning (INSMAP) was conceived by the Marine Geodesy Committee at OCEANS 84, Washington, DC. It became clear at that time, that timing is appropriate to focus attention on individual specific problem areas under the broad umbrella of Marine Geodesy. After scheduling INSMAP 86 by the Marine Technology Society, we were fortunate to generate strong support from our co-sponsor s. All their assis tance and support are gra tefully acknowledged. Our special thanks are expressed to the U.S. Geological Survey; Charting and Geodetic Services, NOS/NOAA; Office of Naval Research, and Naval Ocean Research and Development Activity for their support through financial grants (ONR No. N00014-86-G-0107, NOS/NOAA No. 40AANC601637, and USGS No. 14-08-0001-G1207) as par tial funding to the INS MAP 86. We are al so gra teful to the U.S. Geological Survey for providing the auditorium and other logistic support in making the symposium a success. A total of 165 persons attended INSMAP 86, of which 20 percent were from outside the United States. Nine technical sessions and five special workshops were held wi thin a four-day forma t. Invited speakers included Dr. Alan Berman, Dean, Rosensteil School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences; RADM J. R. Seeshol tz, Oceanographer of the U.S. Navy; RADM John D. Bossler, Director of Charting and Geodetic Services, NOS/NOAA; Mr. Chris von Al t, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute; and RADM L. H. van Opstal, Hydrographer of the Royal Dutch Navy.

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