Principles Of Mössbauer Spectroscopy - Gibb Terence | Libro Springer 10/1980 -

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gibb terence - principles of mössbauer spectroscopy

Principles of Mössbauer Spectroscopy

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 10/1980
Edizione: 1976


1 The Mossbauer Effect.- 1.1 Resonant absorption and fluorescence.- 1.2 The Mossbauer effect.- 1.3 The Mossbauer spectrum.- 1.4 The Mossbauer spectrometer.- 1.5 Mossbauer isotopes.- 1.6 Computation of data.- References.- 2 Hyperfine Interactions.- 2.1 The chemical isomer shift.- 2.2 Magnetic hyperfine interactions.- 2.3 Electric quadrupole interactions.- 2.4 Combined magnetic and quadrupole interactions.- 2.5 Relative line intensities.- References.- 3 Molecular Structure.- 3.1 Iron carbonyls and derivatives.- 3.2 Geometrical isomerism in Fe and Sn compounds.- 3.3 Linkage isomerism in cyano-complexes of Fe.- 3.4 Conformations in organometallic compounds of Fe.- 3.5 Stereochemistry in tin compounds.- 3.6 Molecular iodine compounds.- Appendix Quadrupole splitting in cis- and trans-isomers.- References.- 4 Electronic Structure and Bonding: Diamagnetic Compounds.- 4.1 Formal oxidation state.- 4.2 Iodine.- 4.3 Tellurium and antimony.- 4.4 Tin.- 4.5 Covalent iron compounds.- References.- 5 Electronic Structure and Bonding:Paramagnetic Compounds.- 5.1 Quadrupole interactions.- 5.2 Magnetic hyperfine interactions.- 5.3 Spin cross-over.- 5.4 Pressure effects.- 5.5 Second and third row transition elements.- 5.6 Lanthanides and actinides.- References.- 6 Dynamic Effects.- 6.1 Second-order Doppler shift and recoilless fraction.- 6.2 The Gold an skii-Karyagin effect.- 6.3 Electron hopping and atomic diffusion.- 6.4 Paramagnetic relaxation.- 6.5 Superparamagnetism.- References.- 7 Oxides and Related Systems.- 7.1 Stoichiome tric spinels.- 7.2 Non-stoichiometric spinels.- 7.3 Exchange interactions in spinels.- 7.4 Rare-earth iron garnets.- 7.5 Transferred hyperfine interactions.- References.- 8 Alloys and Intermeiallic Compounds.- 8.1 Disordered alloys.- 8.2 Intermetallic compounds.- References.- 9 Analytical Applications.- 9.1 Chemical analysis.- 9.2 Silicate minerals.- 9.3 Surface chemistry.- References.- 10 Impurity and Decay After-effect Studies.- 10.1 Impurity doping.- 10.2 Decay after-effects.- References.- 11 Biological Systems.- 11.1 Haemoproteins.- 11.2 Ferredoxins.- References.- Observed Mossbauer Resonances.


The emergence of Mossbauer spectroscopy as an important experi­ mental technique for the study of solids has resulted in a wide range of applications in chemistry, physics, metallurgy and biophysics. This book is intended to summarize the elementary principles of the technique at a level appropriate to the advanced student or experienced chemist requiring a moderately comprehensive but basically non-mathematical introduction. Thus the major part of the book is concerned with the practical applications of Mossbauer spectroscopy, using carefully selected examples to illustrate the concepts. The references cited and the bibliography are intended to provide a bridge to the main literature for those who subseouent­ ly require a deeper knowledge. The text is complementary to the longer research monograph, 'Mossbauer Spectroscopy', which was written a few years ago in co-authorship with Professor N.N. Greenwood, and to whom I am deeply indebted for reading the preliminary draft of the present volume. I also wish to thank my many colleagues over the past ten years, and in particular Dr. R. Greatrex, for the many stimu­ lating discussions which we have had together. However my greatest debt is to my wife, who not only had to tolerate my eccen­ tricities during the gestation period, but being a chemist herself was also able to provide much useful criticism of the penultima te draft.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Studies in Chemical Physics
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Formato: Brossura
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Pagine Romane: viii

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