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Practical Paint.NET The Powerful No-Cost Image Editor for Microsoft Windows

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 09/2021
Edizione: 1st ed.


Learn to use the most up-to-date version of Paint.NET, the free, Windows-based program for image editing. This book is ideal for PC users who find Microsoft Paint too lacking, and Photoshop or GIMP too overwhelming. Paint.NET is a lightweight yet capable program that’s easy to navigate and is regularly updated. 

You’ll quickly become acquainted with this powerful, yet easy-to-learn program’s features; tools, layers, adjustments, and effects. See how to correct exposure, digitally retouch and repair damaged photos, and handle a broad spectrum of photo editing tasks—even how to colorize a black-and-white image. You’ll also learn how to create digital art using the Paint.NET drawing tools and effects. Practice files are provided with step-by-step instructions to jump into photo editing and art creation.

Practical Paint.NET highlights this powerful program's rich set of features and capabilities providing you the pathway for just about any kind of image editing. Join the large community behind it today!

What You'll Learn
  • Use layers, which are essential in any professional quality image editing program
  • Acquire and install plugins to maximize Paint.NET’s capabilities
  • Enhance, retouch, and modify digital images
  • Create compelling digital artwork using the drawing tools and applying artistic filters

Who This Book Is For

Windows-based PC users who require the ability to edit digital images without the ongoing cost of subscription-based software, or complex open-source software.  This group includes art or photography instructors (especially those in schools systems with limited budgets), small business owners, casual photographers, aspiring graphic designers, or anyone requiring a solid, basic editing program.


  • Paint.NET?Quite Possibly the Perfect Solution
  • What can Paint.NET Do?
  • What You’ll Learn from this Book
Part I: Acquiring, Installing, and Getting to Know Paint.NET

Chapter 1: An Overview of Paint.NET
  • Chapter Overview
  • Acquiring Paint.NET
  • Downloading and Installing Paint.NET
  • Overview of the User Interface
  • Changing The User Interface Color Scheme
  • Supported File Formats
  • Installing Plugin Pack
  • The Main Window
  • The Title Bar 
  • The Menu Bar
  • The Tool Bar
  • The Image List
  • The Canvas
  • The Tools Window
  • The Layers Window
  • The History Window
  • The Colors Windows
  • The Status Bar
  • Chapter Conclusion
Chapter 2: Layers
  • Chapter Overview
  • Understanding Layers
  • How Layers Work
  • Why Layers are Important
  • Layer Blend Modes
  • A Closer Look at the Layers Window
  • Chapter Conclusion
Chapter 3: An Overview of the Tools
  • Chapter Overview
  • The Brush Tools
  • The Selection Tools
  • Other Tools
  • Chapter Conclusion
Part II: Working with Digital Photos

Chapter 4: Correcting Tonality, Contrast and Exposure
  • Chapter Overview
  • An Overview of Image Tonality 
  • Tutorial 1: Correcting Exposure Using the Auto-Level Adjustment 
  • Tutorial 2: Correcting Exposure Using the Brightness/Contrast Adjustment 
  • Understanding the Curves Adjustment
  • Tutorial 3: Correcting Dull Contrast Using Curves Adjustment 
  • Understanding the Levels Adjustment
  • Tutorial 4: Correcting Underexposure Using the Levels Adjustment
  • The Curves Dialog
  • Tutorial 5: Improving Tonality Using Curves
  • Tutorial 6: Correcting Local Tonality (Darkening a Light Area) 
  • Tutorial 7: Correcting Local Tonality (Lightening a Dark Area)
  • Chapter Conclusion
Chapter 5: Enhancing, Correcting, and Working with Color
  • Chapter Overview
  • Tutorial 6: Correcting Color Using the Auto-Level Adjustment 
  • Tutorial 8: Reviving a Faded Color Photo Using Levels 
  • Tutorial 9: Correcting Color Balance (Color Balance Plugin Required) 
  • Tutorial 10: Turning a Color Image to Black and White (Black and White + Plugin Required)
  • Tutorial 11: Using The Sepia Adjustment
  • Tutorial 12: Colorizing a Black and White Photo
  • Chapter Conclusion
Chapter 6: Modifying, Retouching and Restoring Photos
  • Chapter Overview
  • Tutorial 13: Removing Unwanted Objects
  • Tutorial 14: Straightening An Image 
  • Tutorial 15: Brightening Teeth 
  • Tutorial 16: Removing Blemishes
  • Tutorial 17 Repairing Scratches and Damage 
  • Chapter Conclusion
Chapter 7: Compositing Images
  • Chapter Overview
  • Tutorial 18: Adding an Element to an Image
  • Tutorial 19: Simple Background Replacement
  • Chapter Conclusion
Part III: Creating Digital Art

Chapter 8: Drawing Basics
  • Chapter Overview
  • Using the Pencil and Paint Brush Tools
  • Tutorial 20: Drawing a Simple Sketch
  • Tutorial 21: Drawing a Shamrock
  • Tutorial 22: Drawing a Ladybug
  • Chapter Conclusion
Chapter 9: Creating Digital Artwork
  • Chapter Overview
  • Tutorial 23: Creating a Scenic Sunset
  • Tutorial 24: Creating a Starry Night
  • Tutorial 25: Drawing a Smart Phone
  • Chapter Conclusion
Chapter 10: Applying Effects
  • Chapter Overview
  • Tutorial 26: Applying a Dream Effect (Dream Plugin Required)
  • Tutorial 27: Applying an Ink Sketch Effect
  • Tutorial 28: Applying an Oil Painting Effect (Oil Painting + Plugin Required)
  • Tutorial 29: Applying a Pastel Effect (Pastel Plugin Required)
  • Tutorial 30: Applying a Pencil Sketch Effect
  • Chapter Conclusion
Appendix: More About Paint.NET Plugins


Phillip Whitt has a passion for images, and has been involved with digital image editing and graphic design since the 1990's. As a freelance photo editing/restoration and graphic design professional, he has retouched and restored countless photographs. 
Mr. Whitt holds a number of certifications, which include one for Adobe Photoshop CS from Expert Rating, as well as a number of others for demonstrating proficiency in Desktop Publishing, Scribus Basics, GIMP 2.6, and Photo Impact. Mr. Whitt is the author of several Apress titles such as Beginning Photo Retouching and Restoration Using GIMP, Pro Freeware and Open Source Solutions for Business, and Pro Colorizing With GIMP.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm Ø 539 gr
Formato: Brossura
Illustration Notes:4 Illustrations, black and white
Pagine Arabe: 329
Pagine Romane: xxii

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