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mountney vivian e; parkhurst carmen - poultry products technology

Poultry Products Technology Third Edition


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Lingua: Inglese

CRC Press

Pubblicazione: 11/1995
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

Now in its third edition, this classic volume characterizes the science and technology of the poultry industry today, defines the breadth and scope of the overall problems in the industry, and points out areas where more research is needed. With special attention to recent changes in the industry, the nearly two dozen updated chapters of Poultry Products Technology provide a comprehensive overview of the field, examining topics which deal with the processing, handling, marketing, and preparation of poultry meat, products, and by-products.Poultry Products Technology provides up-to-date information and references for food scientists, food technologists, dieticians, and others trained in the food service industry, who will at some point handle poultry products. This book supplies knowledge about how poultry and eggs are processed and prepared and how they can be used for optimum portions and services. The breadth of topics covered, as listed below, make it an ideal text for those just entering the field, for individuals who wish to learn about the work in a particular area before starting extensive research, and for those in the industry who require specific information for making decisions and projecting plans for the future:quality identification--grades and standardsquality maintenance--handling and processing poultry and eggs to prevent grade losseschemical and nutritive characteristics of poultry meat and eggsmicrobiology of eggs and poultry meatmethods of preservation--freezing, drying, refrigeration, radiation, canning, smokingcooking poultry meat and eggshandling and uses of inedible by-productsmethods of analysis of eggs and egg productsDuring the last twenty years, the consumption of poultry meat has and continues to increase while the consumption of eggs has steadily decreased, yet both are still considered good economic and dietary values. This classic volume is intended for poultry and food technology students, but with its new, timely examples, it can be used as a general reference book for those who need quick general knowledge in a specific area of the poultry industry.


ContentsPreface The Poultry Industry Quality Identification Quality Maintenance Chemical and Nutritive Characteristics Measuring Yields and characteristics Microbiology of Poultry Meat Water Supply, Plant Layout, and Sanitation Processing Fresh Poultry Packaging Refrigerated Storage Canning Poultry Products and Processing Soups Dehydrating Curing and Smoking Preservation by Radiation Other Processed Products Cooking and Barbecuing Poultry Inedible By-Products Egg Quality Identification Measuring Egg Quality Egg Quality Maintenance Eggs: Physical, Chemical, Nutritional, and Functional Characteristics Microbiology of Eggs Processing Eggs Methods of Analyses of Eggs and Egg Products Index

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