Plants In Agriculture - Forbes James C.; Watson Drennan | Libro Cambridge University Press 08/1992 -

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forbes james c.; watson drennan - plants in agriculture

Plants in Agriculture


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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 08/1992

Note Editore

The effective management of plants is fundamental to all agricultural enterprise, making plant science a key discipline for all growers. This book provides an integrated explanation of all aspects of plant structure and function for students of agriculture, horticulture and applied biology, with the aim of highlighting the practical relevance of plant science to agriculture. Each chapter is self-contained and self-explanatory, with specific chapters covering energy, water, minerals, structure, growth and development from sowing to harvest, environmental effects and controls, breeding, vegetative propagation, field production and yield, and the nutritional content of produce. Taken as a whole, Plants in Agriculture fulfills the need for a single text which promotes a comprehensive understanding of how plants operate in agriculture.


Preface; 1. Plants as the basis of agriculture; 2. Plants and water; 3. Plants and minerals; 4. Plant strength and integrity; 5. Plant growth and development: seed and seedling; 6. Plant growth and development: the vegetative plant; 7. Plant growth and development: flower, fruit and seed; 8. Plant growth and development: environmental effects and internal control; 9. Plant variation, inheritance and breeding; 10. Vegetative propagation; 11. Crop production and yield; 12. Plants as food; Index.


Plants in Agriculture fulfills the need for a single text that promotes a comprehensive understanding of how plants operate in agriculture. By setting plant development firmly in the context of the realities of soil, climatic, and biological conditions the authors insure that this book wil be of wide use to crop scientists, horticulturalists, and pure and applied biologists. The strengths of this book are that it synthesizes subject matter from a wide range of perspectives, from sowing to harvesting, storage, marketing, and consumption of crops. Some major aspects, such as the impact of stress on yield and the effects of growing conditions on the nutritional quality of plants are synthesized for the first time. It is also a highly practical work that integrates knowledge from other disciplines, such as soil science, human and animal nutrition, and crop protection. Finally, it chooses from cool temperate, warm temperate, tropical, and arid agriculture to highlight the universal significance of principles. Simple terms and concepts are fully explained for the uninitiated.

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