Plant Food By-Products - Ayala-Zavala J. Fernando (Curatore); González-Aguilar Gustavo (Curatore); Siddiqui Mohammed Wasim (Curatore) | Libro Apple Academic Press 05/2018 -

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ayala-zavala j. fernando (curatore); gonzález-aguilar gustavo (curatore); siddiqui mohammed wasim (curatore) - plant food by-products

Plant Food By-Products Industrial Relevance for Food Additives and Nutraceuticals

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 05/2018
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

This volume takes an eco-friendly approach to examining the advantages of using plant food by-products as food additives and nutraceuticals, turning solid wastes into value-added items. The chapters, written by researchers and professionals working in the plant food industry, look at ways to make effective use of plant by-products by harnessing the power of the antimicrobial and nutraceutical power of plant and herb extracts. The measures and techniques discussed here will also help to improve the economics of processing crops. The chapter authors cover a range of issues, including the economic and environmental benefits of utilizing plant food by-products, extraction technologies, plant tissues as a source of nutraceutical compounds, and more.


Integral Exploitation of the Plant Food Industry: Food Security and Sustainable Development Ariadna Thalía Bernal-Mercado, Francisco Javier Vázquez-Armenta, Gustavo A. Gonzalez-Aguilar, and Brenda Adriana Silva-Espinoza Economic and Environmental Benefits of Utilizing Plant Food By-Products Jorge Esteban Davila-Avina Extraction Technologies for the Production of Bioactive Compounds from Plant Food By-Products L. A. Ortega-Ramirez, G. A. González-Aguilar, J. F. Ayala-Zavala, and M. R. Cruz-Valenzuela Plant Tissues as a Source of Nutraceutical Compounds: Fruit Seeds, Leaves, Flowers, and Stems Gr. Velderrain-Rodriguez, R. Pacheco-Ordaz, Mg. Goñi, L. Siqueira-Oliveira, A. Wall-Medrano, M. W. Siddiqui, JF. Ayala-Zavala, and Ga. González-Aguilar Harvest By-Products of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables A. E. Quirós-Sauceda, G. R. Velderrain-Rodriguez, Domínguez-Ávila J. Abraham, H. Palafox-Carlos, M. W. Siddqui, J. F. Ayala-Zavala, and G. A. González-Aguilar Winery and Grape Juice Extraction By-Products F. J. Vázquez-Armenta, A. T. Bernal-Mercado, R. Pacheco-Ordaz, and J. F. Ayala-Zavala By-Products from Minimal Processing of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables M. R. Tapia-Rodriguez, M. G. Goñi, G. A. González-Aguilar, and J. F. Ayala-Zavala By-Products of the Nut and Peanut Agro-Industry as Sources of Phytochemicals Suitable for the Nutraceutical and Food Industries Alma Angelicavazquez-Flores, José Albertonúñez-Gastélum, Emilio Alvarez-Parrilla, Abraham Wall-Medrano, Joaquín Rodrigo-García, Jesús Fernando Ayala-Zavala, Gustavo Adolfo González-Aguilar, and Laura Alejandra De La Rosa By-Products from Coffee Processing Laura A. Contreras-Angulo, Jacqueline Ruiz-Canizales, Alexis Emus-Medina, and José Basilio Heredia Dietary Fiber and Lycopene from Tomato Processing Lira-Morales Daniel, B. Montoya-Rojo Magaly, Varela-Borjórquez Nancy, González-Ayón Mirian, Vélez-De La Rocha Rosabel, Verdugo-Perales Mercedes, and Sañudo-Barajas J. Adriana By-Products from Essential Oil Extraction M. M. Gutierrez-Pacheco, C. A. Mazzucotelli, G. A. González-Aguilar, J. F. Ayala-Zavala, and B. A. Silva-Espinoza Antioxidant Enrichment of Ice Cream Using Fruit By-Products Mohammed Wasim Siddiqui and Vasudha Bansal By-Products from Grains and Cereals Processing Gutiérrez-Grijalva Erick Paul, Flores-Acosta Laura Grecia, Vázquez-Olivos Gabriela, and Heredia José Basilio


J. Fernando Ayala-Zavala, PhD, is a professor and research leader of the Laboratory of Emerging Technologies at CIAD in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. He is the author of more than 59 peer-reviewed journal articles and 20 book chapters and is the editor of several books and scientific journals. Dr. Ayala-Zavala has also participated in more than 35 international studies. He is a professor of master and doctoral studies, tutoring research theses and teaching courses on topics related to postharvest of fruits and vegetables, minimal processing, bioactive compounds in plant tissues, functional foods, and science communication. Since the beginning of his career, Dr. Ayala-Zavala has been interested in the study and creation of basic and applied knowledge in the postharvest preservation of plant foods. Specifically, he has participated in projects related to the use of emerging technologies to ensure the safety and quality of horticultural products. His research interests include the use of natural compounds, irradiation, active packing, and edible films and conservation techniques. In addition, Dr. Ayala-Zavala has been working with countries such as Italy, Spain, France, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and Panama to share experiences on the aforementioned topics. Gustavo González-Aguilar, PhD, is a research scientist at the Center of Research in Food Development (Mexico), specializing in fresh-cut of tropical and subtropical fruits, postharvest technology, antioxidants and functional foods, food preservation and development of new technologies. His primary research interest is the study the effects of abiotic and biotic stress on antioxidant status of fruit and vegetables. Another area of interest is the study of different postharvest treatments to prolong the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables and how these factors affects the bioaccessibility and bioavailability of bioactive molecules after simulated digestion in vitro and in vivo and their possible health benefits. He has authored over 150 scientific publications (JCR), including over 42 book chapters and eight books. He has participated in different networks on food preservation, fresh-cut, antioxidants, and functional foods. His extension work includes participation in training and design of fresh-cut facilities in Mexico and Latin America. He is leader of the network antioxidants and functional foods in Mexico supported by the Mexican council (CONACYT). Mohammed Wasim Siddiqui, PhD, is an Assistant Professor and Scientist in the Department of Food Science and Post-Harvest Technology, Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour, India. His contribution as an author and editor in the field of postharvest biotechnology has been well recognized. He is an author or co-author of 34 peer reviewed research articles, 32 book chapters, two manuals, and 18 conference papers. He has 11 edited books and an authored book to his credit. Dr. Siddiqui has established an international peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Postharvest Technology. Dr. Siddiqui is a Senior Acquisitions Editor in Apple Academic Press for Horticultural Science and is editor of the book series Postharvest Biology and Technology. He has been serving as an editorial board member and active reviewer of several international journals, such as PLoS ONE, (PLOS), LWT- Food Science and Technology (Elsevier), Food Science and Nutrition (Wiley), Acta Physiologiae Plantarum (Springer), Journal of Food Science and Technology (Springer), Indian Journal of Agricultural Science (ICAR), etc. Recently, Dr Siddiqui received several awards, including the Best Citizen of India Award (2016); Bharat Jyoti Award (2016); Best Young Researcher Award (2015) by GRABS Educational Trust, Chennai, India; and the Young Scientist Award (2015) by the Venus International Foundation, Chennai, India. He was also a recipient of the Young Achiever Award (2014) for the outstanding research work by the Society for Advancement of Human and Nature (SADHNA), Nauni, Himachal Pradesh, India, where he is an Honorary Board Member and Life Time Author. He has been an active member of the organizing committee of several national and international seminars, conferences, and summits. He is a key member in establishing the World Food Preservation Center (WFPC), LLC, USA.

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