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morgan gregory j. - philosophy of science matters

Philosophy of Science Matters The Philosophy of Peter Achinstein

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 06/2011

Note Editore

In this, the first book devoted to Peter Achinstein's influential work in philosophy of science, twenty distinguished philosophers, including four Lakatos award winners, address various aspects of Achinstein's influential views on the nature of scientific evidence, scientific explanation, and scientific realism. It includes short essays by Steve Gimbel and Jeff Maynes, Nancy Cartwright, Jordi Cat, Victor DiFate, Jerry Doppelt, Adam Goldstein, Philip Kitcher, Fred Kronz, Deborah Mayo, Greg Morgan, Helen Longino, John Norton, Michael Ruse, Bas van Fraassen, Stathis Psillos, Larry Laudan, Richard Richards, Kent Staley, and Jim Woodward with replies to each contributor from Peter Achinstein. Readers will come away with an understanding of the current debate in multiple areas of philosophy of science and how various contemporary issues are connected.


1 - "Ordinary Language and the Unordinary Philosophy of Peter Achinstein"
2 - "Evidence, External Validity and Explanatory Relevance"
3 - "Maxwell, Matter and Method: Maxwellian Methodology, Maxwellianism
4 - "Achinstein's Newtonian Empiricism"
5 - "Evidence and Objectivity in Achinstein's Philosophy of Science"
6 - "A Defense of Achinstein's Pragmatism About Explanation"
7 - "On the Very Idea of a Theory of Evidence"
8 - "Mill on the Hypothetical Method: A Discussion of Achinstein's Defense of Mill and Newton on Induction"
9 - "Waves, Particles, Independent Tests and the Limits of Inductivism"
10 - "What's so great about an objective concept of evidence?"
11 - "The Objective Epistemic Probabilist and the Severe Tester"
12 - "Achinstein and Whewell on Theoretical Coherence"
13 - "Observationally Indistinguishable Spacetimes: A Challenge for Any Inductivist"
14 - "Making Contact with Molecules: On Perrin and Achinstein"
15 - "Achinstein and The Evidence for Evolution"
16 - "The Place of Artificial Selection in Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution Through Natural Selection"
17 - "Evidence and Justification"
18 - "What Was Perrin's Real Achievement?"
19 - "Causes, Conditions, and the Pragmatics of Causal Explanation"
20 - "Replies to Contributors"


Gregory J. Morgan (PhD, Johns Hopkins) is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Stevens Institute of Technology. He specializes in History and Philosophy of Science and Applied Ethics and has published in British Journal for Philosophy of Science, Journal of Molecular Biology, Biology and Philosophy, Journal of History of Biology, and Isis among others.

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