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fischer eugen - philosophical delusion and its therapy

Philosophical Delusion and its Therapy Outline of a Philosophical Revolution

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 12/2010
Edizione: 1° edizione


Philosophical Delusion and its Therapy develops a novel account of the nature and genesis of philosophical problems. This account vindicates a revolutionary reorientation of philosophical work: the project of philosophical therapy pioneered by Ludwig Wittgenstein. With the help of concepts adapted from different branches of cognitive science (cognitive linguistics, cognitive and clinical psychology), the book explains where and why therapy is called for in philosophy, and develops techniques to actually carry it out.

Note Editore

Philosophical Delusion and its Therapy provides new foundations and methods for the revolutionary project of philosophical therapy pioneered by Ludwig Wittgenstein. The book vindicates this currently much-discussed project by reconstructing the genesis of important philosophical problems: With the help of concepts adapted from cognitive linguistics and cognitive psychology, the book analyses how philosophical reflection is shaped by pictures and metaphors we are not aware of employing and are prone to misapply. Through innovative case-studies on the genesis of classical problems about the mind and perception, and on thinkers including Locke, Berkeley and Ayer, the book demonstrates how such autonomous habits of thought systematically generate unsound intuitions and philosophical delusions, whose clash with reality, or among each other, gives rise to ill-motivated but maddening problems. The book re-examines models of therapeutic philosophy, due to Wittgenstein and J. L. Austin, and develops an approach that may let us overcome philosophical delusions and the problems they engender. In this way, the book explains where and why therapy in called for in philosophy, and develops techniques to carry it out.


Introduction: Some Perplexing Discoveries Part 1: Philosophical Pictures1. Philosophical Pictures: The Birth of ‘The Mind’ 2. Through Pictures to Problems: Minds and Bodies 3.Pictures’ Effects: From ‘Secondary Qualities’ to ‘Perceptions’ Part 2: Philosophical Delusions 4.The Power of Pictures: Berkeley’s Approach 5. Self-Perpetuating Absurdity: Berkeley Defends ‘Perceptions’ 6. Philosophical Delusions: Ayer Reinvents ‘Perceptions’ Part 3: Therapeutic Philosophy 7. Two Turns: A New Vision of Philosophy 8.Linguistic Analysis as Therapy: Austin on ‘Perceptions’ 9. Self-Reflection as Therapy: Wittgenstein on Understanding


Eugen Fischer, BPhil, DPhil (Oxford), is Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of East Anglia. He is the author of Linguistic Creativity: Exercises in Philosophical Therapy (2000) and has co-edited Wittgenstein at Work: Method in the Philosophical Investigations (Routledge 2004, paperback 2010).

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Routledge Studies in Contemporary Philosophy
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