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eyal sara (curatore); ekstein dana (curatore) - personalized and stratified therapy in epilepsy

Personalized and Stratified Therapy in Epilepsy


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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 09/2022

Note Editore

Personalized and Stratified Therapy in Epilepsy highlights the individualized- and subgroup-based approaches in diagnosing, treating, and monitoring epilepsy. Whereas the term 'personalized medicine' is used to describe the focus on individual patients, 'stratified medicine' refers to the definition of population subgroups based on estimates of their differences in the etiology and prognosis of epilepsy, or response to treatment. The book describes the various aspects of personalized and stratified approaches in epilepsy, the potential of these approaches to improve the cost-effectiveness of epilepsy treatment, and barriers to their implementation. The book assists clinicians in rationally choosing the required diagnostic and treatment means for their patients, out of the abundance of available technologies and products. By doing so, they will provide better care, mitigating adverse events, expediting the reach of effective treatment, and reducing costs. The target audience is anyone involved in developing and delivering diagnostic means and treatment for people with epilepsy, including epileptologists, other neurologists, neurosurgeons, pharmacists, nurses, technicians, geneticists, researchers

  • Comprehensively describes individualized and stratified treatment approaches in epilepsy
  • Assists clinicians with rationally choosing the required diagnostic and treatment means for their patients
  • Diagnosis, drugs, non-pharmacological treatments, and future research are all discussed in depth


Section 1. Diagnosis 1. Classification 2. Seizures semiology 3. Genetic testing 4. Electrophysiological studies 5. Imaging

Section 2. Drug treatment 6. When to start AEDs 7. Antiepileptic drug treatments in children 8. Treating women with epilepsy 9. Antiepileptic drugs in the elderly 10. When to stop treatment: individualized 11. Pharmacogenetics in AED treatment 12. Between-patient variability in the concentrations of antiepileptic drugs 13. Drug resistance: predicting who will respond

Section 3. Non-pharmacological treatments 14. Pre-surgical evaluation 15. Adult tailored surgical aspects 16. Pediatric tailored surgical aspects 17. Neurostimulation

Section 4. Miscellaneous 18. Status epilepticus 19. SUDEP 20. Monitoring sensors 21. Psychiatric co-morbidity 22. Neuropsychological evaluation 23. Patient education

Section 5. Frontiers/research 24. Seizures prediction 25. Epilepsy biomarkers 26. Can we personalize AED development? 27. Invasive monitoring research 28. New treatment devices


Dr. Eyal is a senior lecturer at the HUJI Institute for Drug Research since 2011. Her research is aimed at better understanding of the factors that affect drug distribution across the blood-brain barrier (BBB), introducing novel markers for studying molecular changes at the BBB itself and developing delivery systems which would be able to overcome the anatomical and functional barriers to the CNS. In particular, she focuses on identification and targeting epileptogenic brain tissue. She has published more than 50 papers, is on the Editorial Board of Frontiers in Pharmacology; Drug Transport and Metabolism, and recently edited a special issue of Pharmaceutical Research on drug treatment in pregnant and breastfeeding women. Dr. Eyal is a member of the Steering Committee of the Israeli League against Epilepsy.
Dr. Ekstein is the Director of the Epilepsy Unit in the Department of Neurology at Hadassah Medical Centre. She is an adult epileptologist, familiar with all aspects of patients care, including pharmacotherapy, surgical treatment, psychosocial issues, and imaging and electrophysiological studies. As part of the PhD and following basic research, she has also expertise in animal models of epilepsy, translational research on epileptic tissue identification, and rodents and human electrophysiology. She is the author of more than 30 original and review papers and several book chapters, and ad-hoc reviewer for several epilepsy journals. Dr. Ekstein is the head of the Epilepsy Unit at Hadassah Medical Center, Israel, and head of the Israeli Chapter of the ILAE.

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