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rocker israel (curatore) - pelvic pain in women

Pelvic Pain in Women Diagnosis and Management

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 02/2012
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1990


Pelvic pain in the female patient is common in gynaecological practice, but the specialties of general surgery, urology and orthopaedics provide a significant number of patients and problems. These patients may suffer a multitude of symptoms, and only careful analysis and investigation of each individual problem by the doctor concerned will lead to correct diagnosis and management. The subject matter of this book lies in the practice of many specialties, and all are combined here in a coherent whole. This emphasises the close collaboration necessary between family practitioners, junior hospital staff and consultants. The authors are consultants who work together in a busy district general hospital, and their experience and collaboration is evident in the approach to the diagnosis and management of pelvic pain in the female. Emphasis is laid on the careful evaluation of history and examination and the correct interpretation of diagnostic investigations. Full details of radiology, ultrasound scanning, endoscopy, peritoneoscopy and bacteriological investigation are given. Full consultation between members of staff who have special experience in these investigative procedures is of paramount importance. Details of treatment for relief of pain are important to all doctors concerned with this aspect of clinical management. and this section will be of particular value. The blending of these specialties allows full consideration of the problems affecting the patients. Careful management leads to better treatment for the patient and better satisfaction for the doctor.


1 General Aspects.- General Anatomy and Innervation of the Female Pelvis D.E. Sturdy.- Innervation of the Pelvic Viscera.- Surgical Aspects of Female Pelvic Pain.- Gynaecological/Obstetric Aspects of Pelvic Pain.- Neurophysiology of Pain G.D. Thomas.- Neuroanatomy and Physiology.- Neuropeptides.- Application of Neurophysiology and Anatomy.- Psychological Aspects of Pelvic Pain J.M. Hughes.- Psychosomatic Medicine.- The Psychology of Pain.- Pelvic Pain in Women.- The Approach to Cancer and Cancerophobia.- Standard Drugs Used in Psychiatry.- 2 Examination and Investigation.- General and Surgical Examination D.E. Sturdy.- Examination for Acute Painful Conditions of the Perineum.- Examination for Acute Pelvic Pain.- Examination for Chronic Pelvic Pain.- Gynaecological Examination and Investigation I. Rocker.- Gynaecological History.- Gynaecological Examination.- Orthopaedic Examination D.G. Jones.- Bacteriological Investigation of Genitourinary Infections E.J.G. Glencross.- Urinary Tract Infection.- Vaginal Discharge.- Important Sexually Transmitted Diseases.- Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.- Chronic Pelvic Infection.- Summary of Common Diagnostic Specimens.- Diagnostic Imaging A. Jones.- Gynaecological Disease.- Urinary Tract Disease.- Intestinal Disease.- Skeletal Disease.- Computed Tomography in Pelvic Disease.- Radiological Intervention Techniques.- Laparoscopy I. Rocker.- Hysteroscopy.- 3 Reproduction and Pain.- Preadolescence.- Trauma.- Congenital Malformations.- Cysts and Tumours.- Dysmenorrhoea.- Sexual Activity and Pelvic Pain.- Dyspareunia.- Pregnancy.- Uterine Contractility and Labour.- The Ovary in Pregnancy.- Abnormalities of Intrauterine Pregnancy.- Trophoblastic Disease.- Ectopic Gestation.- Placental Abruption.- Gynaecological Problems and Pregnancy.- 4 Vulva, Vagina and Perineum.- Vulva and Vagina I. Rocker.- Trauma.- Infections.- Vulval Tumours.- Vulval Dystrophy/Dermatoses.- Vaginal Tumours.- Vaginal Cervix.- Perineum D.E. Sturdy.- Acute Painful Conditions of the Perineum.- Chronic Painful Conditions of the Perineum.- 5 Bladder and Renal Tract.- Pain in the Anterior (Urinary) Compartment of the Female Pelvis.- Urethral Caruncle.- Acute Bladder Pain.- Chronic Bladder Pain.- Pain in the Intrapelvic Ureter.- Acute Ureteric Pain.- Chronic Ureteric Pain.- 6 Gynaecological Pain.- Uterovaginal Prolapse.- Uterine Malposition.- Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.- Endometriosis.- Genital Tract Tumours and Pelvic and Abdomino-pelvic Swellings.- Uterine Enlargement.- Post-hysterectomy Pain.- Gynaecalgia.- 7 Surgical and Orthopaedic Causes of Pelvic Pain.- Surgical Causes of Pelvic Pain D.E. Sturdy.- Acute Intestinal Inflammation.- Pelvic Abscess.- Acute Intestinal Ischaemia and Obstruction.- Herniae.- Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease.- Stoma Management.- Spasmodic Intestinal Disorders Producing Pelvic Pain.- Neoplasms of the Large Bowel.- Vascular Disorders Producing Pelvic Pain.- Orthopaedic Causes of Pelvic Pain D.G. Jones.- Posterior Pelvic Pain.- Anterior Pelvic Problems.- Generalised Diseases Affecting the Pelvis.- 8 Pain Management.- Mild Pain.- Moderate Pain.- Severe Pain.- Acute Pain.- Chronic Pain.- Further Reading.

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