Noise Of Polyphase Electric Motors - Gieras Jacek F.; Wang Chong; Lai Joseph Cho | Libro Crc Press 12/2005 -

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gieras jacek f.; wang chong; lai joseph cho - noise of polyphase electric motors

Noise of Polyphase Electric Motors

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Lingua: Inglese

CRC Press

Pubblicazione: 12/2005
Edizione: 1° edizione


Presenting updated material in an accessible style, Noise of Polyphase Electric Motors features comprehensive coverage of noise and vibration of electric motors, including permanent magnet synchronous motors. This book provides examples of analytical, numerical, and statistical methods for noise analysis, describing statistical energy analysis principles and their applications. It gives fundamental equations for electromagnetic, structural, and acoustic computation of noise and vibration. It also discusses vibration and sound radiation of cylindrical shells. This text makes an ideal handbook for engineers, students, and researchers working with electrical machines and drives.

Note Editore

Controlling the level of noise in electrical motors is critical to overall system performance. However, predicting noise of an electrical motor is more difficult and less accurate than for other characteristics such as torque-speed. Recent advances have produced powerful computational methods for noise prediction, and Noise of Polyphase Electric Motors is the first book to collect these advances in a single source. It is also the first to include noise prediction for permanent magnet (PM) synchronous motors.Complete coverage of all aspects of electromagnetic, structural, and vibro-acoustic noise makes this a uniquely comprehensive reference. The authors begin with the basic principles of noise generation and radiation, magnetic field and radial forces, torque pulsations, acoustic calculations, as well as noise and vibration of mechanical and acoustic origin. Moving to applications, the book examines in detail stator system vibration analysis including the use of finite element method (FEM) modal analysis; FEM for radial pressure and structural modeling; boundary element methods (BEM) for acoustic radiation; statistical energy analysis (SEA); instrumentation including technologies, procedures, and standards; and both passive and active methods for control of noise and vibration.Noise of Polyphase Electric Motors gathers the fundamental concepts along with all of the analytical, numerical, and statistical methods into a unified reference. It supplies all of the tools necessary to improve the noise performance of electrical motors at the design stage.


GENERATION AND RADIATION OF NOISE IN ELECTRICAL MACHINESVibration, Sound, and NoiseSound WavesSources of Noise in Electrical MachinesEnergy Conversion ProcessNoise Limits and Measurement Procedures for Electrical MachinesDeterministic and Statistical Methods of Noise PredictionEconomical AspectsAccuracy of Noise PredictionMAGNETIC FIELDS AND RADIAL FORCES IN POLYPHASE MOTORS FED WITH SINUSOIDAL CURRENTSConstruction of Induction MotorsConstruction of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Brushless MotorsA.C. Stator WindingsStator Winding MMFRotor Magnetic FieldCalculation of Air Gap Magnetic FieldRadial ForcesOther Sources of Electromagnetic Vibration and NoiseINVERTER-FED MOTORSGeneration of Higher Time HarmonicsAnalysis of Radial Forces for Nonsinusoidal CurrentsHigher Time Harmonic Torques in Induction MachinesHigher Time Harmonic Torques in Permanent Magnet (PM) Brushless MachinesInfluence of the Switching Frequency of an InverterNoise Reduction of Inverter-Fed MotorsTORQUE PULSATIONSAnalytical Methods of Instantaneous Torque CalculationNumerical Methods of Instantaneous Torque CalculationElectromagnetic Torque ComponentsSources of Torque PulsationsHigher Harmonic Torques of Induction MotorsCogging Torque in Permanent Magnet (PM) Brushless MotorsTorque Ripple Due to Distortion of EMF and Current Waveforms in Permanent Magnet (PM) Brushless MotorsTangential Forces vs. Radial ForcesMinimization of Torque Ripple in PM Brushless MotorsSTATOR SYSTEM VIBRATION ANALYSISForced VibrationSimplified Calculation of Natural Frequencies of the Stator SystemImproved Analytical Method of Calculation of Natural FrequenciesNumerical VerificationACOUSTIC CALCULATIONSSound Radiation EfficiencyPlane RadiatorInfinitely Long Cylindrical RadiatorFinite Length Cylindrical RadiatorCalculations of Sound Power LevelNOISE AND VIBRATION OF MECHANICAL AND AERODYNAMIC ORIGINMechanical Noise Due to Shaft and Rotor IrregularitiesBearing NoiseNoise Due to Toothed Gear TrainsAerodynamic NoiseMechanical Noise Generated by the LoadACOUSTIC AND VIBRATION INSTRUMENTATIONMeasuring System and TransducersMeasurement of Sound PressureAcoustic Measurement ProcedureVibration MeasurementsFrequency AnalyzersSound Power and Sound PressureIndirect Methods of Sound Power MeasurementDirect Method of Sound Power Measurement: Sound Intensity TechniqueStandard for Testing Acoustic Performance of Rotating Electrical MachinesNUMERICAL ANALYSISIntroductionFEM Model for Radial Magnetic PressureFEM for Structural ModelingBEM for Acoustic RadiationDiscussionSTATISTICAL ENERGY ANALYSISIntroductionPower Flow Between Linearly Coupled OscillatorsCoupled Multimodal SystemsExperimental SEAApplication to Electrical MotorsNOISE CONTROLMountingStandard Methods of Noise ReductionActive Noise and Vibration ControlAPPENDIX A: BASICS OF ACOUSTICSSound Field Variables and Wave EquationsSound Radiation from a Point SourceDecibel Levels and Their CalculationsSpectrum AnalysisAPPENDIX B: PERMEANCE OF NONUNIFORM AIR GAPPermeance CalculationEccentricity EffectAPPENDIX C: MAGNETIC SATURATIONAPPENDIX D: BASICS OF VIBRATIONA Mass-Spring-Damper OscillatorLumped Parameter SystemsContinuous SystemsSYMBOLS AND ABBREVIATIONSBIBLIOGRAPHYINDEX

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dimensioni: 9 x 6 in Ø 1.50 lb
Formato: Copertina rigida
Illustration Notes:170 b/w images, 36 tables and 672 equations
Pagine Arabe: 392

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