Neuromuscular Urgencies And Emergencies - Arora Niraj (Curatore); Govindarajan Raghav (Curatore); Kataria Saurabh (Curatore); Nattanmai Chandrasekaran Premkumar (Curatore) | Libro Springer 09/2021 -

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arora niraj (curatore); govindarajan raghav (curatore); kataria saurabh (curatore); nattanmai chandrasekaran premkumar (curatore) - neuromuscular urgencies and emergencies

Neuromuscular Urgencies and Emergencies

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 09/2021
Edizione: 1st ed. 2020


This book functions as a practical reference for recognizing various patient presentations, signs, and symptoms that must be considered when treating  neuromuscular disorders (NMD). It emphasizes the importance of recognizing these preexisting conditions as this can be crucial to treating patients properly with appropriate medications and procedures.

Concise yet comprehensive, this 10-chapter guide analyses various neuromuscular weaknesses including respiratory and progressive muscle weakness. Chapters address the involvement of multiple organ systems in NMD, with specific attention to cardiomyopathy, cardiac arrhythmias, and dystrophinopathies. Discussions also address the challenges practitioners face when treating vulnerable demographics such as pregnant women and those with hyper metabolic conditions.


Written by experts in the field, Neuromuscular Urgencies and Emergencies is an invaluable resource for neurologists, emergency medicine physicians, physician assistants, and the interventional neurologist.



1. Introduction


2. What are neuromuscular emergent diseases


3. Detailed Anatomy and Physiology:

                Motor unit

                Neuromuscular Junction

                Sensory and Autonomic Systems

                Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems

                Muscle anatomy


4. Detailed Review with incidence and prevalence and pathogenesis involved:


                Major Disorders


                                Level of motor Unit                        


                                                Motor Neuron: 







                                Acquired:  Dermato- and polymyositis, Myoglobinuric myopathy, Hypokalemic paralysis, Toxic myopathy, Acute myopathy of intensive care

                                Genetic disorders: X-linked dystrophies, myotonic dystrophy, acid maltase deficiency, mitochondrial myopathy, duchenne and becker muscular dystrophy




                                Myasthenia gravis, Botulism, Lambert-Eaten, Hypermagnesemia


                Peripheral nerve             


                                Guillain Barre, Shellfish poisoning, porphyric and arsenic neuropathy, tick paralysis


                Disorders affecting multiple levels                           


                                Infectious motor neuropathies, inflammatory polyradiculopathies


5. Approach: Etiology, History, Physical Examination, Signs and Symptoms, Findings, Diagnostic Criteria’s, Laboratory studies, Management and its complications, Prognosis/Morbidity and Variants of each of the above diseases separately.


6. Review/Summary of commonly encountered cases and its management.


7. Flowchart on how to approach common NM emergencies


8. Conclusion     


Niraj Arora

University of Missouri at Columbia

Assistant Professor, Neurology

Columbia, MO


Raghav Govindarajan, MD

University of Missouri at Columbia

Assistant Professor, Neurology

1020 Hitt Street

Columbia, MO


Saurabh Kataria, MD, MHA

University of Missouri at Columbia

Research Associate, Neurology

1020 Hitt Street

Columbia, MO


Associate Editor

Premkumar Nattanmai

University of Missouri at Columbia

Assistant Professor, Neurology

Columbia, MO


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