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naidu a.s. (curatore) - natural food antimicrobial systems

Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems

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Lingua: Inglese

CRC Press

Pubblicazione: 06/2000
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

Consumer concerns play a critical role in dictating the direction of research and development in food protection. The rising demand for minimally processed foods, growing concerns about the use of synthetic preservatives, and suspected links between the overuse of antibiotics and multi-drug resistance in microbes has made food safety a global priority.Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems focuses on advances in the technology of food safety. Numerous antimicrobial agents exist in animals and plants where they evolved as defense mechanisms. For example, the antimicrobial components of milk have been unraveled in recent years. The book covers how these components - such as lactoferrin - can be used as multifunctional food additives such as antioxidants and immuno-modulating agents.The six sections cover lacto-antimicrobials, ovo-antimicrobials, phyto-antimicrobials, bacto-antimicrobials, acid-antimicrobials, and milieu-antimicrobials. Each chapter provides background and historical information, molecular properties, antimicrobial activity, biological advantage, applications, safety, tolerance, and efficacy, and biotechnology. To satisfy the rapidly changing consumption patterns of the global market, the food processing industry continuously searches for new technologies in food science. Designed as a reference for academia and corporate R & D, Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems fills this need, offering in-depth information on emerging biotechnology, efficacy, and applications of natural food antimicrobial systems.


Overview, A.S. NaiduLacto-AntimicrobialsLactoferrin. A.S. NaiduLactoperoxidase, A.S. NaiduLactoglobulins, E.F. Bostwick, J. Steijins, and S. BraunLactolipids, M. Lampe and C. IsaacsOvo-AntimicrobialsLysozymes, J.N. Losso, S. Nakai, and E.A. CharterOvotransferrin, H.R. IbrahimOvoglobulin IgY, J.S. Sim, H.H. Sunwoo, and E.N. LeeAvidin, Y. MinePhyto-AntimicrobialsPhyto-phenols, P.M., Davidson and A.S. NaiduSaponins, W.A. OleszekFlavonoids, A.S. Naidu, W.R. Bidlack, and A.T. CreceliusThiosulfinates, B.B. Whitmore and A.S. NaiduCatechins, L.R. Juneja, T. Okubo, and P. HungGlucosinolates, B.B. Whitmore and A.S. NaiduAgar, A.S. NaiduBacto-AntimicrobialsProbiotics, A.S. Naidu and R.A. ClemensNisin, L.V. Thomas, M.R. Clarkson, and J. Delves-BroughtonPediocin, B. Ray and K. MillerReuterin, M.G. El-Ziney, J. Debevere, and M.JakobsenSakacin, F. Leroy and L. De VuystAcid-AntimicrobialsLactic Acid, J-C. Bogeart and A.S. NaiduSorbic Acid, J.N. SofosAcetic Acid, D.L. Marshall, L.N. Cotton, and F.A. Bal'aCitric Acid, R.K. SharmaMilieu-AntimicrobialsSodium Chloride, R. Ravishankar and V.K. JunejaPolyphosphates, A. PrakashChloro-cides, N. Khanna and A.S. NaiduOzone, M. Muthukumarappin, F. Halaweish, and A.S. NaiduAppendix (Abbreviations and Symbols)Index


Emergence of new food-borne pathogens, development of microbial resistance to synthetic preservatives, increase in consumer awareness of health benefits with natural food ingredients, and the global food safety initiatives have renewed the interests in natural food antimicrobial systems. Despite proven efficacy for centuries as preservatives in various traditional foods, the structure-function relationship of these bioactive compounds has been unraveled only in the past few decades. Natural Food Antimicrobial Systems consolidates the current developments in this area of food science.

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Illustration Notes:77 tables, 15 halftones and 22 equations
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