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nielsen paul; white mike; parui uttam - microsoft sql server 2008 bible

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Bible Manage enterprise data servers with ease. Develop scalable and flexible databases. Analyze data with SQL Server's BI Suite

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 09/2009

Note Editore

SQL Server 2008 Bible teaches beginning-level database administrators and developers everything they need to harness the power of SQL Server, Microsofts high-performance database and data analysis package. Paul Nielsen doesn't just teach them how to use the new features of the 2008 release; he demonstrates best practices, tips, tricks, and workarounds. This comprehensive tutorial and reference includes dozens of specific examples and sample code. Nearly every task is demonstrated in both a graphical method and a SQL code method for the reader's ease in understanding. This book guides you through developing SQL Server databases, developing data connections, administering SQL Server and keeping your databases performing at their peak. Nielsen of course covers all of the new features of the 2008 release (see About the Topic). He also plans to revamp and refocus coverage of core topics, as well as add about 150 pages of new material. Updates include: Extensive revision of CLR chapters, reflecting new best practices learned since publication of the 2005 edition. Greatly expanded coverage of database security, with 4 new chapters. BI expert Mike White will revamp the Business Intelligence chapters to cover significant changes to Analysis Services and Reporting Services. Refocusing on methods and tools that have proved in practice to be most effective for Data Connectivity. Overall, this 2008 edition will be 40% revised, with about 150 new pages. The book's companion website will provide all of the source code found in the book, to help both admins and developers quickly implement what they've learned.


Foreword. Introduction. Part I Laying the Foundation. Chapter 1: The World of SQL Server. Chapter 2: Data Architecture. Chapter 3: Relational Database Design. Chapter 4: Installing SQL Server 2008. Chapter 5: Client Connectivity. Chapter 6: Using Management Studio. Chapter 7: Scripting with PowerShell. Part II Manipulating Data with Select. Chapter 8: Introducing Basic Query Flow. Chapter 9: Data Types, Expressions, and Scalar Functions. Chapter 10: Merging Data with Joins and Unions. Chapter 11: Including Data with Subqueries and CTEs. Chapter 12: Aggregating Data. Chapter 13: Windowing and Ranking. Chapter 14: Projecting Data Through Views. Chapter 15: Modifying Data. Chapter 16: Modification Obstacles. Part III Beyond Relational. Chapter 17: Traversing Hierarchies. Chapter 18: Manipulating XML Data. Chapter 19: Using Integrated Full-Text Search. Part IV Developing with SQL Server. Chapter 20: Creating the Physical Database Schema. Chapter 21: Programming with T-SQL. Chapter 22: Kill the Cursor! Chapter 23: T-SQL Error Handling. Chapter 24: Developing Stored Procedures. Chapter 25: Building User-Defined Functions. Chapter 26: Creating DML Triggers. Chapter 27: DDL Triggers. Chapter 28: Building Out the Data Abstraction Layer. Chapter 29: Dynamic SQL and Code Generation. Part V Data Connectivity. Chapter 30: Bulk Operations. Chapter 31: Executing Distributed Queries. Chapter 32: Programming with ADO.NET 3.5. Chapter 33: Sync Framework. Chapter 34: LINQ. Chapter 35: Asynchronous Messaging with Service Broker. Chapter 36: Replicating Data. Chapter 37: Performing ETL with Integration Services. Chapter 38: Access as a Front End to SQL Server. Part VI Enterprise Data Management. Chapter 39: Configuring SQL Server. Chapter 40: Policy-Based Management. Chapter 41: Recovery Planning. Chapter 42: Maintaining the Database. Chapter 43: Automating Database Maintenance with SQL Server Agent. Chapter 44: Transferring Databases. Chapter 45: Database Snapshots. Chapter 46: Log Shipping. Chapter 47: Database Mirroring. Chapter 48: Clustering. Part VII Security. Chapter 49: Authenticating Principals. Chapter 50: Authorizing Securables. Chapter 51: Data Cryptography. Chapter 52: Row-Level Security. Part VIII Monitoring and Auditing. Chapter 53: Data Audit Triggers. Chapter 54: Schema Audit Triggers. Chapter 55: Performance Monitor. Chapter 56: Tracing and Profiling. Chapter 57: Wait States. Chapter 58: Extended Events. Chapter 59: Change Tracking. Chapter 60: Change Data Capture. Chapter 61: SQL Audit. Chapter 62: Management Data Warehouse. Part IX Performance Tuning and Optimization. Chapter 63: Interpreting Query Execution Plans. Chapter 64: Indexing Strategies. Chapter 65: Query Plan Reuse. Chapter 66: Managing Transactions, Locking, and Blocking. Chapter 67: Data Compression. Chapter 68: Partitioning. Chapter 69: Resource Governor. Part X Business Intelligence. Chapter 70: BI Design. Chapter 71: Building Multidimensional Cubes with Analysis Services. Chapter 72: Programming MDX Queries. Chapter 73: Authoring Reports with Reporting Services. Chapter 74: Administering Reporting Services. Chapter 75: Analyzing Data with Excel. Chapter 76: Data Mining with Analysis Services. Appendix A: SQL Server 2008 Specifications. Appendix B: Using the Sample Databases. Index.


This edition has been heavily updated to cover all the new features, with 40% content revision and 150 more pages.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Bible
Dimensioni: 231 x 55.23 x 186 mm Ø 2356 gr
Formato: Brossura
Pagine Arabe: 1680

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