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larsen rasmus (curatore); nielsen mads (curatore); sporring jon (curatore) - medical image computing and computer-assisted intervention – miccai 2006

Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2006 9th International Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, October 1-6, 2006, Proceedings, Part II

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 09/2006
Edizione: 2006


The 9th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention, MICCAI 2006, was held in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Tivoli Concert Hall with satellite workshops and tutorials at the IT University of Copenhagen, October 1-6, 2006. The conference has become the premier international conference with - depth full length papers in the multidisciplinary ?elds of medical image c- puting, computer-assisted intervention, and medical robotics. The conference brings together clinicians, computer scientists, engineers, physicists, and other researchers and o?ers a forum for the exchange of ideas in a multidisciplinary setting. MICCAI papers are of high standard and have a long lifetime. In this v- ume as well as in the latest journal issues of Medical Image Analysis and IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging papers cite previous MICCAIs including the ?rst MICCAI conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1998. It is obvious that the community requires the MICCAI papers as archive material. Therefore the proceedingsofMICCAIarefrom2005andhenceforthbeing indexedbyMedline. Acarefulreviewandselectionprocesswasexecutedinordertosecurethebest possible program for the MICCAI 2006 conference. We received 578 scienti?c papers from which 39 papers were selected for the oral program and 193 papers for the poster program.


Segmentation I.- Robust Active Shape Models: A Robust, Generic and Simple Automatic Segmentation Tool.- Automatic IVUS Segmentation of Atherosclerotic Plaque with Stop & Go Snake.- Prostate Segmentation in 2D Ultrasound Images Using Image Warping and Ellipse Fitting.- Detection of Electrophysiology Catheters in Noisy Fluoroscopy Images.- Fast Non Local Means Denoising for 3D MR Images.- Active Shape Models for a Fully Automated 3D Segmentation of the Liver – An Evaluation on Clinical Data.- Patient Position Detection for SAR Optimization in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.- Symmetric Atlasing and Model Based Segmentation: An Application to the Hippocampus in Older Adults.- Image Diffusion Using Saliency Bilateral Filter.- Data Weighting for Principal Component Noise Reduction in Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound.- Shape Filtering for False Positive Reduction at Computed Tomography Colonography.- Validation and Quantitative Image Analysis.- Evaluation of Texture Features for Analysis of Ovarian Follicular Development.- A Fast Method of Generating Pharmacokinetic Maps from Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Images of the Breast.- Investigating Cortical Variability Using a Generic Gyral Model.- Blood Flow and Velocity Estimation Based on Vessel Transit Time by Combining 2D and 3D X-Ray Angiography.- Accurate Airway Wall Estimation Using Phase Congruency.- Generation of Curved Planar Reformations from Magnetic Resonance Images of the Spine.- Automated Analysis of Multi Site MRI Phantom Data for the NIHPD Project.- Performance Evaluation of Grid-Enabled Registration Algorithms Using Bronze-Standards.- Anisotropic Feature Extraction from Endoluminal Images for Detection of Intestinal Contractions.- Symmetric Curvature Patterns for Colonic Polyp Detection.- 3D Reconstruction of Coronary Stents in Vivo Based on Motion Compensated X-Ray Angiograms.- Retina Mosaicing Using Local Features.- Brain Image Processing.- A New Cortical Surface Parcellation Model and Its Automatic Implementation.- A System for Measuring Regional Surface Folding of the Neonatal Brain from MRI.- Atlas Guided Identification of Brain Structures by Combining 3D Segmentation and SVM Classification.- A Nonparametric Bayesian Approach to Detecting Spatial Activation Patterns in fMRI Data.- Fast and Accurate Connectivity Analysis Between Functional Regions Based on DT-MRI.- Riemannian Graph Diffusion for DT-MRI Regularization.- High-Dimensional White Matter Atlas Generation and Group Analysis.- Fiber Bundle Estimation and Parameterization.- Improved Correspondence for DTI Population Studies Via Unbiased Atlas Building.- Diffusion k-tensor Estimation from Q-ball Imaging Using Discretized Principal Axes.- Improved Map-Slice-to-Volume Motion Correction with B0 Inhomogeneity Correction: Validation of Activation Detection Algorithms Using ROC Curve Analyses.- Hippocampus-Specific fMRI Group Activation Analysis with Continuous M-Reps.- Particle Filtering for Nonlinear BOLD Signal Analysis.- Anatomically Informed Convolution Kernels for the Projection of fMRI Data on the Cortical Surface.- A Landmark-Based Brain Conformal Parametrization with Automatic Landmark Tracking Technique.- Automated Topology Correction for Human Brain Segmentation.- A Fast and Automatic Method to Correct Intensity Inhomogeneity in MR Brain Images.- A Digital Pediatric Brain Structure Atlas from T1-Weighted MR Images.- Discriminative Analysis of Early Alzheimer’s Disease Based on Two Intrinsically Anti-correlated Networks with Resting-State fMRI.- Motion in Image Formation.- Rawdata-Based Detection of the Optimal Reconstruction Phase in ECG-Gated Cardiac Image Reconstruction.- Sensorless Reconstruction of Freehand 3D Ultrasound Data.- Motion-Compensated MR Valve Imaging with COMB Tag Tracking and Super-Resolution Enhancement.- Recovery of Liver Motion and Deformation Due to Respiration Using Laparoscopic Freehand 3D Ultrasound System.- Image Guided Intervention.- Numerical Simulation of Radio Frequency Ablation with State Dependent Material Parameters in Three Space Dimensions.- Towards a Multi-modal Atlas for Neurosurgical Planning.- Using Registration Uncertainty Visualization in a User Study of a Simple Surgical Task.- Ultrasound Monitoring of Tissue Ablation Via Deformation Model and Shape Priors.- Clinical Applications II.- Assessment of Airway Remodeling in Asthma: Volumetric Versus Surface Quantification Approaches.- Asymmetry of SPECT Perfusion Image Patterns as a Diagnostic Feature for Alzheimer’s Disease.- Predicting the Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation with Diffusion Tensor Based Electric Field Models.- CFD Analysis Incorporating the Influence of Wall Motion: Application to Intracranial Aneurysms.- A New CAD System for the Evaluation of Kidney Diseases Using DCE-MRI.- Generation and Application of a Probabilistic Breast Cancer Atlas.- Hierarchical Part-Based Detection of 3D Flexible Tubes: Application to CT Colonoscopy.- Detection of Protrusions in Curved Folded Surfaces Applied to Automated Polyp Detection in CT Colonography.- Part-Based Local Shape Models for Colon Polyp Detection.- An Analysis of Early Studies Released by the Lung Imaging Database Consortium (LIDC).- Detecting Acromegaly: Screening for Disease with a Morphable Model.- A Boosting Cascade for Automated Detection of Prostate Cancer from Digitized Histology.- Optimal Sensor Placement for Predictive Cardiac Motion Modeling.- 4D Shape Registration for Dynamic Electrophysiological Cardiac Mapping.- Estimation of Cardiac Electrical Propagation from Medical Image Sequence.- Ultrasound-Guided Percutaneous Scaphoid Pinning: Operator Variability and Comparison with Traditional Fluoroscopic Procedure.- Cosmology Inspired Design of Biomimetic Tissue Engineering Templates with Gaussian Random Fields.- Registration of Microscopic Iris Image Sequences Using Probabilistic Mesh.- Tumor Therapeutic Response and Vessel Tortuosity: Preliminary Report in Metastatic Breast Cancer.- Harvesting the Thermal Cardiac Pulse Signal.- On Mobility Analysis of Functional Sites from Time Lapse Microscopic Image Sequences of Living Cell Nucleus.- Tissue Characterization Using Dimensionality Reduction and Fluorescence Imaging.- Registration II.- A Method for Registering Diffusion Weighted Magnetic Resonance Images.- A High-Order Solution for the Distribution of Target Registration Error in Rigid-Body Point-Based Registration.- Fast Elastic Registration for Adaptive Radiotherapy.- Registering Histological and MR Images of Prostate for Image-Based Cancer Detection.- Affine Registration of Diffusion Tensor MR Images.- Analytic Expressions for Fiducial and Surface Target Registration Error.- Bronchoscope Tracking Based on Image Registration Using Multiple Initial Starting Points Estimated by Motion Prediction.- 2D/3D Registration for Measurement of Implant Alignment After Total Hip Replacement.- 3D/2D Model-to-Image Registration Applied to TIPS Surgery.- Ray-Tracing Based Registration for HRCT Images of the Lungs.- Physics-Based Elastic Image Registration Using Splines and Including Landmark Localization Uncertainties.- Piecewise-Quadrilateral Registration by Optical Flow – Applications in Contrast-Enhanced MR Imaging of the Breast.- Iconic Feature Registration with Sparse Wavelet Coefficients.- Diffeomorphic Registration Using B-Splines.- Automatic Point Landmark Matching for Regularizing Nonlinear Intensity Registration: Application to Thoracic CT Images.- Biomechanically Based Elastic Breast Registration Using Mass Tensor Simulation.- Intensity Gradient Based Registration and Fusion of Multi-modal Images.- A Novel Approach for Image Alignment Using a Markov–Gibbs Appearance Model.- Evaluation on Similarity Measures of a Surface-to-Image Registration Technique for Ultrasound Images.- Backward-Warping Ultrasound Reconstruction for Improving Diagnostic Value and Registration.- Integrated Four Dimensional Registration and Segmentation of Dynamic Renal MR Images.- Segmentation II.- Fast and Robust Clini

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