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zhang david y. (curatore) - medical biometrics

Medical Biometrics First International Conference, ICMB 2008, Hong Kong, China, January 4-5, 2008, Proceedings

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 12/2007
Edizione: 2007


The past decade has seen a rapid growth in the demand for the usage of behavioral and physiological characteristics of humans for e-security and forensics applications. The significant advances in the biometrics techniques are increasingly incorporated in a number of other applications. In this context, medicine has emerged as the largest and most promising area. Medical biometrics primarily refers to the usage of beh- ioral and physiological characteristics of humans for medical diagnosis and body care. Thus the goal of medical biometrics is to explore solutions to the open problems in medicine using biometric measurements, technologies and systems. The International Conference on Medical Biometrics (ICMB 2008) was the first major gathering in the world devoted to facilitating this interaction. We are pleased that this conference attracted a large number of high-quality research papers that will benefit international medical biometrics research. After a careful review process, 40 papers were accepted either for oral (17) or poster (23) presentations. In addition to these technical presentations, this conference also held a workshop on Computerized Traditional C- nese Medicine. Our efforts are focused to generating awareness among researchers, organizing researchers to foster research in this area, and providing a common platform for discussion and investigation. This conference provided a forum for discussing prac- cal experiences in applying the state-of-the-art biometric tecnologies for medical diag- sis and body care, which will further stimulate research in medical biometrics. We are grateful to Max A.


Feature Extraction and Classification.- A New Feature Selection and Classification Scheme for Screening of Oral Cancer Using Laser Induced Fluorescence.- Tongueprint Feature Extraction and Application to Health Statistical Analysis.- RISC: A New Filter Approach for Feature Selection from Proteomic Data.- An Effective Feature Set for ECG Pattern Classification.- Research on Gesture Definition and Electrode Placement in Pattern Recognition of Hand Gesture Action SEMG.- Semantic Feature Extraction for Brain CT Image Clustering Using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization.- Extracting Tongue Cracks Using the Wide Line Detector.- An Effective Recognition Method of Breast Cancer Based on PCA and SVM Algorithm.- Predicting Protein Quaternary Structure with Multi-scale Energy of Amino Acid Factor Solution Scores and Their Combination.- A Knowledge Discovery Approach to Diagnosing Intracranial Hematomas on Brain CT: Recognition, Measurement and Classification.- An Adaptive Feature Extractor for Gesture SEMG Recognition.- Health Care.- Approach to Health Supporting System Using Traditional Chinese Medicine.- A Multimodal Database for a Home Remote Medical Care Application.- Adaptive Segmentation and Feature Quantization of Sublingual Veins of Healthy Humans.- Using Formal Concept Analysis to Leverage Ontology-Based Acu-Point Knowledge System.- Implementation of a Portable Personal EKG Signal Monitoring System.- Examining the Influence of Occupational Therapy and Its Effectiveness in Long-Term Care on Dementia Patients Through Ontology-Based Clustering.- Automatic Classification of Tongueprints in Healthy and Unhealthy Individuals.- VWPS: A Ventilator Weaning Prediction System with Artificial Intelligence.- Medical Diagnosis.- A Method of Classifying Tongue Colors for Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis Based on the CIELAB Color Space.- Hepatitis Diagnosis Using Facial Color Image.- Texture Feature Extraction and Classification for Iris Diagnosis.- Screening Diabetic Retinopathy Through Color Retinal Images.- Real-Time RFID-Based Intelligent Healthcare Diagnosis System.- Quantitative Assessment of Pap Smear Cells by PC-Based Cytopathologic Image Analysis System and Support Vector Machine.- An Integrated MRI and MRS Approach to Evaluation of Multiple Sclerosis with Cognitive Impairment.- Using Modified Contour Deformable Model to Quantitatively Estimate Ultrasound Parameters for Osteoporosis Assessment.- Noninvasive Ultrasound Imaging for Bone Quality Assessment Using Scanning Confocal Acoustic Diagnosis, ?CT, DXA Measurements, and Mechanical Testing.- Medical Image Processing and Registration.- Hierarchical Matching of Anatomical Trees for Medical Image Registration.- Interactive Deformable Registration Visualization and Analysis of 4D Computed Tomography.- Pinhole SPECT vs. Cone-Beam SPECT.- Constructing the Histogram Representation for Automatic Gridding of cDNA Microarray Images.- Compression of Medical Images Using Enhanced Vector Quantizer Designed with Self Organizing Feature Maps.- Indicator and Calibration Material for Microcalcifications in Dual-Energy Mammography.- Tongue Image Matching Using Color and Texture.- Pixel Based Tongue Color Analysis.- Gradient Direction Edge Enhancement Based Nucleus and Cytoplasm Contour Detector of Cervical Smear Images.- Three Dimensional Reconstruction and Dynamic Analysis of Mitral Annular Based on Connected Equi-length Curve Angle Chain.- A Segmentation Method Based on Dynamic Programming for Breast Mass in MRI Images.- A Multi-resolution Optical Flow Based Approach to Respiratory Motion Correction in 3D PET/CT Images.

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Dimensioni: 235 x 155 mm Ø 522 gr
Formato: Brossura
Pagine Arabe: 328
Pagine Romane: xii

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