Mathematical Analysis And Applications In Modeling - Roy Priti Kumar (Curatore); Cao Xianbing (Curatore); Li Xue-Zhi (Curatore); Das Pratulananda (Curatore); Deo Satya (Curatore) | Libro Springer 03/2020 -

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roy priti kumar (curatore); cao xianbing (curatore); li xue-zhi (curatore); das pratulananda (curatore); deo satya (curatore) - mathematical analysis and applications in modeling

Mathematical Analysis and Applications in Modeling ICMAAM 2018, Kolkata, India, January 9–12

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 03/2020
Edizione: 1st ed. 2020


E. V. Grigorieva and E. N. Khailov, Optimal Strategies of the Psoriasis Treatment by Suppressing the Interaction Between T-Limphocytes and Dendritic Cells.- I. Schreiber, V. Radojkovic, F. Muzika, R. Jurašek and L. Schreiberová, The use of reaction network theory for finding network motifs in oscillatory mechanisms and kinetic parameter estimation.- G. M. N'Guerekata, An existence result for some fractional Evolution equation with nonlocal conditions and compact resolvent operator.- M. Ghosh, Impact of Tobacco Smoking on the Prevalence of Tuberculosis Infection: a Mathematical Study.- S. G. Mosher, C. Costris-Vas and R. Smith, Modelling the Effects of Stigma on Leprosy.- U. Forys, One simple model { various complex systems.- Km. Meenakshi and S.B. Singh, Reliability Analysis of Multi-State Two-Dimensional System by Universal Generating Function.- D. Goswami, Quantum Symmetry of Classical Spaces.- P. Sankaran, Quasi-isometry and rigidity.- V. Kannan, Existence of Compositional Square-Roots of Functions.- E. Savas, On generalized statistical convergence and strongly summable functions of weight g.- P. Das, On I- Statistically Order Pre Cauchy Sequences in Riesz Spaces.- S. Basu, On Ball dentable property in Banach Spaces.- S. Gorai, Some observations concerning polynomial convexity.- D. K. Roy and B. Datta, Solution of large-scale multi-objective optimization mod-els for saltwater intrusion control in coastal aquifers uti-lizing ANFIS based linked meta-models for computa-tional feasibility and efficiency.- M De, G Das, and K K Mandal, Cost driven optimization of microgrid under environmental uncertainties using different improved PSO models.- M.Chowdhury and P.Das, Global exponential stability of non-autonomous Cellular Neural network model with time varying delays.- S. S. Roy, Topological Configuration in the Heisenberg Spin Sequence and DNA.- S. Sinha, A. Banerjee, N. Rakshit, and S. Ray, Modelling Studies focusing on Microphytobenthos and its role in Benthic-Pelagic Coupling.- S. Das, S. Adhurya, and S. Ray, Overview of Ecological Economics and Ecosystem Services Consequences from Shrimp Culture.- N. Rakshit, A. Banerjee, S. Sinha, and S. Ray, Recent trends of Ecosystem health and biodiversity status of pelagic-benthic coupled system in Indian estuaries with special emphasis on Hooghly estuary, India.- S. Adhurya, S. Das, and S. Ray, Guanotrophication by Waterbirds in Freshwater Lakes: A Review on Ecosystem Perspective.- Z. Yuxuan, Z. Yanhui, Lu Xiaohua, On the Volatility of High Frequency Stock Index Based on SV Model of MCMC.- L. N. Guin, The effects of unequal diffusion coefficients on spatiotemporal pattern formation in prey harvested reaction-diffusion systems.- B.C. Giri, R. Bhattacharjee and T. Maiti, Optimal pricing strategy in a two-echelon supply chain with admissible advanced and delayed payment.- D. Mukherjeea, L. N. Guina, S. Chakravartya, Studies on Atherosclerotic Plaque Formation: A Mathematical Approach.- Y. Zhou, Threshold of a stochastic delayed SIR epidemic model with saturation incidence.- P. Mondal and S. Sinha, Semi-stationary Equilibrium Strategies in Non-cooperative N-person Semi-Markov Games.- D. Dubey, S. K. Neogy and S. Sinha, Max Plus Algebra, Optimization and Game Theory.- F. Al Basir, Dynamics of infectious diseases with periodic awareness campaigns.- B. Samanta, B.C. Giri and K.S. Chaudhuri, A vendor-buyer supply chain model for deteriorating item with quadratic time-varying demand and pro-rata warranty policy.- A. Sengupta, J. Chowdhury, Xue-Zhi Li and P. K. Roy, Pest Control of Jatropha curcas Plant for Different Response Functions.- Y.X. Dangy, Global dynamics of a TB model with classes age structure and environmental transmission.- S. Chakraborty.- Gravitational waves : The Mathematical Background.- J. D. Ferreiraa, V. S. Hari Rao, Current trends in the bifurcation methods of solutions of real world dynamical systems.- S. K. Chakraborty and G. Panda, A modified coordinate search method based on axes rotation.


This book collects select papers presented at the “International Conference on Mathematical Analysis and Application in Modeling,” held at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India, on 9–12 January 2018. It discusses new results in cutting-edge areas of several branches of mathematics and applications, including analysis, topology, dynamical systems (nonlinear, topological), mathematical modeling, optimization and mathematical biology. The conference has emerged as a powerful forum, bringing together leading academics, industry experts and researchers, and offering them a venue to discuss, interact and collaborate in order to stimulate the advancement of mathematics and its industrial applications. 


Priti Kumar Roy is Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. Earlier, he served several government colleges in different parts of West Bengal, India. He is an eminent member of several national and international societies like Biomathematical Society of India, International Association of Engineers, European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology. Professor Roy has received the Best Paper Award at the World Congress on Engineering 2010 in London. He was awarded with the “Siksha Ratan” Award in 2012. He has published a significant number of research papers on control therapeutic approaches and host–pathogen interactions on infectious as well as non-infectious diseases to enlighten new insights on the subjects. With over 120 peer-reviewed research papers, more than 50 invited talk (abroad), 30 invited talk (India) in different International and national institute, Professor Roy is a dedicated researcher in mathematical modelling and an expertise in numerical and analytical solutions to complex problems on real-life system dynamics. He has published two books on “Mathematical Models for Therapeutic Approaches to Control HIV Disease Transmission” (Springer in 2015) and “Mathematical Models for Therapeutic Approaches to Control Psoriasis” (Springer in 2019). He also edited two books on “Insight and Control of Infectious Disease in Global Scenario (by Intech Publishers)” and “A collection of Writings Objective Articulation from Socio-Academic Spectrum”. His research interests are also devoted in epidemiological issues on the chronic infectious disease such as HIV, Cutaneous Leishmaniasis and Filariasis, Bio-diesel Production, Enzyme Kinetics, Methanol Toxicity etc. 

Professor Roy also works on the neglected tropical disease like Psoriasis and has formulated robust mathematical models on the dynamics of such disease. 

Xianbing Cao is Professor and Director, Beijing Technology and Business University, China. Earlier he served as Dean, School of Science, BTBU. He received his Ph.D. degree in Stochastic Control Theory from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 2002. He is an eminent researcher in the field of Bio-Statistics. Internationally as a reputed Statistician as well as Mathematician, several research papers he has published in internationally reputed journals. He is the author or co-author of two books in the areas of stochastic and adaptive control systems and probability theory. His research interests include stochastic control systems, system identification and financial time series analysis.

Xue-Zhi Li is Professor and Vice President, Henan Normal University, China. Before joining this administrative post, he served as a Vice President Anyang Institute of Technology and also served as a Dean at the College of Mathematics and Information Science, Henan Normal University, Xinxiang, China. 
He is an internationally reputed Mathematical Biologist. He has authored two books and more than 176 papers in national and international journals of repute. 

Pratulananda Das is Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. He earned his Ph.D. from Kalyani University, in 2000. He was awarded with the “INSA Teachers Award” from the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, India, in 2017. He is a life member of several national and international societies like The National Academy of Sciences India, American Mathematical Society, Indian Science Congress Association, Ramanujan Mathematical Society and Calcutta Mathematical Society. His research interests include set-theoretic and general topology, sequences and summability theory, and analysis. 

Satya Deo is Senior Scientist at The National Academy of Sciences, India, and Honorary Professor at Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad, India. He was awarded with the Distinguished Service Award by the Mathematical Association of India for outstanding contributions to the cause of teaching and research in 2006 and the Indian Science Congress Gold Medal by the then Prime Minister of India, in 2010. He has guided 17 Ph.D. students and published over 70 papers in reputed international journals and proceedings. His area of specialization includes algebraic and differential topology, topological and differentiable group actions, homology–cohomology theories, cohomological dimension theory, Burnside rings, hopfian and cohopfian rings, spline modules and topological combinatorics.

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