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o'reilly daragh (curatore); kerrigan finola (curatore) - marketing the arts

Marketing the Arts A Fresh Approach


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 04/2010
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

In recent years, there have been significant shifts in arts marketing, both as a practice and an academic discipline. The relationship between art and the market is increasingly complex and dynamic, requiring a transformation in the way the arts are marketed.


Marketing the Arts argues that arts marketing is not about the simple application of mainstream managerial marketing to the arts. With contributions from international scholars of marketing and consumer studies, this book engages directly with a range of contemporary themes, including:


  • The importance of arts consumption and its social dimensions
  • The importance of the aesthetic experience itself, and how to research it
  • Arts policy development
  • The art versus commerce debate
  • The role of the arts marketer as market-maker
  • The artist as brand or entrepreneur


This exciting new book covers topics as diverse as Damien Hirst’s 'For the Love of God', Liverpool’s brand makeover, Manga scanlation, Gob Squad, Surrealism, Bluegrass music, Miles Davis and Andy Warhol, and is sure to enthuse students and enlighten practitioners.


1. Marketing the Arts (Daragh O’Reilly and Finola Kerrigan)  2. Challenging Conventions in Arts Marketing: Experiencing the Skull (Alan Bradshaw, Finola Kerrigan and Morris B. Holbrook)  3. The Artist in Brand Culture (Jonathan E. Schroeder)  4. The Tension between Artistic and Market Orientation in Visual Art (Ian Fillis)  5. From Missionary to Market Maker: Reconceptualizing Arts Marketing in Practice (Debi Hayes and Simon Roodhouse)  6. Conversation, Collaboration and Co-operation: Courting New Audiences for a New Century (Angela Osborne and Ruth Rentschler)  7. Working Weeks, Rave Weekends: Identity Fragmentation and the Emergence of New Communities (Christina Goulding, Avi Shankar and Richard Elliott)  8. Generating Aesthetic Experiences from Ordinary Activity: New Technology and the Museum Experience (Dirk Vom Lehn)  9. From Luxury to Necessity: The Changing Role of Qualitative Research in the Arts (Lisa Baxter)  10. Dreaming of Artistic Excellence, Popularity, or Both? (Michela Addis and Morris B. Holbrook)  11. Between Fan Culture and Copyright Infringement: Manga Scanlation (Hye-Kyung Lee)  12. Bluegrass Revival: Marketing and Authenticity in the Hills of Appalachia (Elizabeth C. Hirschman)  13. Evolving Perspectives on Music Consumption (Gretchen Larsen and Rob Lawson)  14. Musings from Miles: What Miles Davis Can Tell Us about Music and Marketing (Noel Dennis and Michael Macaulay)  15. A Night at the Theatre: Moving Arts Marketing from the Office to the Kitchen and Beyond (Annmarie Ryan, Matt Fenton and Daniela Sangiorgi)  16. Museums in Society or Society as a Museum? Museums, Culture and Consumption in the (Post) Modern World (Elizabeth Carnegie)  17. Extreme Cultural and Marketing Makeover: Liverpool Home Edition (Anthony Patterson)  18. The Brand Stripped Bare by its Marketers, Even (Stephen Brown)


Daragh O’Reilly is a Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Sheffield, UK. His current research interests include arts marketing and branding.

Finola Kerrigan is a Lecturer in Marketing at King’s College London, UK. She researches arts marketing and has published a number of books and articles in international journals.

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