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vickery b.h. (curatore); nestor j.j. (curatore); hafez e.s. (curatore) - lhrh and its analogs

LHRH and Its Analogs Contraceptive and Therapeutic Applications

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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 01/2012
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1984


A. CORBIN Investigations on LHRH and its analogs have just completed their first decade. We have witnessed a veritable explosion of chemical, physiologic and pharmacologic data on this hypothalamic peptide and the approximately 1500 agonist and antagonist analogs that have been synthesized. In order to track this expanding field, I was asked to organize an international symposium on basic and clinical aspects of LHRH analogs as part of the Reproductive Health Care: CDS Symposium held in Maui, Hawaii, in October 1982. This meeting brought together a number of the leading investigators in the field. Much new state-of-the-art information was presented which I and my colleagues felt deserved a wider audience. Drs Vickery, Nestor, and Hafez consented to undertake this task. Upon review of the literature, it was apparent that there was no recent text which fully covered the breadth of developments in the field. Accordingly, the editors decided to use the symposium as a nucleus on which to build a singular, comprehensive state-of-the-art analysis of this rapidly growing discipline, and the application of such knowledge to reproductive medicine. As exemplified by the various areas of expertise provided by the individual contributors, it becomes obvious that the scope of the subject matter, while relating solely to a well-defined chemical class (LHRH analogs) and a circumscribed physiologic and pharmacologic entity (reproduction), has expanded enormously.


Section I. Chemistry and Basic Reproductive Properties.- 1 Development of agonistic LHRH analogs.- 2 LHRH analogs as antiovulatory agents.- 3 LHRH agonists and antagonists containing very hydrophobic amino acids.- 4 Pharmacological regulation of pituitary LHRH receptors.- Section II. Reproductive Physiology and Pharmacology in Laboratory Animals.- 5 Biological assays utilized to characterize LHRH and its analogs.- 6 Male contraceptive potential of nafarelin acetate assessed in the dog.- 7 Male fertility control with an LHRH agonist: primate studies.- 8 LHRH agonists for control of female fertility: primate studies.- 9 LHRH antagonists in rhesus and cynomolgus monkeys.- 10 LHRH antagonists in females.- 11 Biological evaluation of a highly potent LHRH antagonist.- 12 LHRH antagonists for male contraception.- Section III. Extrahypophysial Parameters.- 13 Direct antigonadal actions of LHRH.- 14 Direct gonadal stimulation with LHRH.- 15 Antisteroidal actions of LHRH agonists.- Section IV. Contraception in Women.- 16 LHRH agonists for female contraception.- 17 Postcoital contraception with intranasal buserelin.- 18 Antifertility by discontinuous treatment with buserelin in women.- 19 Risks and benefits of LHRH agonists as antifertility agents.- Section V. Contraception in Men.- 20 Effects of nafarelin acetate in men.- 21 Antifertility effects of an LHRH agonist in men.- Section VI. Human Therapeutic Applications.- 22 LHRH therapy for hypogonadotropic hypogonadal men.- 23 Correction of infertility with LHRH agonists in the male.- 24 LHRH analog therapy of precocious puberty.- 25 LHRH analogs for human mammary carcinoma.- 26 Buserelin therapy for prostatic carcinoma.- 27 Leuprolide therapy for prostatic carcinoma.- Section VII. Diagnostic Applications of Lhrh.- 28 Diagnostic uses of LHRH.- Section VIII. Applications in Animals.- 29 Actions of LHRH and its analogs in lower vertebrates.- 30 LHRH and analogs in relation to livestock.- Section IX. Metabolic Parameters.- 31 Enzymatic degradation of LHRH and analogs.- 32 Metabolism of [d-Trp6]LHRH.- 33 Absorption and metabolism of LHRH and analogs.- Section X. Perspectives.- 34 Prospects for LHRH analogs as contraceptives.- 35 The therapeutic potential of LHRH and LHRH analogs.- 36 Epilog.- J. J. Nestor Jr..

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Condizione: Nuovo
Collana: Advances in Reproductive Health Care
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