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bastert gunther (curatore); wallwiener diethelm (curatore) - lasers in gynecology

Lasers in Gynecology Possibilities and Limitations


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 11/2013
Edizione: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1992


A synopsis of the use of lasers in gynecology is presented in this book; it is supported by more than 10 years of experience and backed up by studies inthe fields of experimental surgery, technical medicine and clinical gynecology. The authors show how laser-assisted preparation hasbroadened the spectrum of operative possibilities in gynecology. Major points of attention are experimental surgery and basic research, details of application with respect to specific indications, and future potential. Furthermore, the clear definition of the possibilities and limitations of laser technology puts an end to the highly stylized view of a patent wonder divorced from general operative standards. Thereis no doubt that users of laser technology stand on the threshold of a promising development and yet, despite the present elegant applications, thefirst steps to maturity are only now being taken.


Laser in Gynecology.- Laser in Gynecology: An Overview.- Lasers in Modern Medicine.- Future Applications of Lasers in Gynecology and Reproduction.- A Change in Fertility Surgery?.- A Change in Fertility Surgery?.- The Treatment of Infertile Patients with Tuboperitoneal Disease. Microsurgery Versus Endoscopy.- Microsurgical Laser Tubal Reconstruction.- Proximal Tubal Pathology, Segmental Occlusion, Refertilization.- Laparoscopic Laser Application.- Laser Laparoscopy.- Distal Tubal Pathology: Salpingolysis/Ovariolysis, Fimbriolysis/Fimbrioplasty, Salpingostomy.- CO2 Laser Laparoscopy.- CO2 Laser Laparoscopy in Infertile Women with Adnexal Adhesions and in Women with Tubal Occlusions.- Adhesiolysis.- Application of the Nd:YAG Contact Laser in Operative Pelviscopy.- Operative Treatment of Tubal Pregnancy.- Laparoscopic Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy With and Without Laser.- Argon Laser for Laparoscopic Treatment of Unruptured Ectopic Pregnancy.- Endocrine Treatment of Endometriosis.- Laser Therapy of Endometriosis.- Endometriosis Associated with Infertility: Therapeutic Approaches.- Vaginal Endosonography: Its Value for Planning and Follow-up of Endometriosis Therapy.- Laparoscopic Laser Surgery for Endometriosis — Eight Years’ Experience.- Ovarian Cysts: Cystectomy, Fenestration, Punction (PCOD).- Advantages of Laser Application in Gynecological Endoscopy.- Antimicrobial Prophylaxis of Perioperative Gynecological Infections.- Controversies.- Pelviscopic Reversal of Sterilization.- Suture-free Tissue Sealing: Fibrin Glue.- Hysteroscopy.- The Increasing Role and Future Development of Laser Hysteroscopy.- The Role of Operative Hysteroscopy in Fertility Surgery.- The Application of the Nd:YAG Laser in CO2 Hysteroscopy.- HF Electrosurgery Versus Laser in Hysteroscopy.- Pilot Study on Transcervical Resection of the Endometrium.- Hysteroscopic Surgery in the Outpatient Clinic.- Cervical Dilatation by PGE1 Analogue Application Prior to Hysteroscopy.- Distention Media.- Problems in Operative Gynecological Endoscopy — The Anesthesiological Point of View.- Anesthesiological Considerations Concerning the Choice of Fluid for Irrigation During Hysteroscopy with the Nd:YAG Laser.- Laser and Endoscopial Technology News.- Nd:YAG Laser System for Contact Surgery with Tissue-Effect Control.- An Intelligent Surgical Laser — Science Fiction or a Pathbreaker for Future Technical Developments?.- SharpLase Sculpted Fibers for High-precision Contact Surgery.- Endoscopic Surgery with the Argon Laser in Gynecology.- Use of Holmium Laser in Gynecological Endoscopic Surgery.- Flexible Fiber in Gynecology.- Possibilities of Combination of Carbon Dioxide and Nd:YAG.- Smoke Evacuation in Endoscopic Laser Surgery.- HF Electrosurgery in Operative Gynecologic Endoscopy.- Importance of Video Simulation Training for Operative Endoscopy.- Tuboscopy.- Non-malignant and Premalignant Diseases of Portio, Vulva, Vagina.- Preconditions and Indications for Laser Therapy of Benign and Precancerous Lesions of the Lower Female Genital Tract — An Overview.- Laser Vaporization of Premalignant Diseases of the Vulva.- Vulvar Intraepithelial Neoplasia (VIN): Laser Therapy.- CO2 Laser Therapy and HPV Typing in CIN — Follow-up Observations.- CO2 Laser Excisional Conization: Five Years’ Experience Treating Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia.- Malignant Diseases.- Surgery of Primary Breast Cancer with the CO2 Laser: Report on 449 Operations.- Laser in Gynecologic Oncology? Laser Palliation of Malignoma Recurrences.- Technical and Experimental Research.- Biophysical Fundamentals for Laser Application in Medicine.- Thermal Preparation Techniques and Thermal Tissue Destruction: Attempt at a Synopsis.- Technical Background of Nd:YAG Laser Contact Technique.- Tissue Effects by Different Laser Techniques (Nd:YAG 1.06 and 1.32, CO2 Laser).- The CO2 Superpulsed Laser in Microsurgical Tubal Preparation: Experimental Results — CO2 Superpulsed Laser Versus Microelectrode.- CO2 Laser or Microelectrode for Adhesiolysis? Experimental Results.- Is the Nd:YAG Contact Laser as Suitable for Adhesiolysis as the CO2 Laser?.- Linear Salpingotomy without Suture? Laser Techniques in Laparoscopy of the Minipig.- Superoxide Dismutase: Prophylaxis of Intraperitoneal Adhesion Reformation.- Experimental CO2 Laser Surgery on the Lewis Lung Carcinoma Tumor Model in C56BL/6 Mice.- Laser-assisted Diagnosis and Therapy of Photosensitized Tumors.- Photodynamic Therapy of Gynecological Tumors.- Significance of Laser Safety.

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Illustration Notes:XIV, 453 p. 130 illus. in color.
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