Landslides And Engineered Slopes. From The Past To The Future, Two Volumes + Cd-Rom - Chen Zuyu (Curatore); Zhang Jian-Min (Curatore); Ho Ken (Curatore); Wu Fa-Quan (Curatore); Li Zhong-Kui (Curatore) | Libro Crc Press 06/2008 -

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chen zuyu (curatore); zhang jian-min (curatore); ho ken (curatore); wu fa-quan (curatore); li zhong-kui (curatore) - landslides and engineered slopes. from the past to the future, two volumes + cd-rom

Landslides and Engineered Slopes. From the Past to the Future, Two Volumes + CD-ROM Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Landslides and Engineered Slopes, 30 June - 4 July 2008, Xi'an, China

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Lingua: Inglese

CRC Press

Pubblicazione: 06/2008
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

270 Expert contributions on aspects of landslide hazards, encompassing geological modeling and soil and rock mechanics, landslide processes, causes and effects, and damage avoidance and limitation strategies. Reference source for academics and professionals in geo-mechanical and geo-technical engineering, and others involved withresearch, design, construction and education related to high natural landslides and artificial engineering slopes. Set of 2 volumes plus searchable CD-ROM.


VOLUME 1 Keynote lectures Landslides: Seeing the ground Limit equilibrium and finite element analysis – A perspective of recent advances Improving the interpretation of slope monitoring and early warning data through better understanding of complex deep-seated landslide failure mechanisms Effects of earthquakes on slopes Monitoring and modeling of slope response to climate changes Soil nailing and subsurface drainage for slope stabilization Special lectures Loess in China and landslides in loess slopes Advances in landslide continuum dynamic modelling Deformation and failure mechanisms of loose and dense fill slopes with and without soil nails Capturing landslide dynamics and hydrologic triggers using near-real-time monitoring The effects of earthquake on landslides – A case study of Chi-Chi earthquake, 1999 The role of suction and its changes on stability of steep slopes in unsaturated granular soils Prediction of landslide movements caused by climate change: Modelling the behavior of a mean elevation large slide in the Alps and assessing its uncertainties Geology, geotechnical properties and site characterization Geotechnical appraisal of the Sonapur landslide area, Jainita hills, Meghalya, India The viscous component in slow moving landslides: A practical case The systematic landslide investigation programme in Hong Kong General digital camera-based experiments for large-scale landslide physical model measurement Shear strength of boundaries between soils and rocks in Korea Cracks in saturated sand Some geomorphological techniques used in constraining the likelihood of landsliding – Selected Australian examples Rock failures in karst Geotechnical study at Sirwani landslide site, India Inferences from morphological differences in deposits of similar large rockslides Movements of a large urban slope in the town of Santa Cruz do Sul (RGS), Brazil Geotechnical analysis of a complex slope movement in sedimentary successions of the southern Apennines (Molise, Italy) Application of surface wave and micro-tremor survey in landslide investigation in the Three Gorges reservoir area A case study for the landslide-induced catastrophic hazards in Taiwan Tuchang Tribute Pir3D, an easy to use three dimensional block fall simulator Characterization of the fracture pattern on cliff sites combining geophysical imaging and laser scanning In situ characterization of the geomechanical properties of an unstable fractured rock slope Properties of peat relating to instability of blanket bogs Stability problems in slopes of Arenós reservoir (Castellón, Spain) The 22 August, 2006, anomalous rock fall along the Gran Sasso NE wall (Central Apennines, Italy) New formulae to assess soil permeability through laboratory identification and flow coming out of vertical drains Structure-controlled earth flows in the Campania Apennines (Southern Italy) Geotechnical and mineralogical characterization of fine grained soils affected by soil slips Vulnerability of structures impacted by debris flow Engineering geological study on a large-scale toppling deformation at Xiaowan Hydropower Station Characterization of the Avignonet landslide (French Alps) with seismic techniques Deformation characteristics and treatment measures of spillway slope at a reservoir in China Sliding in weathered banded gneiss due to gullying in southern Brazil Experimental and three-dimensional numerical investigations of the impact of dry granular flow on a barrier Temporal survey of fluids by 2D electrical tomography: The ‘‘Vence’’ landslide observatory site (Alpes-Maritimes, SE France) Characteristics of landslides related to various rock types in Korea Two approaches to identifying the slip zones of loess landslides and related issues Testing study on the strength and deformation characteristics of soil in loess landslides Failure mechanism of slipping zone soil of the Qiangjiangping landslide in the Three Gorges reservoir area: A study based on Dead Load test Post-failure movements of a large slow rock slide in schist near Pos Selim, Malaysia Characteristics of rock failure in metamorphic rock areas, Korea Shape and size effects of gravel grains on the shear behavior of sandy soils Nonlinear failure envelope of a nonplastic compacted silty-sand An investigation of a structurally-controlled rock cut instability at a metro station shaft in Esfahan, Iran Yield acceleration of soil slopes with nonlinear strength envelope Evaluation of rockfall hazards along part of Karaj-Chaloos road, Iran Coupled effect of pluviometric regime and soil properties on hydraulic boundary conditions and on slope stability Mechanical characters of relaxing zone of slopes due to excavation Deformation characteristics and stability evaluation of Ganhaizi landslide in the Dadu River Landslide-prone towns in Daunia (Italy): PS interferometry-based investigation Basic types and active characteristics of loess landslide in China Investigation of a landslide using borehole shear test and ring shear test The importance of geological and geotechnical investigations of landslides occurred at dam reservoirs: Case studies from the Havuzlu and Demirkent landslides (Artvin Dam, Turkey) An innovative approach combining geological mapping and drilling process monitoring for quantitative assessment of natural terrain hazards Types of cutslope failures along Shiyan-Manchuanguan expressway through the Liangyun fracture, Hubei Province Advances in analytical methods, modeling and prediction of slope behavior Probability limit equilibrium and distinct element modeling of jointed rock slope at northern abutment of Gotvand dam, Iran Rock block sliding analysis of a highway slope in Portugal Contribution to the safety evaluation of slopes using long term observation results Delimitation of safety zones by finite element analysis Laboratory and numerical modelling of the lateral spreading process involving the Orvieto hill (Italy) Albano Lake coastal rock slide (Roma, Italy): Geological constraints and numerical modelling Superposition principle for stability analysis of reinforced slopes and its FE validation Soil suction modelling in weathered gneiss affected by landsliding Modelling the transient groundwater regime for the displacements analysis of slow-moving active landslides Numerical modelling of the thermo-mechanical behaviour of soils in catastrophic landslides Some notes on the upper-bound and Sarma’s methods with inclined slices for stability analysis Slope stability analysis using graphic acquisitions and spreadsheets Efficient evaluation of slope stability reliability subject to soil parameter uncertainties using importance sampling Prediction of the flow-like movements of Tessina landslide by SPH model Applications of the strength reduction finite element method to a gravity dam stability analysis Study on deformation parameter reduction technique for the strength reduction finite element method Stability and movement analyses of slopes using Generalized Limit Equilibrium Method Long-term deformation prediction of Tianhuangpin ‘‘3.29’’ landslide based on neural network with annealing simulation method New models linking piezometric levels and displacements in a landslide 3D slope stability analysis of Rockfill dam in U-shape valley 3-D finite element analysis of landslide prevention piles Integrated intelligent method for displacement predication of landslide A new approach to in situ characterization of rock slope discontinuities: the ‘‘High-Pulse Poroelasticity Protocol’’ (HPPP) Fuzzy prediction and analysis of landslides LPC methodology as a tool to create real time cartography of the gravitational hazard: Application in the municipality of Menton (Maritimes Alps, France) Back-analyses of a large-scale slope model failure caused by a sudden drawdown of water level Effect of Guangxi Longtan reservoir on the stability of landslide at Badu station of

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