Landslides And Engineered Slopes, 2 Volume Set +Cdrom - Eberhardt Erik (Curatore); Froese Corey (Curatore); Turner Keith (Curatore); Leroueil S. (Curatore) | Libro Crc Press 06/2012 -

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eberhardt erik (curatore); froese corey (curatore); turner keith (curatore); leroueil s. (curatore) - landslides and engineered slopes, 2 volume set +cdrom

Landslides and Engineered Slopes, 2 Volume Set +CDROM Protecting Society through Improved Understanding

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Lingua: Inglese

CRC Press

Pubblicazione: 06/2012
Edizione: 1° edizione

Note Editore

Two-volume set, includes a free CD containing the full contents of the book.

Landslides and Engineered Slopes: Protecting Society through Improved Understanding comprises the Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium on Landslides and 2nd North American Symposium on Landslides (Banff, Alberta, Canada, 2-8 June 2012). Included are thirteen keynote and invited papers, the inaugural Heim Lecture, and over 260 technical papers organized under the following themes:

• Landslides and Society - Processes and Impacts
• Advances in Investigation & Classification
• Understanding Landslide Mechanisms
• Simulating and Managing Rock Fall
• New Technologies for Investigative and Performance Monitoring
• Slope Stability in Practice - Engineered Slopes and Forest Management
• Advanced Stability Analyses and Landslide Modelling
• Evaluation and Control of Landslides - Avoidance, Prevention, and
• Protection Strategies

This two-volume set is intended for landslide practitioners, researchers and decision makers, to serve as a comprehensive reference, summarizing the current state-of-the-art and state-of-practice in landslide investigation, analysis and risk management as viewed by experts from Canada, the U.S. and other countries worldwide in their efforts to better protect society through improved understanding.


Symposium credits


Keynote & invited papers

Landslides and engineered slopes: Protecting society through improved understanding
D.N. Petley

Approaches to rainfall-induced landslides forecasting
G.B. Crosta, P. Frattini & C. di Prisco

Characteristics of landslides triggered by the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, Sichuan, China
Y. Yin, P. Sun, M. Zhang, A. Xing & M. Wang

Progressive failure in natural and engineered slopes
S. Leroueil, A. Locat, E. Eberhardt & N. Kovacevic

Varnes classification of landslide types, an update
O. Hungr, S. Leroueil & L. Picarelli

Advances in investigation and analysis for soil landslides: Three selected topics
D.H. Cornforth

Fluid flow focusing in passive continental margins: Significance to submarine slope instability
R. Urgeles

Rock slope characterization and geomechanical modelling
D. Stead, M. Jaboyedoff & J.S. Coggan

Monitoring of potentially catastrophic rockslides
S. Loew, V. Gischig, J.R. Moore & A. Keller-Signer

Integrating forests in the analysis and management of rockfall risks: Experiences from research and practice in the Alps
L.K.A. Dorren & F. Berger

Urban landslides: Challenges for forensic engineering geologists and engineers
Scott Burns

Malaysia’s national slope master plan—from theory to practice
C.H. Abdullah

Slope instability hazard in Haiti: Emergency assessment for a safe reconstruction
S. Mora-Castro, J. Saborío, J.P. Asté, C. Prepetit, V. Joseph & M. Matera

First Heim lecture

Deformation analysis of landslides: Progressive failure, rate effects and thermal interactions
E.E. Alonso

Landslides & society: Processes & impacts

An introduction to the Canadian technical guidelines and best practices related to landslides
R. Couture, P.T. Bobrowsky, A. Blais-Stevens, B. Wang & D.F. VanDine

Requirements for professional landslide studies in Canada
D.F. VanDine & K.W. Savigny

Landslide identification, mapping and field description in Canada
L.E. Jackson, Jr., P.T. Bobrowsky & R. Couture

Landslide risk evaluation in Canada
M.J. Porter & N.R. Morgenstern

Prototype landslide hazard map of the conterminous United States
J.W. Godt, J.A. Coe, R.L. Baum, L.M. Highland, J.R. Keaton & R.J. Roth, Jr.

Seattle landslide study: 12 years later
W.T. Laprade & J.J. Lee

Landslide hazard mapping in North Carolina—Overview and improvements to the program
J.B. Bauer, S.J. Fuemmeler, R.M. Wooten, A.C. Witt, K.A. Gillon & T.J. Douglas

Systematic geological mapping for landslide understanding in the Norwegian context
R.L. Hermanns, L. Hansen, K. Sletten, M. Böhme, H.S.S. Bunkholt, J.F. Dehls, R.S. Eilertsen, L. Fischer, J.-S. L’Heureux, F. Høgaas, B. Nordahl, T. Oppikofer, L. Rubensdotter, I.-L. Solberg, K. Stalsberg & F.X. Yugsi Molina

The national landslide inventory, landslide events, impacts and mitigation measures in Italy
A. Trigila & C. Iadanza

Economic assessment of landslide risk for the Waidhofen a.d. Ybbs region, Alpine Foreland, Lower Austria
P. Lemenkova, C. Promper & T. Glade

Geomorphic controls and debris flows—the 2010 Zhouqu disaster, China
T.A. Dijkstra, J.H. Chandler, R. Wackrow, X.M. Meng, D.T. Ma, A. Gibson, M. Whitworth, C. Foster, K. Lee, P.R.N. Hobbs, H.J. Reeves & J. Wasowski

The Testalinden Creek debris flow of 2010 near Oliver, British Columbia
P. Jordan, K. Turner & D. Nicol

Debris flow fatalities—who lives and who dies?
P.M. Santi & C. Dowling

The physical vulnerability of roads to debris flow: An expert judgement approach
J.T. Smith, M.G. Winter, S. Fotopoulou, K. Pitilakis, O-C. Mavrouli, J. Corominas & S. Argyroudis

Vulnerability of buildings to debris flow impact
M. Jakob, D. Stein & M. Ulmi

Analyses of river-blocking and breaking mode of “9.24” debris flow near Tangjiashan barrier dam
X.W. Hu, Y. Zhang, X.P. Lv, X. Lin, X.W. Hu & H.Y. Hu

Earthquake approach to mapping landslides useful for private insurers
J.R. Keaton & R.J. Roth, Jr.

Estimating landslide losses: A general approach for a winter storm scenario
C.J. Wills, F. Perez & D. Branum

Relation of recent megalandslides to prehistoric events in the city of La Paz, Bolivia
R.H. Hermanns, J. Dehls, M.A. Guzmán, N. Roberts, J.J. Clague, A. Cazas Saavedra & G. Quenta Quispe

Relationship between urban development and slope instability in the history of Rome:
The case of the Palatine Hill between the Republican and the Imperial Ages (IV cen. BC—II cen. AD)
G.B. Fasani, A. Bretschneider, E. Di Luzio & A. Cicogna

A moderate velocity landslide with immoderate consequences
D.M. Cruden, C.D. Martin, S. Thomson & B.G.N. Miller

Landslide hazard evaluation and quarry redesign at Bingen, Washington, USA
H.T. Kuper, G.L. Peterson, R. Pirot & D.J. Higgins

Minor rock slide along Ohio River, Indiana, yields damage to residential structures
T.R. West

Review of approaches for assessing the impact of climate change on landslide hazards
J.A. Coe & J.W. Godt

What if atmospheric CO2 concentration doubles? A chemical perspective on rock weathering and weakening
M.-H. Derron & M. Jaboyedoff

Forecasting transport infrastructure slope failures in a changing climate
J.H. Wilks, T.A. Dijkstra & N. Dixon

Landslides and climate change—innovative approaches to planning policy and stakeholder engagement in England
R. McInnes & R. Moore

Historical evolution of multi-source mudslides
M. Parise, A. Federico & G. Palladino

Land cover changes for landslide risk evolution—first results from lower Austria
C. Promper & T. Glade

The influence of notches on the stability of soil and rock slopes
L.E. Vallejo

Botanical and geotechnical influences on peat instability
E.S. Foteu Madio, A.P. Dykes, M.P. Waller, P. Hughes & M.J. Grant

Exploring regional topographic and rainfall controls of landslides on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
J.N. Goetz, A. Brenning & R.H. Guthrie

A solifluction lobe in Okstindan, north Norway and its paleoclimatic significance
G. Elliott & P. Worsley

Massive debris flow event on Pacific Northwest volcanoes, USA, November 2006:
Causes, effects and relationship to climate change
S.F. Burns, R. Pirot, K. Williams & S. Sobieschezk

Advances in investigation & classification

A railway ground hazard scenario characterization methodology
T.R. Keegan, M. Pritchard & D.M. Cruden

Fast assessment of susceptibility of massive rock instabilities
M. Jaboyedoff, M.-H. Derron, A. Pedrazzini, L.H. Blikra, G.B. Crosta, C.R. Froese, R.H. Hermanns, T. Oppikofer, M. Böhme & D. Stead

Understanding landslides in Kentucky: Tools and methods to further landslide hazard research
M.M. Crawford

Monitoring and LIDAR spatial analysis to define landslide activity at Little Smoky River, Alberta
A.J. Morgan, D.K. Chao & C.R. Froese

Construction of evaluation model for landslide potential after rainfall due to slope land use
Y-R. Chen, S-C. Hsieh, K-J. Tsai & W-C. Lin

Landslide and alluvial fan caused by an extreme rainfall in Suao, Taiwan
H.T. Chou, C.F. Lee, C.M. Lo & C.P. Lin

Rock slope stability and influence of rainfall on national road 234 (Central Portugal)
P.S. Andrade & V.P. Cavaleiro

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