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bloom daniel (curatore); bloom laurence (curatore); byrd miriam (curatore) - knowing and being in ancient philosophy

Knowing and Being in Ancient Philosophy

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 05/2022
Edizione: 1st ed. 2022


This collected volume is inspired by the work of Edward Halper and is historically focused with contributions from leading scholars in Ancient and Medieval philosophy.  Though its chapters cover a diverse range of topics in epistemology, ethics, and political philosophy, the collection is unified by the contributors’ consideration of these topics in terms of the fundamental questions of metaphysics.  The first section of the volume, “Knowing and Being,” is dedicated to the connection between metaphysics and epistemology and includes chapters on Heraclitus, Plato, Aristotle, and the Ancient Daoists.  The second section, “Goodness as Knowing How to Be,” addresses ethics as an outgrowth of human metaphysical concerns and includes chapters on Plato, Aristotle, and Maimonides.  Contributors include William H. F. Altman, Luc Brisson, Ronna Burger, Miriam Byrd, Owen Goldin, Lenn Goodman, Mitchell Miller, Richard Parry, Richard Patterson, Nastassja Pugliese, John Rist, May Sim, Roslyn Weiss, and Chad Wiener. 




Chapter 1:       Introduction (Daniel Bloom and Laurence Bloom)


Section I: Knowing and Being


Chapter 2:       “In What Ways Are the Souls of Human Beings Immortal According to Plato?” (Luc Brisson)           

Chapter 3:       “One and Many in Plato’s Metaphysics” (William Henry Furness Altman)

Chapter 4:       “Sensibles as me onta: the Harmony of Sophist and Timaeus” (Richard Patterson)

Chapter 5:       “Syllogisms – In Theory and Practice” (Lenn Goodman)

Chapter 6:       “Monism, Metaphysics, and Paradox” (Owen Goldin)

Chapter 7:       “Understanding the Image of the Sun: Aristotle, Descartes, and Spinoza on                                                Imagination” (Nastassja Pugliese)

Chapter 8:       “Moving Naturally for Aristotle, Laozi and Zhuangzi” (May Sim)

Chapter 9:       “Parmenides 143d-144a and the Pebble-Arithmetical Representation of                                          Number” (Mitchell Miller)


Section II: Goodness as Knowing How to Be


Chapter 10:     “Virtue and Self-Restraint: Maimonides’ Dialogue with Aristotle in Eight                                      Chapters” (Ronna Burger)

Chapter 11:     “Socrates’ Failures and Their Implications for Moral Psychology in the Early                                Dialogues” (Miriam Byrd)

Chapter 12:     “Pleasure, Pain, Calm, and the Philosophical Life” (Richard D. Parry)

Chapter 13:     “Cephalus, Polemarchus, and Socrates on Justice” (Roslyn Weiss)

Chapter 14:     “A Reading of the First Book of the Republic: A Look to the Whole” (Chad                                   Wiener)

Chapter 15:     “Popper’s Plato Revisited” (John Rist)


Daniel Bloom is Associate Professor of Philosophy at West Texas A&M University, USA, and the author of The Unity of Oneness and Plurality in Plato's Theaetetus. 

Laurence Bloom is Senior Lecturer of Philosophy at Rhodes University, South Africa, and the author of The Principle of Non-contradiction in Plato’s Republic. 

Miriam Byrd is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Texas at Arlington, USA. Her work has appeared in ApeironAncient Philosophy, and Journal of the History of Philosophy.


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