Intraoperative Mapping Of Cognitive Networks - Mandonnet Emmanuel (Curatore); Herbet Guillaume (Curatore) | Libro Springer 07/2021 -

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mandonnet emmanuel (curatore); herbet guillaume (curatore) - intraoperative mapping of cognitive networks

Intraoperative Mapping of Cognitive Networks Which Tasks for Which Locations


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Lingua: Inglese


Pubblicazione: 07/2021
Edizione: 1st ed. 2021


This book aims to give the state-of-the-art of intraoperative brain function mapping for resection of brain tumors in awake conditions, and to become a reference for acquiring the fundamental expertise necessary to select the right intraoperative task at the right time of the surgery. The chapters, all focused on a specific brain function, are divided in 4 parts: sensori-motor and visuo-spatial functions, language functions, higher-order functions, and prospects. Each chapter follows the same outline, including a brief review of the current knowledge about the networks sustaining the function in healthy subjects, the description of the intraoperative tasks designed to monitor the function, a review of the literature describing the deficits in that function after surgery, and a critical appraisal of the benefit provided by intraoperative mapping of that function.



Part I Sensorimotor and visuo-spatial functions

1 Motor control
2 Vision
4 Spatial cognition

Part II Language functions

5 Lexical access
6 Spontaneous speech
7 Reading
8 Writing
9 Repeating
10 Syntactic abilities
11 Verbs versus nouns naming
12 Verbal short-term memory
13 Proprer names retrieval
14 Bilingual patients

Part III Higher-order functions

15 From verbal to non-verbal semantics
16 Inhibition
17 Set-shifting
18 Social cognition
19 Multitask mapping

Part IV Prospects

20 Creativity
21 Psychiatric and behavorial traits
22 Awake surgery in patients with poor abilities of verbal communication
23 Can we map inner speech? 
24 Beyond tasks: when experience shapes intuition


Emmanuel Mandonnet is currently full Professor of neurosurgery at Lariboisière hospital, University of Paris. After achieving a PhD in physics in 2000, he turned towards medical school and then residency in neurosurgery. His clinical and research activities focus on brain tumors, and especially awake surgery of gliomas. More specifically, the aim of his work is to better predict the functional cognitive impact of surgical resections and to better understand the effect of electrical stimulations at different scales (from neurons to networks).

Guillaume Herbet is currently associate Professor of neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience at University of Montpellier’ Department of medicine and clinical neuropsychologist at Gui de Chauliac hospital’ Department of Neurosurgery. His clinical activity is led in collaboration with Pr Duffau, and mainly aims to monitor cognitive functions of patients undergoing glioma resections in awake conditions. For almost 10 years, he developed new tasks to map the functional networks underlain by the right hemisphere, in particular with respect to emotion, social and semantic cognition. Guillaume Herbet is especially interested in better understanding the mechanistic aspects of tumor-induced neural plasticity and in disentangling the role of white tracts in cognition and behavior.

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