International Equity Exchange-Traded Funds - Miziolek Tomasz; Feder-Sempach Ewa; Zaremba Adam | Libro Palgrave Macmillan 09/2020 -

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miziolek tomasz; feder-sempach ewa; zaremba adam - international equity exchange-traded funds

International Equity Exchange-Traded Funds Navigating Global ETF Market Opportunities and Risks

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Lingua: Inglese
Pubblicazione: 09/2020
Edizione: 1st ed. 2020


Part I. International Investments.- Chapter 1. The Economics of the International Market; Chapter 2. Portfolio Theory and International Diversification.- Part II. Fundamentals of Exchange-Traded Funds.- Chapter 3. The Basics of Exchange-Traded Funds.- Chapter 4. The Operation and Microstructure of Exchange-Traded Funds.- Part III. International Equity Exchange-Traded Funds.- Chapter 5. Global Equity Exchange-Traded Funds.- Chapter 6. Regional Equity Exchange-Traded Funds.- Chapter 7. Single-Country Equity Exchange-Traded Funds.- Chapter 8. International Sector and Thematic Equity Exchange-Traded Funds.-  Part IV. Exchange-Traded Funds Investing: Strategies for International Markets.- Chapter 9. Predicting Country Equity Returns: Data, Methods, and Empirical Evidence.


This book presents the economic foundation of international equity investments providing a practical guide to invest in international equity exchange-traded funds (ETFs). It shows how to gain exposure to foreign stock markets through both theoretical foundations of international diversification and in-depth characteristics of global, regional, country-specific, and international sector/thematic ETFs.  

Unlike other books in the field which broadly discuss different aspects of the ETF market, this book explores one specific market segment, offering the first in-depth and state-of-the-art analysis of international equity ETFs and including, in particular, ETFs with global, regional, single-country, and international sector/thematic exposures. The number and variety of such financial instruments are constantly growing. Hence, it seems obvious that there is an urgent need for a book that will help investors who are willing to diversify their portfolios outside the domestic market—in both developed and emerging/frontier markets.

International Equity Exchange-Traded Funds presents a comprehensive review of investment possibilities offered by international ETFs for stock market investors.


Tomasz Miziolek serves as Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology, University of Lodz, Poland. He has more than 20 years of experience in the analysis of mutual fund markets, particularly in Poland. Having written the book Passive Investment Portfolio Management: Index Investment Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) (in Polish, 2013), Tomasz is also an author or co-author of many research papers, including ‘Nothing Lasts Forever (and Everywhere): Fundamental Indexation at the Global Level’ (2017) published with Adam Zaremba in the Journal of Index Investing. He is founder and CEO of[TW1] [EFS2] , an independent, professional website about exchange-traded funds and passive investing, one of the only websites of its kind in CEE countries.

Ewa Feder-Sempach serves as Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology, University of Lodz, Poland. She is an experienced teacher of various courses in English for international students and Head of the University`s Thomson Reuters studio. Her scientific research includes international investments and portfolio analysis. She is also the author and the co-author of several publications and more than 30 articles, monographs, and chapters devoted to international financial markets, investment theory, and portfolio systematic risk.

Adam Zaremba serves as Associate Professor at the University of Dubai, UAE, and Assistant Professor at the Poznan University of Economics and Business, Poland. His research interests include asset pricing, investments, and financial markets. He graduated from the Poznan University of Economics and Business and has studied, participated in courses, and taught at various institutions around the world. He has worked as an economist, adviser, and portfolio manager for investment management companies. Adam has also written numerous research papers and several books on financial markets.

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Formato: Copertina rigida
Illustration Notes:17 Illustrations, black and white
Pagine Arabe: 378
Pagine Romane: xxiv

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